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  1. Raven Rampkin

    Asgard Announces AN4 PCIe 4.0 SSD - 128 Layer 3D TLC NAND, 7,500 MB/s Read

    Isn't Asgard a brand of Powev? (Also holding monikers such as Gloway and Sinker... gee if only I'd memorize important stuff just as well and not all this fluff.) Powev isn't outrageously old a company (2012) but I swear I ran into a slide with leading RAM sales figures some time last year and...
  2. Raven Rampkin

    Kingston FURY Released, New Lineup Takes Systems to the Next Level

    Same as before I'm abs sure. Well they tuned the XMP a bit for some SKUs, can't take that away. They seem to be VERY cost-aware a company. It's whatever does its rated specs, not MuH b-DiE mUh DjR!!1 It can be "Kingston-die" of a really hard to decipher origin if they feel like it, take...
  3. Raven Rampkin

    TechPowerUp is Hiring Motherboard and Memory Reviewers

    I'm doing this with my old Ballistix kit rn and benching+stresstesting takes a whole day per config. Not a pro by any means though.
  4. Raven Rampkin

    TechPowerUp is Hiring Motherboard and Memory Reviewers

    Thought it's the same for me but got my math wrong (hex instead of dec)... my bad :D Yup that SIMMTester thingy is awesome.
  5. Raven Rampkin

    TechPowerUp is Hiring Motherboard and Memory Reviewers

    Pardon? Ain't it 160 for DDR4? ;) Thaiphoon isn't nice in a sense that it has hardcoded algos for guessing dies by model numbers based off the author's research of online store listings and reviews (yup that's what has been mentioned on the official page). They guess right once in a while but...
  6. Raven Rampkin

    EVGA Z590 DARK Motherboard Released to Retail at $600

    Overclocking doesn't care about sockets tbf. Daily users aren't the target audience of this thing I imagine...
  7. Raven Rampkin

    G.SKILL Trident Z Royal Elite DDR4-4000 MHz CL14 2x8 GB

    Chips have "ES" marks on them, interesting... That usually means "engineering sample". What engineering sample I wonder lol. B-die's been out since 2015 at worst.
  8. Raven Rampkin

    Are you looking forward to Windows 11?

    They said 10 would be the last Windows version. I trust them. The 2015 them. And will continue to do so until I'm forcefully cut off or made too vulnerable (in case the machines in question haven't been unplugged from the interwebz by then). It's hard to tell what drives them with their current...
  9. Raven Rampkin

    EU Changes VAT Rules for Imported Products; Everything to be Taxed Independent of Value

    I think our national service overrode that.
  10. Raven Rampkin

    Microsoft Considers Tweaking Windows 11 TPM Requirement to Include Zen 1 and 7th Gen Core

    I feel kinda entitled rn with my Zen1 but yea this whole situation smells like moar e-waste by the powaah of the e-waste gods
  11. Raven Rampkin

    EU Changes VAT Rules for Imported Products; Everything to be Taxed Independent of Value

    Let's just see where prices for Ali-type jank sold within EU head in July :roll: I bet my backside the inflation can be pretty massive. As for customs clearance (a topic that's been brought up in this convo before), our postal service promised to only ask 3eur for lower value stuff from now on...
  12. Raven Rampkin

    SK Hynix Gold P31 1 TB

    ^To the convo above. Sabrents... Hynixes... meanwhile all we have is subpar vendors with controller and NAND lottery :cry: that or, living with a single kidney as decent drives cost decent money. Haven't seen a bargain in ages.
  13. Raven Rampkin

    SK Hynix Gold P31 1 TB

    No and to my knowledge, has never been. The German listing is a US import most likely (or a third party seller).
  14. Raven Rampkin

    SK Hynix Admits that a Batch of its DRAM Wafers is Defective, Downplays Scale of the Problem

    Pay attention that it says wafers, not chips. I'm not even sure anymore what companies slit and package the wafers they purchase. Thought Kingston might be one but the package dimensions on their rebrandeon stuff ("Kingston-die") match the originals. Doesn't leave out the possibility that it's...
  15. Raven Rampkin

    VIPER GAMING Launches VIPER ELITE II Performance DDR4 Memory

    OH GOD the XMP on these is atrocious (I've looked). Really dig the design tho... Not sure if super loose XMP timings are an indicator of anything but it didn't have to be this way :cry: I mean... 3200 18-22-22, 3600 20-26-26, 4000 20-26-26 (ok this one's remotely sensible)... did Mushkin bite...
  16. Raven Rampkin

    Micron Delivers 176-layer NAND and 1α (1-alpha) DRAM Technology

    About time. Really wonder what 8Gbit R and 16Gbit F DDR4 ICs will shape up to be. The former made it to their datasheets back in December, I just haven't seen any in the wild sans an engineering sample (as reported by someone) which didn't fare bad at all OC-ing wise (that's what a nutcase like...
  17. Raven Rampkin

    Seasonic B12 release (a WTF moment from the renowned)

    Yup but the website and forums and everything are toast... that wouldn't be too great if not for archival services
  18. Raven Rampkin

    Seasonic B12 release (a WTF moment from the renowned)

    Guess that's to a small extent the aftermath of venues like JonnyGURU going under. https://seasonic.com/b12-bc https://ru.gecid.com/power/seasonic_b12_bc-550/ Russian only for the time-being. Cross-referencing this here...
  19. Raven Rampkin

    DFI Announces Downsized Desktop SBC with Auto Heat-Up against Extreme Weathers

    Now that's one extreme LAN party :peace:
  20. Raven Rampkin

    AMD Launches Ryzen 9 5900 & Ryzen 7 5800 OEM Processors

    Why so... they've launched the APUs today as well, they're officially going retail at the end of the year, it's just TPU that couldn't be bothered :p EDIT: spoke too soon
  21. Raven Rampkin

    XPG SPECTRIX D50 Xtreme DDR4-5000 MHz CL19 2x8 GB

    I understand that it's a theme on TPU (and no offense to Yuri) but maybe it's time to move on from DRAM Calc? Thing hasn't been updated in ages and features only a fraction of commercially available DDR4 ICs (however old).
  22. Raven Rampkin

    Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL DDR4-3600 MHz CL18 2x8 GB

    +1 to Eiswolf, just look at the chips lol. 4.31 has been B-die for ages (which makes sense... last digit 0 for A, 1 for B, 2 for C and so on) but here, they say SAC! Why that matters: there have been 5.20s and 5.30s with correct Hynix marks that belonged to AFR, and they also featured a print...
  23. Raven Rampkin

    Explosive Growth in Automotive DRAM Demand Projected to Surpass 30% CAGR in Next Three Years, Says TrendForce

    It's saddening to see Winbond fail at their DDR4 plans (yes there were some) Means fewer players...
  24. Raven Rampkin

    AMD Acknowledges USB Connectivity Issues on 500 Series Chipset Motherboards

    I've had issues (dirty power, all port failure until the next restart) on B350, hence the mobo swap. Not sure if an Asrock thing, or stuff just doesn't last (it started 2 years in).
  25. Raven Rampkin

    Gelid comes with a CPU protection bracket for socket AM4

    Back in May last year when I swapped the factory Spire for a Neptwin, mine still came off together with the Spire even after half an hour or so of OCCT plus twisting. Nopesies.