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  1. p_o_s_pc

    [WTB] Socket 1366 motherboard, ddr3 ram, GPU,case

    Thanks for the help, I got what I needed to get it up and running. I am looking for a reasonably priced socket 1366 board that will run my i7 920. Let me know what you got as far as GPU, ram and cases. I am looking to complete a few builds that I have parts for laying around. I am located in...
  2. p_o_s_pc

    [FS][US] need to sell fast 2xHIS 5770s Gigabyte 7770 OC 1050mhz,GTX465 AMD 8150

    I haven't posted a FS thread here is a while, so if I forget something please let me know. heatware is p_o_s_pc TERMS: Everything is AS-IS and is tested and confirmed to be working before shipping. I will NOT be held responsible to lost/stolen/damaged,etc items caused by shipping...
  3. p_o_s_pc

    [WTB][US] GPU for crunching/folding (GTX460/HDD7750,etc)

    I am wanting to buy a video card for crunching and/or folding. I already have a GTX460 1gb, I would like to have another but i am open to other GPUs also. No matter what GPU you have that can crunching and/or fold, post or PM me with what it is and the price. I can pay by paypal and will be...
  4. p_o_s_pc

    recommend me a cooler for an Asus DirectCU gtx460

    If you don't want to read much,please just read the BOLD. I am looking for a cooler that can be used on my Asus DirectCU GTX460 1gb. i bought this one used on the forums and the fan had been removed due to being damaged(i knew that before i bought it). Is this card a reference PCB? This...
  5. p_o_s_pc

    [WTB][US] Looking to buy within the next 24 hours LGA 1155 CPU/MOBO CHEAP

    I am needing a board and CPU that is in good working condition to test some hardware that i have that is giving me problems. I need as cheap as possible and the board MUST support i7 3770K. The CPU can be anything from a celeron to a i7 (unlikely will be a i7 for the what i want to spend)...
  6. p_o_s_pc

    Need help with Asus P8Z77-V pro, won't load keeps going back to POST

    I need help. My rig wont load, all it does is keeps going back to the post screen. the CPU,RAM,POWER,BOOT DEVICE LEDs all come on during post,none of them stay solid but the system won't load. What i have done: cleared CMOS with the jumper pulled PSU and battery,let it sit for ~4 hours...
  7. p_o_s_pc

    [US] Corsair Builder CX430 $24.99 ARB plus save $5 with promo code

    CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 430W ATX12V v2.3 80 P... Save an extra $5 with Promo Code: EMCJJND22 $20 for a good branded PSU, May not be the highest quality or watts but should power a nice budget system.
  8. p_o_s_pc

    [FS][US] help POS fix his car sale

    The normals terms apply as always. Everything is AS-IS and tested before shipping NO REFUNDS AFTER SHIPMENT. I ship by USPS Flat rate. Insurance cost extra. I am NOT responsible for any lost,stolen,damaged items. I take paypal and USPS MO . Prices are OBO Heatware is p_o_s_pc Now onto the...
  9. p_o_s_pc

    xeon e5502 or phenom 9500

    The title says it. I have a phenom 9500 and a dual core xeon be a upgrade? if so I am going to get a evga micro board for it,if not I am going to sell the xeon
  10. p_o_s_pc

    [WTB][US] 2 32gb ssd

    I am looking for 2 ssds for a raid 0 setup. I am wanting to spend no more then$ 120 shipped for both. heat is under p_o_s_pc heat link is in mlee49's post thanks
  11. p_o_s_pc

    [WTB][US] 2 32gb ssd

    Due to a internet problem this is a double post,could a mod please delete this
  12. p_o_s_pc

    [FS][US] AMD motherboards,CPUs,DDR3,HDD,PSU

    Terms and conditions Every thing is AS-IS and is in working condition at time of packing I am not responsible for lost,stolen,damaged,etc items/packages Insurance is NOT included in the price and can be added for a small fee Insurance is strongly recommended I accept Pay-pal and USPS MO,I...
  13. p_o_s_pc

    [FS][US] Laptop parts(CPU,HDD,DVD-RW,BATT.,ETC)

