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  1. p_o_s_pc

    thanks. If you are still active how you been?

    thanks. If you are still active how you been?
  2. p_o_s_pc

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    I haven't been on in years and haven't crunched or folded In years. I need to get started again. Maybe come this winter I will take one of the ryzen builds out to the garage lol. Glad to see tpu still has a team going. Thanks for the hard work guys! Any of the OG's still around from around the...
  3. p_o_s_pc

    [WTB] Socket 1366 motherboard, ddr3 ram, GPU,case

    Thanks guys, sorry haven't been active lately been busy with work,kids and car and computer projects. I picked up some stuff off Craigslist and from a buddy. I got the last 2 components coming tomorrow from eBay (solid state and micron ddr3). Thanks for the offers guys. I havent been around in...
  4. p_o_s_pc

    [WTB] Socket 1366 motherboard, ddr3 ram, GPU,case

    Thanks for the help, I got what I needed to get it up and running. I am looking for a reasonably priced socket 1366 board that will run my i7 920. Let me know what you got as far as GPU, ram and cases. I am looking to complete a few builds that I have parts for laying around. I am located in...
  5. p_o_s_pc

    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    Some nice pictures. Can't believe this thread is still going. Brought back some memories looking at page 1. Alot has changed since it started in 2008.
  6. p_o_s_pc

    flashing Fake GTX 680

    be happy you got a refund and enjoy smashing the card/destroying it anyway you feel fit.that card is very old and slow by todays standards anyways. Also do you have a link or name of website just for laughs?
  7. p_o_s_pc

    For how many hours per day does your PC run?

    This is the same case with me too. Thank you for crunching.
  8. p_o_s_pc

    [FS][US] need to sell fast 2xHIS 5770s Gigabyte 7770 OC 1050mhz,GTX465 AMD 8150

    5770's sold, CS I will be shipping them by Monday morning at the latest. Going to pack them now and try to make it before work tomorrow
  9. p_o_s_pc

    Ghetto Mods

    is that top fan in or out? did it help your temps?
  10. p_o_s_pc

    [FS][US] need to sell fast 2xHIS 5770s Gigabyte 7770 OC 1050mhz,GTX465 AMD 8150

    bump. everything is pending but i don't have any money, So everything is still up for grabs. First to pay me gets it.
  11. p_o_s_pc

    Upgrade or $$$ waste?

    if that is a 65nm CPU i would bump it to 3ghz at the least and buy a 2nd hand GPU on the forums. That CPU is "weak" but you will see a performance boost from a GPU. I Used to play Dirt on a P4 nutburst based celly and a 8800GTS with decent results.I know i was severly limited but point is,you...
  12. p_o_s_pc

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    Females man :laugh: more worried about the 2 year old getting her hands on things. Don't worry I will be building more again in the future I am sure. You know my past :laugh:
  13. p_o_s_pc

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    Its going to be different going from having a total of i think 6 rigs down to 1. But i am going to be moving in with a girl and we agreed that there isn't enough room for everything so we are both down sizing. (glad it isn't just me having to)
  14. p_o_s_pc

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    Yes I did. The System has been up and running a bit less then a month. The reason for it is I am wanting to get a project car again and I need the money for it soon before it is sold. Also I will be moving within the next couple of months and I don't have the room for 3 rigs so i am down sizing...
  15. p_o_s_pc

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    I got 2x HIS 5770's and a Gigabyte 7770 1gb 1050mhz and a 8150 up for sale. if interested PM me, FS thread can be found here :http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/showthread.php?t=181685
  16. p_o_s_pc

    [FS][US] need to sell fast 2xHIS 5770s Gigabyte 7770 OC 1050mhz,GTX465 AMD 8150

    I haven't posted a FS thread here is a while, so if I forget something please let me know. heatware is p_o_s_pc TERMS: Everything is AS-IS and is tested and confirmed to be working before shipping. I will NOT be held responsible to lost/stolen/damaged,etc items caused by shipping...
  17. p_o_s_pc

    World Community Grid February Team Challenge

    I missed out on calming my prize, Who was the lucky one who got it? Congrats to everyone and thank you to everyone who donated prizes and who has donated there processing power. :toast: EDIT: Congrats JSTN on the 7770 :toast:
  18. p_o_s_pc

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    Yeah it is Ashli, it was by my choice. i had planed it if she lost the baby just for the fact that I haven't been happy with her anymore(not going to air my dirty laundry on a public forum). Thanks for wishing me the best. :laugh: :toast:
  19. p_o_s_pc

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    Me and my girl split up today and I will likely be moving in with another girl once i can find a job there :laugh: The part that sucks is the flat rate electric i will be losing when I do move. I will be keeping the rigs so I will crunch when i can afford it.
  20. p_o_s_pc

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    I have some bad news, I maybe giving up crunching by summer time as I will likely be moving out of state and the place I am going to won't have a fixed electric bill so i likely won't be able to afford to power the rigs. till then i will be crunching full steam 24/7
  21. p_o_s_pc

    AMD FX OC'ers Club

    I want in. What is the average oc on the 8150 with stock voltage?
  22. p_o_s_pc

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    When i get a new case,PSU and CPU for the 3rd system it will also be WC'ed. It keeps the temps nice and keeps the noise down. I run my fans on "quiet" mode in the bios and have some of them running on the 5v line. All of my video cards run at max 55% fan speed and they are very quiet.
  23. p_o_s_pc

    Show off your WCG farm

    The specs 1. Tt case (white) AMD 8150 @4ghz, CPU WC'ed, Asus GTX460 DirectCU ,Tt 600w 2. CM XB (black) I7 3770k @ 4ghz,CPU WC'ed,2xHIS 5770 @950mhz core each, Gigabyte 7770 @ 1050mhz core, Antec 650w 3. OEM HP case, AMD AII X2 220 @3.8ghz,Rocketfish 92mm HSF(quiet and keeps it cool for decent...