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  1. DaedalusHelios

    Resident Evil: Resistance is broken by Denuvo?

    I have been playing Resident Evil: Resistance lately. With the computer listed in my specs, I have been witnessing audio getting out of sync and FPS drops to around 10FPS in high motion sequences. Kind of rough for gaming with a G-Sync display and 1440p on a EVGA Black RTX 2080ti and an...
  2. DaedalusHelios

    I have experienced high failure rates with Asrock. Nonexistent consumer warranty?

    I have had 3 out of 4 Asrock 1155 motherboards die in the past 6 months. I thought I was upgrading one computer and the other ones were new builds but with tested good parts. The PSUs I have are top notch(multimeter tested as well) and I use UPSs as line conditioners so power problems are not...
  3. DaedalusHelios

    [FS/FT][US] Zotac 550 ti, Nvidia GTX 560 ti

    I have a few extra graphics cards laying around in great condition. Any standard adapters not in the photos can be available upon request. Nvidia GTX 560 ti ~ $55 shipped Sold on [H] MSI GTX 465 Golden Edition Flashed to 470 ~$55 shipped SOLD to br4dz Zotac 550 ti ~$35 Shipped Sold on [H]...
  4. DaedalusHelios

    [FS] 10.1" Aspire One Netbook Bundle for cheap!

    This is a nice bundle of an entry level netbook that would be great for web browsing or a sweet first/second computer bundle for someone's child. This was my GF's netbook and she very rarely used it because she has always had tablets, smart phones, and full size laptops at her disposal in mobile...
  5. DaedalusHelios

    CPUID, AXTU, HWMonitor with different readings on AMD 970 chipset.

    My problem: My OC seems to not show up in CPUZ. The temps displayed on HWMonitor don't look correct either. AXTU the ASROCK OC utility reports the temps most likely correct therefore I'd assume it is reporting its OC correctly too. The computer is using a Phenom X6 1055t, ASROCK 970 Extreme3...
  6. DaedalusHelios

    ASRock 970 EXTREME3 or ASRock 870 Extreme3 R2.0?

    I am stuck deciding between these two motherboards for a 1055t and maybe a bulldozer 8 core later on. My decision is between a ASRock 970 EXTREME3 and a ASRock 870 Extreme3 R2.0. Newegg chart comparison link here. Before I get possibly flamed I do have a Nehalem and Sandy bridge system...
  7. DaedalusHelios

    Low profile 6670 MIA?

    Still to this date I cannot find a 6670 low profile card anywhere. Is there a better card out at the same or less power consumption yet? Can anyone find one for sale in stock anywhere in the USA? Just need one.
  8. DaedalusHelios

    HP 54g WLAN W450 Windows 7 driver needed

    Well as the title indicates I need a Windows 7 driver (generic or not is fine) that will work with HP 54g WLAN W450. It is for a laptop that I finished upgrading that I bought from Doninkansas that has been perfect in everyway I have modified it except I can't get Wireless working in Win7 x64...
  9. DaedalusHelios

    [WTB][US] OEM Single core AM2 chip for Bios flashing

    Currently looking for: OEM Single core AM2 chip for Bios flashing I need to keep costs down on this chip because it will not be used outside of bios flashing. Must be AM2. Needs to be packaged to protect the pins of course but it could be carefully packed in something rather small and...
  10. DaedalusHelios

    [FS/FT][US] Sapphire 5870

    I have a Sapphire 5870 that is still under warranty since I know the guy that registered it. I am the second owner but I have only had it for a month. Wasn't Oc'ed until recently and it reaches 975 on core, furmark stable within my little HAF 922 case. I run it stock because I like to keep temps...
  11. DaedalusHelios

    Dying Sapphire 5870?

