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  1. phanbuey

    Need advice on SFF Custom Loop

    Rad to the case pull if you can, but push if it turns into an oven. Are you cooling both CPU and GPU?
  2. phanbuey

    AMD Zen 4 Desktop Processors Likely Limited to 16 Cores, 170 W TDP

    Yes they are... just like they did last time when they were ahead. We aren't going to see 32 cores on the desktop until Apple or Intel start creeping back up.
  3. phanbuey

    EVGA X570S DARK Motherboard Pictured

    Also the big zen O kind of makes it look like 'dOrk'.... which is probably a more accurate description.
  4. phanbuey

    10850k overclock

    I've also had very good luck with MSI boards in recent years.
  5. phanbuey

    EVGA Goes Red, Teases The First Ever Motherboard Made for AMD Ryzen Processors

    First motherboard ever -- are not encouraging words. They are like anti-marketing. "Hey bro - do you want to buy EVGA's FIRST AMD MOTHERBOARD EVER!?!?" *runs to Asus*
  6. phanbuey

    NVIDIA RTX owners only - your opinion on DLSS 2.0 Image quality

    That looks awesome on the right
  7. phanbuey

    Thanks to Windows 11, Scalpers Buy Out Add-on TPM 2.0 Modules

    Your ISP and Cellphone already do it - M$ can't be left behind. Also M$ will backtrack -- they're giving away the OS for marketshare, would make no sense to make a barrier to entry like this and stick to it. They need as much data as they can sell get.
  8. phanbuey

    AMD FSR FidelityFX Super Resolution Quality & Performance

    I am such a fan of this tech trend -- just like Gsync nvidia got the ball rolling in a proprietary way and AMD came in a blew it wide open -- and as a result now I have a 'G-sync compatible' 4k VRR solution that didn't cost a kidney. Fantastic news for gaming in general. Cant wait to see it in...
  9. phanbuey

    Return on Investment (OS)

    Do you mean for Microsoft? It's a way for them to retain market share and have you continue using their stuff... It's also a great way to keep competition and piracy at bay. If they kept windows pricing the way it was, they risked an alternative gaming/user OS (i.e. steamOS, chrome) coming in...
  10. phanbuey

    LG caught bribing youtube channel over a monitor review

    Best buy warranty = new panel in 2-3 years. there's nothing else in this size at 120hz that compares... $1100 samsung qleds w uniformity issues and DSE.
  11. phanbuey

    LG caught bribing youtube channel over a monitor review

    LG Display and LG CN are two different companies. LG Display makes panels for like half the other brands, so even if you buy a dell, sony, etc. You're still buying an LG.
  12. phanbuey

    AMD Announces FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), its DLSS-rival

    This is awesome! Once we have cards again that is...
  13. phanbuey

    CPU Overheating Issue Help

    6700k had the toothpaste between the ihs and the die... they did run super hot but... a 10 C increase in liquid temp is pretty massive for a quad core on a dual radiator with 2k RPM fans. Also the readings are weird... how does a AIO with a liquid temp of 30C cool a processor to 27 C :/ In...
  14. phanbuey

    Intel Launches 10nm "Tiger Lake" Desktop Processors

    Since the model number is the same most likely the socket will be the same
  15. phanbuey

    Your Core i9-10850K/10900K settings?

    That's a little worse than mine but not by much.
  16. phanbuey

    Arctic MX-5 is here boys!!!!! Tests incoming!!!

    Biocide will turn cloudy too. I just use a bit of blue antifreeze. ~ 15% or so with distilled water, that's the only thing that hasn't completely deteriorated after a year.
  17. phanbuey

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider benchmark

    54% GPU bound isn't that big of a bottleneck... seems to be pretty well balanced at 1080P.
  18. phanbuey

    Your PC ATM

    Everytime it gets cleaner and cleaner.
  19. phanbuey

    Arctic MX-5 is here boys!!!!! Tests incoming!!!

    But definitely not rich. :P
  20. phanbuey

    Intel Core "Alder Lake-S" to Launch in November 2021

    It will need scheduler support and potential hiding of threads for legacy apps.
  21. phanbuey

    My pc froze and now it doesnt start again

    something got knocked loose. Open it up, take everything out... re-seat everything apologize to your rig, and then seal her back up. If that doesn't work then it's possible something got actually damaged -- 1. Try running it with just the igpu on the 9700K to eliminate GFX, 2. Try one ram...
  22. phanbuey

    AMD RX 7900 XT Reportedly Brings 40% Performance Uplift Over RX 6900 XT

    I would rather it be even just 10% faster if we could actually buy it for a decent price. In a dream world: "7900xt to up to 40% faster at X nm, but will design manufactured on different nodes to increase availability, 7800xt series chips on node Y nm, 7700xt on Znm - will be lower CU...
  23. phanbuey

    Random PC shutdowns (Event ID 41)

    It definitely sounds power like delivery/PSU or motherboard. Instability with other hardware is usually logged by windows, so a hard OFF like that really just leaves PSU or Mobo, especially if the cpu proves stable under load.