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  1. mafia97

    Where to buy Spider-Man Games on PC?

    Hi All, Hope you are doing well in these hard times? I recently built a PC for my friend for his work from home needs and wanted to gift him Spider-Man Games(since he loves Spider-Man and his birthday is coming up). Since, all the games are delisted, I am unable to get them. Is there any way...
  2. mafia97

    M.2 SSD Recommendations for Z97 Motherboard

    Hi All, Hope you all are doing good! I looking to upgrade storage on my system, as HDD is causing slowdowns while playing games and recording the gameplay at the same time. I have a MSI Z97 Gaming 5 Motherboard, which has a m.2 slot(already populated with a 120GB Kingston Drive). So, I want...
  3. mafia97

    Windows 10 Build 17093 Causing problems with system. Send Help!

    Hey guys, Hope you all are doing good! Long time since I posted something here. Started facing some problem with my PC again, searched online and nothing seem to work. So back here to ask you guys for help. So my PC was facing some trouble with Windows Insider Build since build 17074. Read...
  4. mafia97

    New System Build From Old Parts

    Hello people, How are you ? So my current situation for PC is little bit complicated. My previous PC ( Specs given in Profile ) got burned. Most parts actually. I dont know what happened but there was a loud noise "bhup" from PC chasis and then there was burning smell. These were the parts...
  5. mafia97

    Bioshock Humble Leftovers Giveaway!

    Hi guys , how are you all ? So I tried giving away Bioshock Infinite ,1 and 2 on my website facebook page. Only was able to giveaway Bioshock infinite. So I wanted to giveaway the remaining games here. they are humble bundle links. I checked humble bundle rules and gifting system , I think...
  6. mafia97

    Core i7 920 c0/c1 Air cooler

    Hello guys, My PC config is given . I have an old core i7 which has served me well and needs to serve me well for two more years, as I will build my next PC then. It has mostly been used for gaming and recording and editing gameplays. recently I started noticing that the fan of CPU is pretty...
  7. mafia97

    NEED HELP : Connecting PS4 to PC monitor

    Hello , SO here is my problem , my house main TV is always busy , so i cant play my PS4 much. SO i wanted to move it in my room , but my room has only PC monitor (samsung 22') with only one DVI port to which my PC is connected. I want to connect PS4 to the monitor but I dont want to reconnect...
  8. mafia97

    Final Fantasy X HD

    Hello Guys , There was no game thread so I didn't know where to post my review . SO I created a new thread, hope no problem in that . Here is the review : http://www.hgunified.com/index.php/gaming/game-reviews/269-review-final-fantasy-x-hd-vita please give feedback, thank you.
  9. mafia97

    Dead Island Epidemic Beta giveaway X5

    Hello , I have 5 Dead Island Epidemic to giveaway. they are just sitting there in my steam inventory members allowed : joined before march 2014 , or have 50 posts. JUst say what you like about dead Island and you are In :). My first giveaway , so please help me out PS : wizzard sir did not...
  10. mafia97

    Assassin's Creed Unity Announcement

    Hello Guys, Finally Ubisoft reveal the next gen only Assassin's Creed. here is my post about it : http://www.hgunified.com/index.php/gaming/game-videos/259-assassin-s-creed-unity-announcement I couldnt find a thread about it , can this be the game thread . thank you.
  11. mafia97

    LEGO The Hobbit Buddy up trailer

    Thorin’s 13 team up for a hilarious and exciting adventure toward the Dwarven Kingdom of Erebor. Check out the new LEGO® The Hobbit™ videogame trailer from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released: here is my article for the game ...
  12. mafia97

    Review : DanganRonpa - Trigger Happy Havoc (PS VITA)

    hello guys, NIS america provided my a chance to review DanganRonpa : Trigger Happy Havoc for PS VITA , so here is my review -http://www.hgunified...voc-vita-review Feedback welcomed, still new at writing reviews . Thanks
  13. mafia97

    Tearaway and OlliOlli Review

    Hello guys , I got a chance to review Tearaway and OlliOlli , both vita games. here are the links : OlliOlli - http://www.hgunified.com/index.php/gaming/game-reviews/237-olliolli-vita-review Tearaway - http://www.hgunified.com/index.php/gaming/game-reviews/236-tearaway-review-ps-vita please...
  14. mafia97

    South Park: The Stick of Truth

    Hello guys , I searched for a south park thread , but there was not one to be found. So I though why not create a game thread of it. I also managed to preview the game. So I wrote what I thought about it ...
  15. mafia97

    External HDD problem

    Hi guys , I have a seagate external portable 1tb USB HDD, recently it stopped working on my computer. Whenever I try to access it , the whole computer slows down and any task being run on computer hangs or stops working. As soon as I remove the HDD all the tasks work as normal even the previous...
  16. mafia97

    PS4 or System Upgrade.

    Hi guys, I didn't know which section to put this thread in , so I am putting this in system builder's advice thread. I have a budget of $500 , in which i can buy PS4+controller+ps4 camera and I am already a ps plus member. Or I could upgrade my current PC(specs given). PS4 games are priced at...
  17. mafia97

    [FIXED]Batman Arkham Origins PC stopped working error.

    Hi guys, My friend came over and he wanted to play Batman Arkham ORigins, so I started it up , but it crashed after the initial Batman Arkham Origins icon . I have not played much of this game but it used to work earlier and I have tested the benchmark as well. Multiplayer works though. I have...
  18. mafia97

    Review : A-Men 2 (VITA)

    Hi guys , I reviewed A-Men 2 for ps vita on my site : http://www.hgunified...n-2-review-vita Please check it out and critics welcomed. Thanks
  19. mafia97

    Need to build a pc to handle laser cutting

    Hello guys, I need to build a PC which will handle a laser cutting machine. Laser cutting machine uses lots of ram (16gb preferred) and vram. Needs good computing power too. Budget is around $1200-1300, and since I will be buying from India, most things will atleast $20-30 expensive...
  20. mafia97

    CastleStorm VITA review

    Hi guys , I reviewed castlestorm by zen studios for vita on my site. http://www.hgunified.com/index.php/gaming/game-reviews/233-castlestorm-review-for-ps-vita please check it out nad leave feedback.
  21. mafia97

    WatchDogs delayed till spring 2014

    http://blog.ubi.com/watch-dogs-delay/ Hi guys, Did you read the news about Ubisoft's WatchDogs being delayed till spring 2014. I had the game preordered for PC since june, will have to wait a year to play this game, longest i have preordered any game. (preordered it for preety cheap) Your...
  22. mafia97

    Lone survivor review by me(VITA version)

    Hi guys, I reviewed vita version of lone survivor, please have a look. http://hgunified.com/index.php/gaming/game-reviews/226-review-of-lone-survivor-the-director-s-cut-vita
  23. mafia97

    Free webmail server with no limit

    Hi guys, I have bought a domain and I dont plan to build a website just yet, but i want to use the domain name in emails e.g myname@mysite.com and i need to create 5 such emails with no limit at all. i searched for free webmail servers but all had limit of data transfer or number of mails...
  24. mafia97

    Need Ubuntu on weak PCs

    Hi guys, I have to install ubuntu on my college PCs. The configuration is as follows, CPU - pentium 4 D RAM - 512MB MOBO- intel orignal with no integrated GPU. SO i have some things I need your help with : 1) which ubuntu version shall i install on these weak PCs, shall i install 11,12...
  25. mafia97

    Leaked Watch Dogs E3 Trailer

    Hi guys, http://vimeo.com/67988814 This trailer of watch dogs just leaked ,thought you would like to watch it as i couldnt find any thread related this. Enjoy!