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    Problem after flashing x800 pro vivo

    My best suggestion is that you should follow wizzards flashing guied with the modifined bios flasher that is on this site, but instead of flashing to X800PE use the empty.bin flash to earase all traces of the previous bios flashing and than go back to your original bios. Do the testing see that...
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    Plese help me, my X800 PRO VIVO have a problem...

    What is you computers PSU power in Wats? I am saying you might need some extra juce to power your computer. 450-500wats,
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    ATI Radeon 9000 OCing Probs

    Actually I have a 9600XT Powercolor to spear can sell it to you if you want to for 120Euros. I bought the x800Pro so I dont need it anymore. Your choice
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    9600 help needed

    I am using CCC 4.10, and the option to change the AGP speed is in the SmartGuard menu. With the 9600 card being capable of x4 and x8 only. The x1 and x2 options are not available, since you card can not go so slow. But anyway, I repeat dont try to fined this option in the bios since it is an...
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    ATI Radeon 9000 OCing Probs

    My best best guess is to buy a new card, your card is too old and I never heard of it being opverclocked or anything.
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    x800 flickery stripes in game

    I have tha same flickering stuff, in doom3 I did not go into solving the problem yet but I think the problem comes form the refersh rate of your secreen being to high or to low. Try seting it to default and let me know, I will do the same on my side.
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    Problems with refirb 9600xt

    Leave the GPU core at 500, but lower down the mem to 300-297, that is the stock speed of your card, should be stable.
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    9600 help needed

    This option is not m/b bios controlled but under video card options in the control panel. Look for it in the Contor Panel/display/advance options/ go into the Ati setting I don´t remmber where exactly but this option is there, along with the "fast write enable/disable". You will fined it...
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    MSI X800Pro CCC 4.10 Can not start Problems

    Thanks man, I compleatly forgott about this. I know that CCC slows the system down its. just that I got used to it from before.
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    ATi Tool startup question

    The clock is adjusted by Ati tool so yes it will only change the clock speed once the program is on. On the other hand there are 2 options 2d profile (hence no 3d, just normal PC use) 3d profile games usually. Put into 2d profile the clocks you want to have and 3d the once you want...
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    SUPER werid problem with the X800 *pics* HELP

    Please I beg you install patch 1.3 for Far Cary and the problem is solved, I had the same stuff went carzy looking for a solution since I have modded my card to an XT, but dooooooode just simply install the patch and problem solved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    MSI X800Pro CCC 4.10 Can not start Problems

    Hi People I have soft modded my card to XT with 520/560 16p. No artifacts. However I can not install CCC, it says "cannot start cli.exe". No problem with the control panel version of the 4.10 direvers. I have had this problem before the mod so I dont think it is the result of the Modd. I...