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  1. Braveheart

    [WTB][US] laptop parts!

    to conduct my experiments on and I also need a working Dell M1530 battery. willing to trade and prices are OBO.
  2. Braveheart

    HTML5 animations

    <!DOCTYPE HTML> <html> <body> <canvas id="canvas" width="200" height="100;"> Your browser does not support the canvas element. </canvas> <script type="text/javascript"> //get reference to the canvas var c=document.getElementById("canvas"); var cxt=c.getContext("2d"); //draw circle...
  3. Braveheart

    webduino, the future of the internet?

    has anyone here read about the webduino project? ok just bare with me here...but what do you think of a webduino host service? I mean the main reason that web hosts are so expensive is because of the price of server hardware, well arduinos are cheap and SMALL, you could fit 4 arduinos in the...
  4. Braveheart

    Ubuntu 10.04 via virtual box

    Ubuntu 10.04 via virtual box [SOLVED] my set up: dell XPS M1530 windows 7 Pro 64>Virtual box 3.2.6>Ubuntu 10.04 cat6 direct to Cox hub. awardspace.com host godaddy domain kompozer HTML editor when I use all the same FTP info (ftp host, username, password) in windows, it works and...
  5. Braveheart

    Least resource intensive distro?

    I need it to run on a 30 year old toaster (not really) and works well with old nvidia cards. Ubuntu and Fedora aren't cutting it.
  6. Braveheart

    System value estimation

    how much would you pay for my system? if you need more info on the specs, just ask. also includes: two 120MM blue LED fans CoolIT DM-1000 Domino A.L.C. CPU Cooler High quality hand built Plexi glass ATX cube case
  7. Braveheart

    Google Chrome failed :(

    so Im really getting into web development with Google (googles API's, javascript, HTML5, etc) so in order to use some GWT features I uninstalled the stable version of Chrome and installed the "Dev Channel" and when I do so, I get this error. I've uninstalled Chrome, ran CCleaner and removed...
  8. Braveheart

    Official HTML(4,5) and javascript users help thread.

    this thread will be solely for web developers and those new to the game to share idea's, code, and just help each other out with the new and upcoming HTML5, javascript and CSS :) the greatest HTML 5 tag reference list ever :) Mozzila's amazing documents on HTML's specific technology's such...
  9. Braveheart

    Open DNS

    how to I get by pass Open DNS' network site blocks? its currently blocking MSN.com video...
  10. Braveheart


    whats the best netbook for under $300? I will never watch HD or play video games on it, solely for homework on the go...
  11. Braveheart

    [WTB][US] welding gear, plasma cutters, etc

    Im looking for TIG, MIG, arc, oxy-ace, plasma cutter, anything that can stick metal together :) also looking for arc helmets.
  12. Braveheart

    which Eclipse version for Javascript?

    Newest versions of Eclipse I will be using the Google Eclipse Plugin for developing Javascript web applications (GWT, 03D) Which one is best for my needs? please only reply if you have actual KNOWLEDGE here, not just "uh...IMO the top one cause i yea idk", need actual input on your...
  13. Braveheart

    HTML image links problem...

    delete please. <p style="text-align:center"><a href="index.html"> <img src="http://img36.imageshack.us/img36/7999/bravetechheader1.jpg"> </p> <p> pretty simple, I don't want this text to be a link... </p> just paste it into notepad++ or whatever you use, and see what I mean. can...
  14. Braveheart


    I found a crazy deal on it...does anyone play it and is it worth buying?
  15. Braveheart

    can I?

    copy over my entire windows 7 install from my 250GB to my 1TB and than reformat my 250? or will the windows files get corrupt?
  16. Braveheart

    Chrome experiments

    Google's Chrome experiments OMG some of these are amazing...anyone developed with javascript and HTML5?
  17. Braveheart

    2 hard drives...

    ok so believe it or not but i have NEVER used more than 1 hard drive in a PC (shun me as a PC geek if ya want) but i always just used one...anyways, I just got my Hitachi 1TB SATA hard drive fresh from newegg, i turned my rig off, unplugged it, plugged in a new SATA, molex cable, turned it on...
  18. Braveheart

    [WTB] 1080p monitor

    Ok last chance guys, i just got a big juicy paycheck and either im going to get one from newegg or from one of you! :) let the deal making begin!
  19. Braveheart

    can't log into VPC

    ok i have windows 7 RC and windows XP mode...i had it set to auto login with the just the default user login...well now when i start up XP mode i get error message: "can't login due to account restrictions on this account" anyone know what to do?
  20. Braveheart

    [FS/FT] Mini patriot

    Rules: No returns or refunds, if you have a problem with my products I'll do my best to help you fix it, but thats it. i only take address confirmed Paypal as payment and must receive payment before shipping. unless stated otherwise, the person receiving the item must pay for shipping. Notes if...
  21. Braveheart

    can't upload JPG's

    on any site....including TPU, anyone know why?
  22. Braveheart

    quick HTML question

    so im going to try using this new CMS i found, its called zimplit and im going to use it with my own template and in order to do that you have to edit the template to give zimplit editable area's (comment box's, etc) so i found this http://zimplit.com/howto/doku.php?id=zimplittemplatemanual and...
  23. Braveheart

    Adobe flex

    anyone ever written a web app with it? looks interesting...
  24. Braveheart

    TPU's software

    what CMS (content management system) do you use to run the site? i know the forum is vbulletin but what is the site's CMS? cause its looks like it works for you wizzard. thanks for the info.
  25. Braveheart

    any silverlight programmers?

    I've been messing with it lately and its cool, much better than flash IMO...has anyone else tried developing with it?