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  1. Luka KLLP

    600-800 euro build for my friend

    Hey guys :) So after about a year of me telling him to replace his shitty laptop, my friend has finally decided to get a new gaming desktop. Coincidentally, his laptop actually fully died earlier today, so hey, good timing I guess :P Anyway, he wants two monitors, but he will only game on one...
  2. Luka KLLP

    Finding .IMG or .ISO file in Windows 8.1 Pro download

    Hey guys, In preparation for my new PC I downloaded Windows 8.1 Pro from Dreamspark, and I wanted to burn it to a DVD, so I can install it on the new PC. However, in the downloaded files I can't find a .IMG or .ISO file anywhere. I understood that the .IMG file is the one you need to burn to...
  3. Luka KLLP

    Advice for my first build

    Hello good people of TPU! The time has finally come for me to upgrade my now 7 years old computer, and I'm excited for it. This will be the first PC I'm going to assemble myself, and I've spent the last ~9 months trying to get to know the basics about it. I've assembled a build myself now, and...
  4. Luka KLLP

    Radeon Fury to be slower than GTX 980 Ti

    So apparently the AMD Radeon Fury will be just a bit slower than the 980 Ti: http://nl.hardware.info/nieuws/43996/computex-amd-toont-fiji-videokaart-achter-gesloten-deuren (sorry for Dutch site, couldn't find the news anywhere else) Power consumption probably a bit higher than the 980 Ti, and...