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  1. phanbuey

    5800, 5900 non-x??

    So was just dorking around on the Alienware site to see what a gaming rig costs and saw this: Shipping end of April!... Could it be? Looks like an amazing deal. Link...
  2. phanbuey


    Hi All, Selling my old setup as I don't need the power anymore and came across a suitable side-grade. Intel i7 - 7820X - stable @ 1.15v 4.6, 1.19v 4.7 and 1.29v 4.9 (bios profiles already saved on board for easy OC); Had to clean off liquid metal off the IHS which is why it has that 'sanded...
  3. phanbuey

    DAILY DRIVER SWEET SPOT POLL: Cooling vs. power draw / chip efficiency [speculative]

    Wanted to see if the forum was interested in compiling a database of the Daily Driver "sweet spots" of their chips (i.e. where the voltage has to spike to go another +50/100Mhz and they were no longer comfortable going in the *daily driver* (Prime95 2hr max heat or 7 day uptime screenshot...
  4. phanbuey

    SOLD - GTX 1080 - EVGA GTX 1080 SC

    Haven't sold anything in a while: https://www.heatware.com/u/65611/to EVGA GTX 1080 SC - ACX3.0 - 1yr old lightly used - comes in a Gigabyte 1080ti box w/ padding and anti-static bag - $445 shipped - Paypal. Great card - lights up white.
  5. phanbuey

    Lazy Watercooling SHOWDOWN! (with Poll)

    The contenders: The Arena: Case: NZXT H440 Mount: Topmount Fan Orientation: Intake, pull orientation Fan Speed: 1000RPM (same set of fans for both) CPU: i7 6700K @ 4.6 Ghz @ 1.4V, vdroop to 1.34, runs insanely hot Thermal Paste: Prolimatech PK-3 Winning Criteria: WINNER: Cheapo Custom Loop...
  6. phanbuey

    Poll: Did the 7970 and 7950 launch meet your expecations?

    After the surprising 4xxx, the excellent 5xxx series (which destroyed the 285 at the time), and the great unlock ability and value for money of the 6xxx (mostly the 6950), I personally feel like the 7xxx launch was a let down compared to the previous launches. I wanted to see what the...
  7. phanbuey

    The CubeSteak Build Log - Mini-ITX Gaming Build

    Trying something new here... I have all of these parts already and the rest are en route for delivery tomorrow, so I decided to put up a build log since I really haven't seen much of this case online. The parts that are coming are: <<Had to get this image off google search...
  8. phanbuey

    Stuttering at High FPS GTX 400 series

    Hi All, I am experiencing a constant stutter while at high FPS - in vantage, quake 4 and other games. In vantage when the big spaceship flies by the screen it can be seen as it doesn't move fluidly but does one of these: ------>jerk------>jerk------>jerk------>jerk------>jerk. Ive had...
  9. phanbuey

    470 Owners - Help!

    Hi Guys, So i got my new 470, and it games easily at 750 stock volts. HOWEVER, even though I have not noticed any problems gaming.. the card will artifact from OCCT Error Scan at any OC with stock voltage. It literally needs 1.0v to remain stable at 720Mhz core without artifacting. It...
  10. phanbuey

    [WTB][US] gtx 470

    Hi all, would like to see offers for gtx 470 looking for $265 shipped but open to offers.
  11. phanbuey

    NEED HELP - Stuttering issue gtx260 AMD 785G Chipset

    Hi guys, I need your help with my AMD build using an nvidia gtx 260 core 216 card. Whenever I install the Nvidia drivers, the entire system stutters. Everything from dragging windows to playing back video to playing a 3d game is subject to VERY severe stutter exactly 1 second apart...
  12. phanbuey

    Nvidia Quadro driver 258.49 A M A Z I N G

    Nvidia peeps... this might be the best driver since 182.47, and the original BIG BANG set - in terms of performance and IQ... just saw these at guru3d and gave them a run... my H GPU score in vantage went up to gtx 285 levels - 8255GPU ... i have an oc'd 260 216 which doesn't hit that (by any...
  13. phanbuey

    [WTB] 4870x2

    Looking for a 4870x2 - PM if you're looking to sell one. :toast:
  14. phanbuey

    [FS/FT] GTX 260's w/ WB /// ASUS P7P55 WS /// Swiftec Micro Rez

  15. phanbuey

    i5 'smoother' with lower speed and timings?

