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  1. Conflict0s

    Critical_Process_Died when Updating to W8.1

    Hello everyone, I updated my Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 tonight and unfortunately had a BSOD when trying to boot into the new 8.1 for the first time. I attempted to fix the booting issue with my Windows 8 recovery disk and it said it couldn't help. Anyway, I fixed it by powering down the...
  2. Conflict0s

    RAM Post Issue.

    Sounds like similar problems I was having with an i3 build. When you boot with the RAM installed, do all the fans spin up including the GPUs? The issue sounds to be the power supply, if you can get your hands on a spare then give that a try.
  3. Conflict0s

    HD7970 capped at 60FPS, not VSYNC

    What are you using to view your frame rate?
  4. Conflict0s

    weird problem with with booting

    This sounds like a familiar problem I had with my 5870. Not 100% but check to see if the graphics drivers are up to date (sounds odd but check it). You could also check if there is a BIOS update for your graphics card. The reason why I suggest this is because of the fan speeds being so high...
  5. Conflict0s

    Borderlands 2 Performance Issues

    I'm running two 7970 in crossfire at a resolution of 6000x1080 and the frame rate is a constant 60fps accept when there is PhysX involved. When I play at a resolution of 1920x1080 I still get the exact same drops in fps when the action starts - regardless of resolution or if I am running one...
  6. Conflict0s

    pc restarts every 2 seconds ..

    Try one stick of RAM, remove all HDDs and optical drives (both the power and data cables), even graphics card and see if the system maintains power. If no luck, try it with a different stick of RAM, if again no luck then I am going with the others and saying it is a electrical fault/short. You...
  7. Conflict0s

    how to transfer photos from iphone to pc?

    WAIT! Before you do anything, open iTunes and go into the 'Preferences' tab. There is an option under one of the tabs in that window that says something like "Automatically Sync iPhone when connected". Make sure that is un-ticked, close iTunes and then do what ever the other members have...
  8. Conflict0s

    Question about power supplies

    http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/showthread.php?t=129456 ;)
  9. Conflict0s

    What SSD Do I Need

    If there are any Uk'ers about. Check this deal out: http://www.novatech.co.uk/products/components/harddrives-internal/solidstate/128gbandabove/sdssdx-240g-g25.html#utm_source=tradedoubler&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=1018132_HotUKDeals
  10. Conflict0s

    Unusual Keyboard Request (Help?)

    I can only suggest the following: Low profile keys (less distance to travel) i.e. http://www.scan.co.uk/products/razer-arctosa-black-edition-programmable-gaming-keyboard-with-hyperesponse Maybe a thick, large mouse mat or pad placed underneath the keyboard to help absorb any sound. I would...
  11. Conflict0s

    Computer--->(old) TV

    Hello there, The cable you linked is intended for some of the first HD TVs to be released - they required a 6pin connecter (Red, Blue, Green and the common red, white and yellow) instead of a HDMI connection. I have had a look around for a VGA to component cable but to no avail. I would have...
  12. Conflict0s

    3 power failures & now have problems with bios

    What is the error message that is displayed? Your BIOS settings seem to be correct.
  13. Conflict0s

    Help with CPU overclock please !!!

    Hey Pirate, welcome to TPU. Are you meaning: "I want to overclock my core 2 duo from within the BIOS. I won't be using fans to cool my system (not even the CPU?) I want to go from 2.9 to 3.6Ghz. I have left the voltage control on auto." ? Without even looking at the ability to overclock with...
  14. Conflict0s

    New Computer Locking Up

    I would suggest at least 4 hours, some would say 7. Odd that it is happening on something so lightweight, have you tried using a different browser to see if the same happens? And I wouldn't think so, as long as it isn't anything liquid based.
  15. Conflict0s

    New Computer Locking Up

    MemTest is solid, it will only skip errors on unsupported RAM and that is very rare. Next diagnostic would be to try and replicate the crash, time it, load programs up etc. Secondly, even if MemTest showed no errors, I would run with one stick of RAM just to see if anything changes. Lastly, if...
  16. Conflict0s

    New Computer Locking Up

    From what I understand, when the RAM is filled by a application the page file acts as "extended RAM". If you haven't altered the page file then it is likely that Windows is operating it and you should have no problems there. Otherwise, make sure it is large enough for your applications to use...
  17. Conflict0s

    New Computer Locking Up

    I agree, sounds like a memory problem. Have you altered the page file at all?
  18. Conflict0s

    'My Games' Folder Directory Problem.

    My PC has been stationary for the past three years, it isn't dumb at all as my documents are backed up onto multiple drives, it is just unfortunate that Steam assumes where the directory is. To solve the problem I just created and logged into a new administrator account, played the game all...
  19. Conflict0s

    'My Games' Folder Directory Problem.

    Hey, thanks for the reply, The problem is that the game isn't looking for the 'My Games' folder on my C: drive because I have relocated it to my NAS drive. I created a 'Documents\My Games\Skyrim' folder on my C: drive and verified integrity like you advised but the problem still remains...
  20. Conflict0s

    'My Games' Folder Directory Problem.

    Hey guys, Headed down to my mates house today and got ready to play Skyrim for two days solid. I am confident that everything with the game is fine, it is just the config files that I am having a problem with. At home I have a networked drive (Home NAS) and my 'My Games' folder is located...
  21. Conflict0s

    RIP Steve Jobs

    http://www.apple.com/ I took a screen shot, he was a great man. Emails can also be sent to: http://www.apple.com/stevejobs/
  22. Conflict0s

    XFX Eyefinity-ready Monitor Stand Hits Retail

    How is it? it does the exact same as the one posted accept it doesn't have a honk of a base on it with active USB2. The tilt is still available, the adjustments for the the bezel on each monitor and the viewing angle too.
  23. Conflict0s

    XFX Eyefinity-ready Monitor Stand Hits Retail

    Or get this: http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/prods/monitors/monitoraccessories/NOV-MSTRIP.html Holds two 32" or three 24" for £99 Getting this product with in the next week.
  24. Conflict0s

    Crysis 2 for $34.99/$29.99 Download

    From my experience they provide a good service and I have ordered many games from them. There has only been one time where the game took around two weeks to deliver and it was not clear why that happened (however I was using free delivery). With regards to their returns policy, it is also very...
  25. Conflict0s

    Crysis 2 for $34.99/$29.99 Download

    For the UK: £12.99 with free delivery. http://www.play.com/Games/PC/4-/10267412/Crysis-2-Limited-Edition/Product.html?searchtype=gameall&searchsource=0&searchstring=crysis+2&urlrefer=search&strefer=gameall&searchfilters=s%7bcrysis+2%7d%2bc%7b362%7d%2b