    I recently got a good deal on a Sapphire 5870 and in games it does great with no problems. But when ever I launch flash it BSODs almost instantly. Ever since I got the card a few days ago this has been going on. My Asus 5870 didn't have this problem. I even tried updating the drivers to fix it...
  12. DaedalusHelios

    [FS/FT] 5830 1GB V Turbo, 9600gso, Tt Silver Armor Full tower

    I have a few things for sale that I don't need anymore. All sold for now. My heatware is Echelon V 135-0-0 As for trades: Corsair H50 (Its model number is CWCH50) 500GB or greater capacity SATA hard drives HD DVD Drive (SATA preferred but not required)
  13. DaedalusHelios

    [WTB] Inexpensive MicroATX(mATX) LGA775

    Needs met buying from Newegg.
  14. DaedalusHelios

    [FS/FT][US] Black HP Mini 10.2" Screen Atom, 2gb DDR2 800

    I have used this netbook for MS Office, HD youtube, and 720p hd rips for the last 5 months for a total of 30 hours max. I haven't used it much because I don't have time to for it with my schedule. Great at doing anything but gaming. Definately won't run Crysis so don't try. :D It comes with...
  15. DaedalusHelios

    [FS/FT][US] Modular PSUs: ModXStream-Pro 500W, 650watt Thermaltake GPU PSU (2 Drive Bay)

    I have two extra PSUs and both are modular. The 500watt ModXStream PSU is a great modular unit for a sleek midrange system and it is Brand new in Box. ~$45 shipped The 650watt Thermaltake PSU slides right into two optical drive bays(2 5.25" bays). It is modular too so the extra cords don't...
  16. DaedalusHelios

    [FS/FT][US] XFX 9800gt (no 6 pin connector required)

    For sale I have a XFX 9800gt that has no 6 pin pci-express connector. Good card with low temps and great for folding or dedicated PhysX. I would keep it if I didn't have another card on the way that will take up it's slot in the motherboard. Single slot of course as it doesn't generate much...
  17. DaedalusHelios

    [FS/FT][US] Quality AM2 X2 system

    I have an extra AM2 system I put together for someone locally that backed out so I might as well sell it here. My heatware is Echelon V with perfect heatware at 117 all positive. The system is great for internet browsing, HD viewing, Source Games, and is rock solid stable. The specs are as...
  18. DaedalusHelios

    What is better at the same price 4870x2 or 5850?

  19. DaedalusHelios

    [FS/FT][US] Palit GTX 280

    I have a seemingly dust free Palit GTX 280 with MX-3 on its core for improved temps. It has been an awesome card but I have moved on to some 5870's lately so I don't want to see such a high end card go to waste. So I am selling it. Never had any trouble with it. I OC'ed it at one time, but never...
  20. DaedalusHelios

    What are your 5870/5850 OC's?

  21. DaedalusHelios

    [FS/FT][US] BFG 8800gt 512mb single slot

    I have an extra 8800gt 512mb that I figure somebody could use for Folding, Physx, SLI etc. Its 100% cleaned up with MX-3 on core, and no dust in the heatsink as it was all cleaned. Thermal pads are also intact and clean. Low temps and did 720core linked shaders with the fan turned up a little...
  22. DaedalusHelios

    [FS/FT][US] SATA SSD NIB, Antec Earthwatts 650 retail packed

    I have a few things I am not using and I could part with. To start things off my Heatware is Echelon V Paypal Personal is preferred. I don't want heavy paypal fees. ;) Solid heatware. I have a Brand new in box Patriot Warp 32GB SSD with the shrink wrapping still on it. ~ TRADED I have a 2...
  23. DaedalusHelios

    [FS/FT][US] 8800gts 512mb EVGA (any folders here?)

    I have this extra 8800gts 512mb EVGA sitting in a box. I have heard we are neck and neck with HWC on folding. I don't fold but I figured if anybody has an extra slot they might want to buy it idk. TIM on the core was purified off and MX-3 was installed for higher possible OC's. I just let it go...
  24. DaedalusHelios

    [FS][US] EeePc 2G Surf, 4x1GB DDR2 1066, Laptop, Verizon Rumor, AT&T Samsung a777

    I have many things for sale I am no longer using anymore. Pictures are provided to show the item condition without you just taking my word for it. ;) All items are in perfect working order. Shipping included in all prices(shipped to 48 states). My heatware is Echelon V and Paypal is...