    Terms and conditions Every thing is AS-IS and is in working condition at time of packing I am not responsible for lost,stolen,damaged,etc items/packages Insurance is NOT included in the price and can be added for a small fee Insurance is strongly recommended I accept Pay-pal and USPS MO,I...
  14. p_o_s_pc

    [WTB][US] GTX 460 or GTX 465 or equal ATI

    Looking for a decent folding card for cheap. So let me know what you have. I will also consider something ATI.
  15. p_o_s_pc

    [WTB][US] AM3 MATX board CHEAP

    i picked up a older computer with a AM2+ board in it and i would like to upgrade the board so it will support the AII x4 that is getting given to me. The board DOESN'T have to have onboard video what it has to have is MUST be MATX(case won't fit anything bigger) SOME overclocking...
  16. p_o_s_pc

    [WTB][US] Parts to build a rig for my grandpa

    My grandpa has been in the hospital for almost a week, he went in on his 70th B-day. As a gift and something to lift his spirts(he was given bad news,PM me if you want to know details) I want to get him off of the old S478 P4. Anything AM2 or 775 OR NEWER is perfectly fine. What i need...
  17. p_o_s_pc

    [FS][US] Crucial DDR3 1066 CL7 Micron D9 JNL 3x1gb

    Terms of sale: I accept paypal and USPS MO. No refunds at all after shipped You pay for insurance and i will not be responsible for damage or lost caused in shipping heatware is p_o_s_pc Up for sale is Crucial DDR3 1066 CL7 Micron D9 JNL 3x1gb It has seen used in a nearly 24/7 cruncher but...
  18. p_o_s_pc

    [FS][US] i7 rig part-out

    Anyone that has bought from me before knows my terms of sale. [LIST=1] Everything is AS-IS and is tested to be working before shipping Insurance is recommended and BUYER PAYS EXTRA FOR SHIPPING. I will NOT be responsible for shipping damage. I ship USPS FLAT RATE TO THE US ONLY.(sorry everyone...
  19. p_o_s_pc


    Appears i should have spent a few more moments on google. It won't work they are wires slightly different. Thread closed. would a mod please delete this.
  20. p_o_s_pc

    What do you think of sound bars?

    I have been thinking of getting a decent sound bar. I think they would be ideal for what i need. There small/Compact don't require extra equipment(receiver/amp). What i would be using it for is Gaming,watching movies and listening to music. I would have it paired up with my Rockford car subs...
  21. p_o_s_pc

    It's getting that time of year to upgrade.

    I'm getting the upgrade itch again like i always do around this time of year. I'm not looking to spend an insane amount of money nor am i wanting to upgrade my screen right now(that will come at a later date) You can see my specs to the left <---- What would you upgrade if you had my rig? I...
  22. p_o_s_pc

    Asus 5870x2 4gb +"Free" Rampage III Formula $1100 shipped

    Seems alittle costly but you get a 5870X2+Rampage III for $1100 shipped. Could make a nice high end gamer paired up with a i7 ASUS ARES/2DIS/4GD5 Radeon HD 5870 X2 4GB 256-bit ...
  23. p_o_s_pc

    SeaSonic X650 Gold

    Newegg has a X650 gold for $119.99 and free shipping. You get an extra 10% off with the code "CORTENBF" If my math servers me right that would be $108 for one of the best PSU's you can buy. SeaSonic X650 Gold 650W ATX12V V2.3/EPS 12V V2.91 ... here is a review(not that it is needed,Its a...
  24. p_o_s_pc

    Xoxide.com's Black friday sale going on now.

    Over at xoxide they have there black friday sale going on right now and there is some decent deals. They will be updating the list as things sell out. Take a look, You may find something of interest. I took a quick look and found some good deals. http://www.xoxide.com/black-friday.html
  25. p_o_s_pc

    Crimping or Soldering?

    I am going to be working on a project sometime in the near future (hopefully) and it will require splicing 2 24pin connections together(nearly impossible to find a already made splitter) So to do this i see it as i have 2 options solder or crimp. Of course no matter which path i take the...