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  1. holyprof

    Undervolting Ryzen 3XXX CPU

    My Ryzen PC is annoying me since I bought it last summer. Yes, the performance is great, everything is faster and smoother BUT ... as much as I edit fan profile curves, add more and bigger case fans, the stock CPU cooler makes too much noise even at idle with CPU load below 0.5%. My old Intel...
  2. holyprof

    Case airflow / cooling suggestions (NZXT H500i + Ryzen 3700X stock cooler + Watercooled GPU)

    Hi all, my current setup is like this: CPU: Ryzen 3700x cooled by stock Wraith RGB cooler. Using manual fan profile with lowered idle RPM and 100% fan power above 70ºC to avoid overheat. Nevertheless, it's noisy and hot. GPU: EVGA 1080 Hybrid, AIO watercooled. The radiator and pump are...