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  1. HaKN !

    CORSAIR Launches Hydro X Series XD7 RGB Pump/Reservoir Distribution Plate

    Really ?? Just when im done doibg a loop in the 5000D Airflow…. Fml…
  2. HaKN !

    D5 Pump question

    I dont know if its me or my brain playing games with me but i tried manye settings, all the way from 25% and up to 85% ,it just feels like my gpu just keeps climbing , but when im in 100% it stays flat 44c no matter what , and cpu tops out in 69c ( Aida64 FPU stress test )
  3. HaKN !

    D5 Pump question

    It's already in my system and i thought just to set it at 100% and i was really impressed by the noise as in almost none to my ears , i can even hear my Noctua nf 12x25 more then the pump. its vibrating a little. the only time i can hear it , is when i power up the pc, but thats just for a second
  4. HaKN !

    D5 Pump question

    Ohhh okay wow damn, didn't know they were that reliable, but thanks ! Okay didn't know that either , thanks !
  5. HaKN !

    D5 Pump question

    Is it okay/safe to run this pump on 100% speed all the time ? i was just thinking about its life span. im using my pc ca 12 hours a day EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 200 D5 PWM D-RGB - Plexi
  6. HaKN !

    Pump suggestion , D5 or DDC 3.2

    Im really stuck at wich pump i should choose. I know the diffrence in specs. I just dont know what is best , Head pressure or flow rate. i have a 360mm 240mm 120mm cpu and gpu
  7. HaKN !

    EK MLC 360 pararel loop

    So i took my EK MLC Phoenix 360 Kit and turned it into a paralel loop. my cpu temps has gone down but gpu temp is up by ca 5c. but boy that MLC kit was hard to fill up again. and no this is not a long term soloution , i was just preparing my loop for the upcomming month where i get my D5 and...
  8. HaKN !

    Cryptocurrency Market Bleeds Trillions in Less Than 24 Hours; Did the Bubble Pop?

    YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. HaKN !

    Help on Raid 0

    All my important data is stored away , im only using my pc for gaming and watching yotube. No data here is important , it can be downloaded again fast. it was stuck at 0% for almost 10 min, where the other options just completed the "copying files" in matter of seconds
  10. HaKN !

    Help on Raid 0

    Hello people. You all can see my system specs. I now have tried to setup Raid 0 but with no luck. When done in bios , it works to some degree , it works all the way to when i try to install W10 and it get stuck on 0% Also tried with RST in windows 10 with no luck , it just gives me an error...
  11. HaKN !

    Logitech Grows 76% for Fiscal Year 2021, Q4 Revenue Doubles

    All dem webcam sales for zoom
  12. HaKN !

    ASUS Launches the ROG Ryujin II AIO Liquid CPU Coolers

    Asetek No thanks !!!
  13. HaKN !

    Should I get Artic Freezer II 240 or Deepcool Castle 240?

    I did try the Ek basic one , to my knowledge its no difff from the others. And the fans oh my. So loud ! But i liked the design and look. So far Arctic one had me. Tried both the 120mm and now the 360mm. Never going back to any other aio. And the plus side is that i can refil the arctic one and...
  14. HaKN !

    Should I get Artic Freezer II 240 or Deepcool Castle 240?

    The little fan on the pump/block dosen make a sound on my 360 even at 100%. Cant hear a peep If you want perfomance get the arctic. i wont ever touch any other AIO again after arctics freezer II series.
  15. HaKN !

    i5-10600K or Ryzen 7 3800X For Gaming

    Click bait ???? Where can you see click bait ? :) its a simple question
  16. HaKN !

    i5-10600K or Ryzen 7 3800X For Gaming

    Its not for me , a friend. I already got mine stuff :) he was just asking for gaming perfomance because he is a fps snob Its not for me , a whole new system. A friends Well looks like he junped the gun and bought a i5-10600k with a z490. And the bios says it can support the 11th gen so at...
  17. HaKN !

    i5-10600K or Ryzen 7 3800X For Gaming

    Hello there. If you had a choice between a i5-10600K or Ryzen R7 3800X for gaming, surfing and internet stuff. What would you pick and why ?
  18. HaKN !

    Am I the only one disappointed by 3070?

    TBF - I DONT KNOW if uses that much or allocates it , it just my observation from playing. Everygame listed , starts in the 3-5 GB range and starts to climb over time. Almost everyone of them stops at 7.5 - 7.9 On my machine with a 2070S
  19. HaKN !

    Am I the only one disappointed by 3070?

    Not to side with anyone here but the notion that that 8GB ram is enough in 2020 is just.... silly. RS6 uses more than 8GB in 1440p everything maxed out with TAA options enabled. Marvels Avengers uses more than 8GB everything maxed out. Call of duty games , dont even get me started , much more...
  20. HaKN !

    AMD Releases Even More RX 6900 XT and RX 6800 XT Benchmarks Tested on Ryzen 9 5900X

    What is it with people and RayTracing suddenly ? Since it was announced and until before AMD showed the new cars , NOBODY was talking about RayTracing and now ? Just be glad for the fricking competetion , its a win for all us customers. Nvidia and AMD really dont care about us , they just wanna...
  21. HaKN !

    Nagao Manufacturing Releases N-FRAME-EATX Open Frame E-ATX Case

    A case ive been waiting for !
  22. HaKN !

    RTX 2070S wont kick down to 2D mode

    Since yesterday when i got my 2'nd screen , it stays on 3D mode clocks and wont kick down. Driver are installed freshly with Driver clean and NVinstall afterwards without any luck. Any ideas? Thanks
  23. HaKN !

    Are these good temps for my CPU?

    Pretty much mate. Remember that 8000 series is using paste between die and ihs. So thermals are very good imho
  24. HaKN !

    Are these good temps for my CPU?

    They are completly fine , nothing to worry about