    Ok so ive been dorking around with my setup at night for the better part of a week - and I noticed something a little strange -when I bump the mem multi down and run the ram at 1200 7-7-7-21 games run smoother with a slightly lower avg fps :wtf: but no jerks or stutters at ALL even farcrap 2...
  16. phanbuey

    [WTB] Stock GTX 260/280 cooler

    WTB working stock cooler - willing to pay $30 shipped. Or trade for a 2gb DDR3 XMS 1333 stick. PM if you have one! :toast:
  17. phanbuey

    Downgrading... need AMD help

    Hey guys, The recession has finally caught up to me and Im downgrading the rig... Ive decided that this would be a good time to cross over to the AMD side! So I need to know what the best, cheapest budget: AMD micro ATX board w/DDR3, and can unlock cores. Best Bang/Buck AMD...
  18. phanbuey

    [FS] pb's liquidation sale!!!

    CPU - E8500 C0 - stable at 4.1Ghz at 1.35v LAPPED - small scratches from mounting wb block - $80 shipped SOLD 2x2GB DDR2 - 1000mhz 5-4-4-15 @ 2.1v -$60 shipped SOLD 1X2GB DDR3 - 1333mhz Corsair XMS 9-9-9-?? 1.5V - $35 Shipped PENDING TO {Sniping}Waste 80GB 5400RPM SATA laptop drive - $30...
  19. phanbuey

    HELP - Drive not recognized in Windows 7 install

    Im having a hell of a time trying to install a clean install of windows 7 on a Samsung spinpoint f1 320GB drive. The BIOS sees the drive... BUT the RAID controller won't see it if I try to add it to an array. The command prompt (recovery prompt in w7 setup) also sees the drive as C:\, and...
  20. phanbuey

    el GT200 NiBiToR voltage guide

    Hey guys, just a quick guide to show how to use NiBiToR to adjust voltages using the voltage register function... Requirements: GT200 with Voltera voltage regulators (all 65nm). Disclaimer: DO NOT GO TOO HIGH ON STOCK COOLING This is VERY risky... not only are you flashing, which is...
  21. phanbuey

    GTX 260's @ 4890 Clocks

    So i was just dorking around with NiBiTor today and found how to flash voltages to the 65nm (192SP) gtx 260's permanently using the register modification feature they added, gave it a little bump to 1.215 and voila... stable 850 mhz core and 1700 mhz shaders (yeah technically not 4890 clocks...
  22. phanbuey

    HW LABS BLACK ICE - SR1!!! They finally did it!!

    Yes! a black ice quality rad with 9 FPI for ultra low airflow!!! <<<< I am this excited about this :D :rockout: Those who water-cool knows what this means... HWlabs has always made rads for high flow fans, but now they made a thermochill like rad. Here are the specs: Black...
  23. phanbuey

    HELP! Source games CTD in Win 7 7100

    Im having an issue where all my source games crash to desktop: CSS freezes, and I have to CTRL+ALT+DELETE out of it. L4D just exits, no errors, no BSODS nothing. Just *poof* and exits. My OC is 4 Hours linpack stable, 4 simultaneous runs of superpi 32M, WCG for days on end. Is anyone...
  24. phanbuey

    High-end builder's LC systems!?!

    Ok so based on my own experiences with liquid cooling, and in addition to the various threads ive read on TPU, there is something that I cannot figure out: How can high end builders keep systems like these cooled? It seems as though the general TPU consensus is that: unless you...
  25. phanbuey

    3 rads in a Lian Li V1000

    So I got a bit fed up with my overloaded WC system and the external rad mount, which was ugly as sin, and ended up modding my lian li to hold a bit more rad yesterday. Here are the pics from the build: The drive bays were originally separated from the bottom chamber by about a 2mm...