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  1. vectoravtech

    im looking for appointment reminder alarm software

    the more I can add the better, im using windows 10 64bit;; before you ask i use an obama phone so that wont work
  2. vectoravtech

    Avatarify into a zoom call

    Pre-requisites to program installation A webcam Preferably a Video Card – You need to have CUDA-enabled (NVIDIA) video card on your system as this video card enables quick video processing. You can also rely solely on your processor but it may not render the video as fast as the video card...
  3. vectoravtech

    my first game Evil Cube control alt delete task manager delete ue4

    I followed this guys tutorial and made the shootable cubes that push you off the map. : https://www.mediafire.com/file/3h108osnhl83ss9/Evil_Cube.zip/file (only for windows)
  4. vectoravtech

    Failed update loop

    I had to use my linux stick as a todo emergency usb (free version) after a failed update. Thing is I disabled update via cmd and it wouldnt give me the start windows or todo option since I turned on preOS. A windows logo apeared and it said attempting repairs and I decided to restore the backup...
  5. vectoravtech

    im looking to add cuda support in my lappy on the cheap

    Its for deep learning but I found EXP GDC Beast but im not sure if it will work so I saved my hardware info here https://pastebin.com/MrVMZ1dV I dont see an M2 connection on my lappy btw. For instance the 60fps ai changing it to 130fps looks really cool but its only supported on cuda in this...
  6. vectoravtech

    neural net in 9 python lines

    from numpy import exp, array, random, dot training_set_inputs = array([[0, 0, 1], [1, 1, 1], [1, 0, 1], [0, 1, 1]]) training_set_outputs = array([[0, 1, 1, 0]]).T random.seed(1) synaptic_weights = 2 * random.random((3, 1)) - 1 for iteration in xrange(10000): output = 1 / (1 +...
  7. vectoravtech

    trying to make a vbs assistant that launches more then the builtins

    im testing from this: Set Sapi = Wscript.CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice") set wshshell = wscript.CreateObject("wscript.shell") dim Input Sapi.speak "Please type, what you want to open?" Input = inputbox ("Please type, what you want to open.") Sapi.speak Input wshshell.run Input saved as .vbs; its...
  8. vectoravtech

    any ideas on a recording device

    I found this, btw its for music with the kaosilator ap so keeping the wash of bass is a must
  9. vectoravtech

    DPTH keeps stopping

    Theres an app DPTH that adds depth to a picture but it wont open on my phone, any suggestions besides apk editor change the install type to internal? I did that for app not installed, I think I need a ported version. I'm using a J7 phone.
  10. vectoravtech


    sudo apt-get install libcurses-perl $ cd /tmp $ wget --no-check-certificate http://search.cpan.org/CPAN/authors/id/K/KB/KBAUCOM/Term-Animation-2.4.tar.gz $ tar -zxvf Term-Animation-2.4.tar.gz $ cd Term-Animation-2.4/ $ perl Makefile.PL && make && make test $ sudo make install $ cd /tmp $ wget...
  11. vectoravtech

    Betty the terminal Assistant

    sudo apt-get install ruby curl sudo apt-get install git cd ~ && git clone https://github.com/pickhardt/betty echo "alias betty=\"~/betty/main.rb\"" >> ~/.bashrc source ~/.bashrc betty whats my kernel version Betty: Running uname -a Linux ** betty show me a map of california Betty: Running...
  12. vectoravtech


    install netdata with this bash <(curl -Ss https://my-netdata.io/kickstart.sh) see it in the browser with http://localhost:19999 sudo ufw allow 19999/tcp sudo ufw reload
  13. vectoravtech

    Missing SDK platform android, API 28

    I have been trying to fix this without any luck, please advise on the easiest method. I'm using windows 10 in a lenovo T410, SDK 7 and the phone is Moto-e by the way. Thankyou
  14. vectoravtech

    Debian reprogrammining a usb stick?

    Is there a gui app I can use similar to mpall in windows but in debian?
  15. vectoravtech

    Tinhat, New distro based on hardened gentoo

    XFCE4 Tinhat based on hardened gentoo, it runs in ram, 64bit only right now; you can find help on IRC freenode server and channel #tinhat Open Unetbootin as administrator, select usb stick then the Tinhat ISO. After its finished boot it and the login and password is thuser. To see the desktop...
  16. vectoravtech

    I have the motherboard and videocard and im looking to get the best performance out of it

    Heres the motherboard (GA-B75M-D3H (rev. 1.1)) http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4315#ov And this is the videocard (HIS 6870 Fan 1GB GDDR5 PCI-E HDMI/DP/2xDVI) http://www.hisdigital.com/un/product2-660.shtml Now I'm using an Intel I3 cpu which is very bad but I'm looking...
  17. vectoravtech

    going to build a gaming computer in Makati, Manilla, philipines

    Any suggestions are welcome, My budget is about $1,500 usd. I'm thinking I will buy all the parts and build it myself and I will be selecting an Intel CPU when I'm there. Since I'm buying from the shops there I will be looking for basicly a board that supports I7 with usb3, 2 phase cpu, 6GB...
  18. vectoravtech

    auto trivia restart script?

    I know everyone is so busy here so I'm suggesting an auto restart script so trivia is a benefit instead of a burden. Can anyone make this script?
  19. vectoravtech

    how i fixed my Mushkin Venvura Pro (Phison chip)

    I almost had an $80 piece of plastic, I wasnt able to format or explore, when I was in linux I noticed the USB stick size was 0 and the name said Phison. If you have a Phison chip like me this should be reflected here: String Manufacturer Name=TOSHIBA I used Phison MPALL v3.63.00.. not the...
  20. vectoravtech

    Hardware Quiz Broken

    I took a screen-shot of quiz not working again: http://i53.tinypic.com/saz0xx.jpg I tried adding this to the old thread I made but I got a popup message that said I cant add to it because it's so old.
  21. vectoravtech

    W1zard your trivia is broken again

    Cannot connect to quiz server is what I'm seeing. Heres the full size screenshot: http://i38.tinypic.com/oh8zno.jpg I enjoy your trivia so much, recently I'm not able to advertise because it's not working lol. Could it be the same java security update like it was lasttime? Are you using sun...
  22. vectoravtech

    I heave an idea, Techpowerup computer trivia script

    What about a script anyone can stick on their webpage that will run your computer trivia? Then you can add on the bottom brought to you by techpowerup.
  23. vectoravtech

    What happened to the Tech Powerup Trivia?

    This website used to have the best computer trivia I have ever seen and its not working http://www.techpowerup.com/trivia/