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    XFX Launches Custom RX Vega 56 and Vega 64 Double Edition Graphics Cards

    I just threw up on my mouth, who designed this? a relic from 2008? yuck!
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    CPUs Bear Brunt of Ubisoft Deploying VMProtect Above Denuvo for AC:O

    Ubisoft is crap, pc gamers should boycott this crap company once and for all, I have a long time ago, non of their games appeal to me anyway.
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    Intel to Bring 8-core/16-thread CPUs to the Mainstream Desktop Platform in 2018

    Yup, lazy Intel.....Milking the stupid 4 core 8 thread cpu for 6 years now......All my systems as of now are RyZen, no more intel for me.
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    AMD RX Vega Mining Performance Reportedly Doubled With Driver Updates

    LOL who is this fool? get out of here you idiot.
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    Intel Pentium G4560 Cannibalizing Core i3 Sales, Company Effectively Kills it

    Whos running things at intel right now? AMD really needs to capitalize
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    MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X Teased

    such an ugly cooler, looks like S*it
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    Antec Announces the Rainbow 120 Series Fans

    antec now is in the lead for making the ugliest and cheapest looking products. Good job antec, you sure are doing everything in your power to destroy your company lol
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    AMD "New Horizon" Event to Preview ZEN Processor Mid-December

    Im rooting for you AMD, please do not make this like the return of the FX :)
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    Microsoft Joins the Linux Foundation

    Bill Gates is one of leading supporters of weather modification, he is a scum bag to the fullest
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    Intel Readies Skylake-X As its Next High-end Desktop Platform

    If I was AMD, I would come in and take advantage of Intels lack of progress..... from broadwell-e to skylake-e, the performance difference will be so small. CMON AMD im rooting for you!!!!
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    Antec Announces the GX330 Chassis

    And Antec goes under soon.....with crap products like this I dont see them being around much longer
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    Thermaltake Announces the Pacific V-GTX 10 Series Water Block

    Boycott Thermaltake.... No respect for them at all
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    Microsoft Entering Agreements with Laptop Makers to Block Linux

    I used to recommend Lenovo to my customers, I wont be anymore, do your research before buying a laptop from now on.
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    Rosewill Cullinan

    Fractal called, it wants its design back
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    Antec Announces the GX1200 Mid-tower Chassis

    Who the hell is in charge of design at antec these days, please fire him/her or it, just make an Antec 900 with a new and modern interior FFS, this is the ugliest cheapest looking case
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    AMD Radeon RX 480 8 GB

    Wow....this is sad.....Amd again lied in the slides, getting tired of those shade antics by Amd. I bet zen is also amazing as well....get ready for another let down.
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    GIGABYTE Announces the GeForce GTX 1070 WindForce 2X

    wow, whats up with all the custom 1080s and 1070s looking like crap?
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    ASUS Teases Upcoming G Series Notebooks Powered by "Pascal" GPUs

    I still LOl every time I see Founders Edition
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    Tesoro Announces the Ascalon H7L Gaming Mouse

    Logitech called, it wants its design back.
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    AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition Detailed

    whats with all the hate on AMD, I have a Fury Tri-X running on windows 10 perfectly fine, drivers work great. I love both companies and own several computers in our development office both with AMD and nVidia, both working great, competition is good for business and good for the consumer, stop...
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    GIGABYTE Z170-SOC Force Motherboard Pictured

    surprised Gigabyte didnt put PCI ports lmao, the only company still putting PCI ports on high end gaming boards
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    AMD Now Almost Worth A Quarter of What it Paid for ATI

    No one is to bum but Amd here, they have junk CPUs, at I is the only good thing to come from them right now and even that is not that great
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    AMD Didn't Get the R9 Fury X Wrong, but NVIDIA Got its GTX 980 Ti Right

    Ive had pretty much all the high end cards that have come out in the past 19 years, plenty of them have been from ati and some from nvidia, I have used the riva tnt 16mb, tnt 2, 3dfx voodoo 1 and voodoo2 12mb in sli, ive used the 5870, 7970, both I believe are one of ati's best cards, ive had...
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    Radeon Fury X Outperforms GeForce GTX Titan X, Fury to GTX 980 Ti: 3DMark Bench

    FAKE, FAKE, AND FAKE. Why report BS? Just wait one more week.