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    Is This A Good Watercooling System?

    Keep in mind the GPU is also on the same watercooling loop as the CPU. I think those are reasonable temp.
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    Is This A Good Watercooling System?

    Heck...I use home depot tubing, for $3 you get as much tubing as you want, it works as good, it flexible, and don't have any problems. Also use distilled water with some blue food coloring so it matches my blue fans. I have a AMD X2 4600 2.4Ghz OC to 2.7Ghz idles @ 27C and 45C load GPU bfg...
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    Different multiplier numbers when OC

    It's alive, it's alive. Could of not done without everyone's help in this forum. Everyone is simply great!!!!!! I've been struggling with this for the last 3 days, today I called in sick from work, I couldn't sleep at night knowing the computer is malfunctioning, it was bordering me day...
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    Different multiplier numbers when OC

    Yup...cool and quite is disabled, and I manually locked the multiplier. Of all the years I've had computers, I've never had anything like this happen to me. This is very odd and weird, I've tried searching on the net for someone that this has happened to, and nothing. I'm going to have to...
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    Different multiplier numbers when OC

    Thanks a lot for everyone's help. Got Mussels, it couldn't have been easier than it was, pretty much straight forward. :rockout: Thumbs up for Mussels. Was able to boot from the USB, flashing was as easy as it gets. I could not believe it how easy it was. Again, thanks everyone, I've...
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    Different multiplier numbers when OC

    If you can send it to this email it would be great!!!!!! As I still haven't figured it out how to get it done. viper2bite@yahoo.com Thanks a lot
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    Different multiplier numbers when OC

    I flashed it with the flashing program that came with the Asus MB called (Asus update). It said BIOS incompatible after I upgraded to the new version and tried to go back to the previous one.
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    Different multiplier numbers when OC

    I've just cleared the CMOS a few times, still didn't work. Unfortunately I'm unable to check CPUid, the computer just hangs, never makes it to Windows possibly due to the multiplier reading 3.1 Ghz instead of 2.7Ghz. Thanks for the tips, hopefully someone else has encountered this problem...
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    Different multiplier numbers when OC

    I'm running Windows XP Home Edition, with a Asus Crosshair MB, and a AMD AM2 X2 4600 2.4G I've had the computer OC to 2.7Ghz without any problems for months now. Today I decided to upgrade the BIOS, that went just fine. And it was also a big mistake. For some reason I can no longer get...
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    AMD 64 x2 4800: cooling solution?

    I bought the Thermaltake Blue Orb, I've been happy with it, I even pulled some numbers to compare it to stock At the same time I did some 3DMark06, and CPU Mark 2.1 test to see what my gains were when overclocking. Video card is a Ati 1900XTX OC to 688/792 AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600 2.4Ghz CPU Fan...
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    Watercooling Gurus: Please have your say..

    I recommend build your own myself. I just built one for my Ati1900xtx only not the CPU, I was tired of hearing the 1900XTX sounding like a jet, plus I was getting 76C @ load with the fan at 100% This is what I got: D-Tek 3/8ID barbs $5 D-tek Fuzion GFX GPU Block $46 Danger Den CPX1 Pump...
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    Watercooling Gurus: Please have your say..

    Here is a complete set for under $200 Swiftech APOGEE GT $45 Swiftech MCR220 rad $51 D-TEK Customs DB-1 pump $45 3/8ID tubing $15, or home depot $5 Coolant $15 "T" line home depot $4 3/8ID barbs $4 For $180 dollars you have a cooling setup that you can't beat, and you still have...
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    Ati 1900XTX goes watercooled

    As you all know the ATI 1900XTX, is one of the hottest running GPU out there, and a noisy one when the fan is at 100%. Due to the reasons above, I decided to get a water cooling system for my GPU. Most people go with water cooling for the CPU first; however, I decided to do the opposite. I am...
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Here is my case,
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    was bored today.........

    I had nothing to do all day (for once) I decided to see how good my CPU cooling fan was compared to the stock fan that came with the CPU. I was happy with the fan since day one, however I had no numbers to compare it with, at the same time I did some 3DMark06, and CPU Mark 2.1 test to see what...
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    Gigabyte 3D galaxy Water cooling

    I'm thinking of going the, water cooling way, I've pretty much looked at all the kits that are out there, from Swiftech, to Danger Den, NCIX kits. The swiftech really gets good reviews, however I like the Gigabyte Kit, maybe because it's blue and it will match my case, the reviews seemed pretty...
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    Anyone with a full towr TT Armor please read

    I'm using the Thermaltake 120mm fans, Tri-led, 78CFM fans on the front. I did take out the HDD cage, but it still fits with the cage. The front piece to hold the 2-120mm fans is just a piece of wood custom made to fit the space and the 2-120mm fans. I think I paid $3 for it at home depot.
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    Anyone with a full towr TT Armor please read

    Here is what I did to my Armor http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=29607
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    New Thermaltake Cases

    well.......I have an Armor case, and I love it, enough room for upgrades, lots of space to put you hands in, vs struggling to find the connectors, able to hide all the cables, it's just amazing. In my opinion a computer case is never big enough, and it was money well spent on it. Anyone that...
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    [Case Gallery] Inner Reflection

    Awesome wiring, the back of your case looks exactly like mine. Except mine I had to make the holes. Great job
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    [Case Gallery] No Wires????***New Pics updated***

    I thought of putting a pic of the back of the case showing the wiring, but I changed my mind, we all know what's going to look like, cables have to be somewhere. I decided not to put the pic up, that would take away the hard working I had, to hide all the cables.
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    [Case Gallery] my 1st attempt at p.c building and modding

    For the first attempt, great job!!!!! I agree with Chewy on the cables, there is room on the case, and the cables are long enough for you to try to hide them.
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    [Case Gallery] Ex_ReVeN

    Your case has a lot of potential, a lot of room in it to hide the wires. It's a nice setup you have going on there. What are the temps at idle, and load of the CPU OC to 3Ghz with the Golden Orb II Fan???
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    CPU cooler recommendations

    I was looking to spend around $50-60 I wanted to OC to 2.7Ghz, I was hopping a new cooler would bring down temps. With the Blue Orb, temps at 2.7Ghz were: Idle: 35C Load: 53C At Idle temp is fine with me, however at load 53C seems a little hot, I'd like to keep it under 50C
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    CPU cooler recommendations

    I have a Thermaltake Blue Orb cooling my CPU. What CPU cooler would you guys recommend to replace the existing one for better cooling. I have a AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600, 2.4Ghz, OC to 2.6Ghz Idle temp: 31C Load temp: 48C Thanks