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  1. Jack1n

    EVGA GTX970 issues[Solved]

    My new EVGA GTX 970 SC seems to be causing some issues, when i boot the system hangs for like a solid 120 seconds in the bios logo screen and after its done with that it takes a while more to actually get into windows. Also if i try to go into my bios it just puts me in a black screen which...
  2. Jack1n

    7970 Vapor-X 6Gb

    My 7950 has recently died and as a replacement i have received a sapphire 7970 vapor-X 6gb,but upon inspecting the sensor tab in gpu-z i saw that the VDDC remained at a constant 0.875v even under load and that VDDC current is reported to be at 0 during idle and a maximum of 31 under load and...
  3. Jack1n

    Arctic Cooling Accelero 7970

    I have a spare laying around i was wondering if there is a chance for it to work with a 290. I could use sand paper and lap off the extra copper square on the base which if im correct would it make it identical to the regular Accelero extreme?
  4. Jack1n

    Overclocking the WF3 7950 rev 2.0

    well my sapphire 7950 died (most likely a cracked pcb from my accelero 7970) as a replacement (free of charge of course) i received a rev 2 gigabyte windforce 3 7950 so volts are locked at 1.25, the highest it seems to want to for gaming is 1150,1450 (1175 on the core gives the occasional...
  5. Jack1n

    Spin up time for mechanical HDD's

    I was wondering whats the normal spin up time(in ms) range for 7200rpm HDD's? google yielded no results,my hitachi was making wierd clicking sounds and was working really slow today,the clicking seems to have gone and every thing seems to be back in order but upon inspecting the Drives...
  6. Jack1n

    GPU Voltage

    Well it seems that whenever i leave my system at idle for a while the voltage on gpu resets for some reason which renders my OC unstable,the voltage shown in afterburner is still the proper OC voltage but GPUZ's sensor tab tells a different story,also when its idle(deep idle when i dont touch it...
  7. Jack1n

    8MS G2G for gaming?

    I have a friend who needs a new monitor and i was thinking about this one: http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/productdetail.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=bsd&cs=04&sku=320-2807&~ck=baynoteSearch&baynote_bnrank=0&baynote_irrank=0 But it has 8ms gray to gray so isent that slow for gaming?
  8. Jack1n

    Firmware update

    I need to update the firmware on my velociraptor and for some reason i cant seem to create a bootable ISO on my USB drive,my question is:can i update a harddrives firmware from a bootable knoppix CD?(i already have one ready)
  9. Jack1n

    Possible issue with velociraptor

    My system disk is a WD velociraptor WD1500HLFS,thing is when i leave my pc at idle for a long time and then move the mouse nothing happens,and then i have to hold the power button to power it down and then press it again to power it back up(reset button does nothing). and windows logs a...
  10. Jack1n

    Advanced Voltage Options Z77X-UD5H

    I would like to know if there is a way to set a voltage limit to the cpu when voltage is set to auto,i would like to leave it at auto for power efficency on my 24/7 OC,but the motherboard seems to give the cpu more voltage than it needs so is there a way to set a voltage limit or perhaps set the...
  11. Jack1n

    Problem Overclocking Dominator Platinum

    I have recently bought an intel 3570k a gigabyte Z77X UD5H and a kit of Corsair dominator platinum 2x4gb,i had no problems getting the i5 to 4.5ghz but i am having issues OCing the memory,it comes stock at 1.5v 1600mhz 9,9,9,24,2T. I have tried using 1.65v 1800mhz/1866mhz 10,10,10,30,2T with no...
  12. Jack1n

    PS2 adapter

    I will have a new motherboard coming in and it has no PS2 connections on it and i need one for my keyboard,my question is:will using an adapter add some sort of latency or have ANY negative effects?