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  1. sepheronx

    MSI RTX 3080 Ventus 3X - never seen these markings before

    I ended up getting a used PC that has a MSI RTX 3080 Ventus 3X (open box from a company who deals with bestbuy. It was a Trident X machine). I took the card out and saw these markings on the PCB and just wondering if anyone else is aware of this? The Machine had an odd smell to it too. Like...
  2. sepheronx

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - Strange White Artifacts

    GPU I am using is the Gigabyte RX 6800XT Rest of system specs in my profile. Strange white boxes only appear when viewing through the window in the Nest at blood. Changing settings will change how bad the effect is. I am wondering if this is an issue with my GPU or if this is an issue with...
  3. sepheronx

    Anything better than AMD's software for GPU OC and Profiles?

    Hello ladies and gents. I am wondering, is there anything better than AMD's default software? MSI afterburner doesn't seem to work so well for me so far and just wondering what you guys use? I dont mind AMD's software but the lack of quick and easy switch between profiles is annoying (I do...
  4. sepheronx

    Does wallet addresses change?

    I did a test transaction from my nicehash to shakepay. But I noticed second transaction I did (over $300) and when I go to shakepay, my address has changed when I click the transactions and BTC. Gives me a different QR code. I take it all that money is now lost, eh?
  5. sepheronx

    Phoenix Miner Compromised?

    According to nicehash group, phoenix miner was compromised and that if used on a PC with saved passwords, consider it all compromised: They request to : - Change all your passwords - Re-install your OS How much of this is overblown nonsense? Here is someone who is saying its FUD
  6. sepheronx

    Should this be enough? (1000W PSU Rosewill Capstone)

    https://www.newegg.ca/rosewill-capstone-series-capstone-1000m-2-1000w/p/N82E16817182408?Description=1000W%20Capstone%20PSU&cm_re=1000W_Capstone%20PSU-_-17-182-408-_-Product I want to start off by asking if this PSU will be sufficient to run 2 Gigabyte RTX 3070's? Rest of the build: Xeon...
  7. sepheronx

    strange issue with T-Rex in NiceHash

    So I am running nicehash through t-rex plugin and it was all going perfect. Something like 4900/4917 and then all of a sudden, I leave, come back and it was at 10/10 as if it restarted itself. Then my MH/s was low, like 40 MH/s. So I restarted it, ran 3070 at default to let the DAG file build...
  8. sepheronx

    Aresgame AGV650 PSU

    So Picked up this powersupply: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B08CXXM5QC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Now, my question is, I want to open this up so I can get a shot of the caps. Problem is, the void warranty. I cant seem to get a definite answer regarding if the...
  9. sepheronx

    ThinkStation S30 Power Connection

    Hello again brothers and sisters of TPU. So I am doing a case swap of the ThinkStation S30. For the most part everything looks good. Issue is, the powersupply it comes with, while great, the cables are short. So I have to use another Powersupply. The issue is the motherboard has a 4pin...
  10. sepheronx

    Case Side panel for Lenovo ThinkStation P500

    So I just obtained (for $175 CAD) a Lenovo ThinkStation P500. Quite the solid looking unit. Only issue with it really is that it is missing a side panel for it. Now I am wondering where I can obtain another besides finding other scrapped units. I would propose asking Lenovo but I presume...
  11. sepheronx

    Ampere to also get Smart Access Memory

    https://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-amd-smart-access-memory-tech-ampere So apparently Nvidia has told GN that they already have working in their lab a variant of Smart Access Memory and it will work for Intel and AMD.
  12. sepheronx

    HP Z420 PCIe x16 Not working?

    I have this HP z420 I am working on for a sale and it was running fine until I updated Windows 10 and let it reboot. Then it gave me the 6 red light code. I tried resetting the cmos, I tried reseating the GPU (GTX 970 4GB Model) and clean out the slot. I then decided to try PCI-e x16 Slot 2...
  13. sepheronx

    Corsair Vengeance LX 3600 and MSI z490

    So this ram is supposed to be 3600. But highest it goes is 2666. If I try to adjust timings to what its supposed to be (18-19-19-38) it just fails. Any suggestions?
  14. sepheronx

    fitting a 92mm AIO in a case with no 92mm fan mount

    So I am in a bind. Got a GTX 980 TI that wont fit in an HP PC case. So now I will have to move the motherboard and all to another case. Issue is, the HP AIO that comes with it is a 92mm one, and not 120mm. Any ideas on mounting it or should I just say to heck with it and not bother?
  15. sepheronx

    Witcher 3 to get Free Update with Ray Tracing

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is coming to the next generation! We’re working on the next generation edition of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt! Developed to take advantage of the most powerful gaming hardware, the next-gen edition of the game will feature a range of visual and technical...
  16. sepheronx

    Recommend me a LGA 1200 motherboard

    So I just purchased this...
  17. sepheronx

    GTX 970 4GB and HDR

    I have been searching but cant find a proper answer. So I have a PC attached to a new Hisense Q8G 65" 4K TV. But when I go to select HDR in Windows display, it just auto turns off. I have it connected via a new Display to HDMI adapter and a new HDMI 4K compatible cable. Yes, it is Windows...
  18. sepheronx

    PC connected to an older Samsung LED TV

    Hello I have a question - my sister has this older 55inch LED TV she purchased about 10 years ago, Samsung brand (dont know model). I have recently built her a PC with a RX 570 4gb in it and when connected, the aspect ratio is screwed. So if I do HDMI scaling, the FPS drops considerably...
  19. sepheronx

    Acer Aspire 315-22-924K laptop and M.2 Drive

    Hello everyone. I am wondering. Friend of mine brought me his laptop and its an Acer Aspire 315-22-924K. He complained it is a tad slow and I figured its cause of the spindle drive. Which it has. When I opened it up it seems to be a M.2 port too: I am assuming this is a SATA but I could...
  20. sepheronx

    ASUS Prime z490-P motherboard Thunderbolt Header and USB C front port

    Hello comrades. My question is simple: Does the USB-C header on the case connection, can it fit and work in the Thunderbolt 3 port on said motherboard? Story is that I created a thread regarding a Intel 10700 machine. My friend decided he wants the processor but he is wanting everything else...
  21. sepheronx

    Intel 10700K system - need advice

    https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/4fmdTC Here is the listing I have so far. My understanding is the cooler isn't included so I need a cooler. Any suggestions? His budget is $1300 CAD. The powersupply and case are kind of a placeholder as I haven't fully decided on PSU and the case I think my...
  22. sepheronx

    Wireless headphones crackling and noise

    So a friend of mine has a SteelSeries arctis 7 and he has been saying he is having lots of trouble with some kind of feedback. Crackling and static noise. He has also wireless keyboard and mouse. Only thing I told him that I think the issue is the wireless devices are interfering with each...
  23. sepheronx

    AMD RX 5600XT Review

    Saw this. Figured start a thread.
  24. sepheronx

    Need a cheap but reliable phone

    So I gone through an ASUS Zenfone 2, and Google Pixel 1 (and various other ones over a a decade and half) and found that if I splurge on a phone, I get shafted (Google Pixel and iPhone 3GS two examples). My google Pixel shuts itself off at 70% use. Battery is done for and replacing it is too...
  25. sepheronx

    MSI B450M Gaming Plus and 3500X

    Hello everyone. So I purchased a AMD Ryzen 3500X and while it will take a while to come in, I am now looking at motherboards. Since this is a budget build for a customer, I am wondering if the MSI B450M Gaming Plus is a good option? Reason why I chose it is because its relatively cheap (I can...