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  1. mab1376

    1070 overclock

    using afterburner i was able to stably get 2112Mhz on my MSI 1070 Gaming X. Unigine Heaven benchmark went from 2194 (stock oc mode using gaming app) to 2248 (2112Mhz) temps staying around 69C It seems like a huge bump in Mhz, is this normal for the 1070's to be able to go this high? What has...
  2. mab1376

    6700k cooling variance

    I'm using h80i v2 and Corsair link reports 30c while under load with prime95, coretemp reports 85C. When i stop prime95, coretemp drops to 35c in less than 1 second. Is this normal? I'm running at 4.4GHz with factory OC options from BIOS. I ran prime95 for an hour and it stayed stable, h80i...
  3. mab1376

    New NVMe

    Looking to buy my first NVMe drive in a few weeks, of course the Samsung 960 is great, but whats some more cost-effective contenders in the same realm? looking at at least 512gb.
  4. mab1376

    New 1070

    Looking to buy one this week, any suggestions on make model? I've been using an AMD 280x since 2013 and I'm not current on which brand has the most stable/best product anymore. Appreciate any input, I was looking at the MSI ones, but I'll listen to any rational input. BTW I live in the USA.
  5. mab1376

    Aftermarket 280x cooler

    One of my fans seized on my stock MSI cooler, are there any decent cheap ones or is my money beter spent on a rx480?
  6. mab1376

    New PC in the spring

    looking at the GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 and 6700k. Definitely doing an M.2 SSD. want to spend about $1800, parts as of today come to about $2500, so hopefully should drop by the spring. suggestions?
  7. mab1376

    Crossfire question

    I've never used crossfire, but i'm building a new PC in the spring and was wondering if I could mix my r9 280x with a r9 fury in crossfire.
  8. mab1376

    Looking for a new SSD

    I'm looking for a 480-512GB, so far my comparison is: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KHRYRLY/?tag=tec06d-20 or http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820147361 any suggestions on anything that is better not exceeding $400 or which of the two you prefer.
  9. mab1376

    Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013 issue

    Whenever my pc goes idle (sleep is disabled) for about 10-15 minutes the keyboard software goes crazy, its likes its hitting space 1000 times per second. If I close the Razor software or reboot it stops. Has anyone has this issue? if so what did you do to resolve it. Also interestingly if I...
  10. mab1376

    Skyrim Crashing

    My GFs PC crashing on Skyrim about once an hour, she had a GTX 660 Ti running 320.49 drivers and a core 2 quad. Running W7 x64 with 4GB RAM, OS is fully patched. If you're not gaming, it'll stay on for days. It keeps getting error "page failed in nonpaged area" with stop code 0x000000050 only...
  11. mab1376

    Annoying SSD issue

    This issue seems to be isolated to SSDs from doing some basic research. When I try and install windows 7 x64 on my SSD I get the error: Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. My SSD can be seen in my PC on the left and I'm running FW v502...
  12. mab1376

    DDR4 standard finalized

    http://www.jedec.org/standards-documents/results/jesd79-4%20ddr4 A couple of companies have been jumping the gun on DDR4 production, but the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association is finally bringing order to the industry by releasing its official standard for the next-gen DRAM. It calls...
  13. mab1376

    SSD test utility

    I have a Mushkin enhanced chronos deluxe SSD and i'm starting to get some funky behavior, Foobar is showing as my config is corrupt, machine won't post occasionally, overall slowness, etc. is there a utility to run a scan on the SSD for problems?
  14. mab1376

    WiFi source mac spoofing

    I'm going to be setting up an access point at a hotel, but they say that each mac address that passes through their system they will charge $100. So is there a way to spoof the source mac on a WAP with something like DD-WRT or tomato firmware so that everything outbound only has the WAPs mac...
  15. mab1376

    Rotational drive question

    I'm looking into a Synology DS412+ and I can't decide which drives to get. Enterprise drives seem more appealing due to the higher MTBF, and performance. But some performance drives offer SATA3, now the caveat is that almost all enterprise drives don't have SATA3, is it even necessary? Do...
  16. mab1376

    Corsair H100 problem

    I just switched from my Xigmatek DarkKnight to my new Corsair H100 and I don't think it working right. I mounted the radiator at the top of my case, with he fans mounted right above the grill pulling air upwards through the radiator. I used arctic silver on the block. With stock clocks on...
  17. mab1376

    Crappy Gigabyte support

    I just want to order some special screws for my motherboard and just to get a response they're saying 2 days, see below: :banghead:
  18. mab1376

    Corsair H100 question

    My co-worker and I both just got the H100, hes saying the stock thermal paste/tape is excellent, I'm thinking i may just use some arctic silver, any thoughts?
  19. mab1376

    Launch Word 2010 from webpage

    We're building an intranet page at my job and we locked down the PC completely so that you can goto anything except access this one intranet page that auto loads up. Everything works except we need to launch Word from the page from the default install path. The cleint is Windows 7 SP1 32-bit.
  20. mab1376

    Upgrade from Bloomfield to Gulftown?

    I currently have an i7 930, I'm thinking of upgrading to a 970. My 930 is running stable at 3.8GHz. Factoring in the overclocking potential and price of the 970, do you think its worth it to upgrade to a 970? let me know your thoughts and opinions. Thanks!
  21. mab1376

    Subnetting question

    My colleague are cramming for our CCNA and for some reason one subnet example is for the network and it shows only 6 valid subnets for Class C. Based on what I know, there should be 8, the book doesn't recognize the subnets or the...
  22. mab1376

    Xonar Essence STX vs Auzentech Bravura

    I'm getting one of these 2 next week to get the most out of my new headphones, which one and why? I'm leaning towards the Asus
  23. mab1376

    New headphones, should I get an AMP?

    I just picked up a pair of Ultrasone HFI780's and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on AMP's. If they're necessary, do i need one with a sound card, etc.
  24. mab1376

    Mafia II poor performance issues.

    When I play the first level I get 15-20fps, any idea why? I'm running catalyst 10.12 @ 1920x1200 with all settings on high 16xAF 8xAA
  25. mab1376

    2nd vid card

    If I buy this: SAPPHIRE 100290SR Radeon HD 5870 (Cypress XT) 2GB ... Would it work as a second card for my setup?