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    Leaked Slides Reveal Details on Intel Atom 'Bay Trail-T' Platform

    they need 22nm atoms right now not after 2 years... or they think that ARM's will snooze for 2 years?
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    Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 10 Consumer Preview for Windows 7

    I think that I am typical IE user - I dont know if I have 8. or 9. right now and actually dont give a F about it. and ofcourse I could not even care about 10. - only thing I understand from this post is "cake" :D, so why do they even bother to make this in news? cuz users do not undarstand, but...
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    Wortmann Releases its First Windows 8 Ultrabook

    your gear does not sound very ultrabooky to me, more like 17' :D. anyway if price in USA was that than here in magic Eruoland everyhing for consumers is 1$ = 1 Euro (so yea - for 1200 euros you can get gear like that). but still 730 Euros for i3 and 1366 x 768 is little too high (must be riding...
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    ChannelPro Tosses Elric Phares Out of Motherboards.org

    dont you think he got plenty of $$$ when sign a deal in order to give a way 80% of his company... if not than what and why was he planing?
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    Corsair AX760i 760 W

    "The following results were obtained at 40°C - 45°C ambient".... well -there was some heat goin' on :D
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    Microsoft Working on Xbox Surface, 7-inch Gaming Tablet

    wait, wait, wait... a 2,5 inch HDD in 7 inch tablet? are u serious? and how about blue ray drive ? :D
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    Apple Sells Three Million iPads in Three Days

    I like that apple take extra 200$ to get their 64GB instead of 16GB, and profits form that like 170$ :D. but I hate that samsungs "& co" starts to price their models in the same way!!!! and that is desrespectfull - if I would be so dumb (to giveaway 150$+) I would spend all my money on apple then :D
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    Announcing Intel SSD DC S3700 Series - Next-Generation Data Center SSD

    is that price soooo bad? (I am from Euro land) but that preformance must be something unseen!
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    No PC Version of GTA V At Launch: Rockstar

    but no matter what if GTA5 will be any good - that will be reason to spend for some hardware upgraids. I remember when GTA4 came on PC - I upgraided just for that game. other games still cant put my hardware (see my old/cheap specs) to feel some heat (I run everything on "ultra" with...
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    AMD Opteron "Piledriver" Processors Arrive Mid-November

    16 AMD cores - nice - yipiii... maybe can compete with 4 intel cores, finaly.
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    Intel Celeron To Get "Ivy Bridge" Micro-Architecture in Early 2013

    I would love to see mobile 22nm celerons with HD4000 = dirt cheap, low power and even abel to run some games.
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    European Commission Plans Criminal Case Against Microsoft

    I am from EU, and last two IT news (about GPU power classes and this) is just outdated, irrelevant, plain stupid, and disrespectfull to all sides + I have feeling that those EU morans can do what ever the fu_ck they like in future. Man - I hope to get greencard, cuz I dont wana go to mother Russia!
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    Intel Readies Nine Socket LGA1150 Desktop Boards for Q2-2013

    me (and many others) to
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    Handheld Launches the Algiz 10X 10-inch Rugged Tablet

    if you operate on this with gloves and it does not costs like panasonic though boook => many people arount the world will be happy about this!
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    Kotkin Enterprises Announces Delta Six Game Controller for Call of Duty Black Ops II

    dont worry - .223 will make small holes :D. if you confuse this with .308 device - yea then there will be some problems ;)
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    Club 3D Announces GeForce GT 640 Graphics Card with 4 GB Memory

    omg :D 177€, "nice", they could go with 6GB and sell that for like 250€, cuz there is no cards 6GB cards in that price range ;)
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    MSI Announces A10 "Trinity" Powered GX60 Gaming Notebook with Radeon HD 7970M

    1. to compare i3 to A10 will be big flattering for A10! 2. Yes - I know that i3 like CPU in most games won't make any bottle neck vs i7, but here is the "gamingmachine" accordingly priced and it was "most games". and for that price you get something like B950 in CPU department!!!! - even 1 ssd...
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    MSI Announces A10 "Trinity" Powered GX60 Gaming Notebook with Radeon HD 7970M

    Very, very stupid idea :|. because best A10 cpu is on the level of Pentium B950 (32nm 2011.y) and that is not only unacceptable for gaming but it is just disgusting! http://www.notebookcheck.com/AMD-A-Series-A10-4600M-Notebook-Prozessor.74064.0.html...
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    AMD "Oland" Radeon HD 8800 Series SKUs Unveiled

    good news, but from otherside - is there anything new in gaming world that require/will require something more than one good old hd 5870 to run on ultra @1080? while there will be "newest" consoles with GPUs of XT1800 level... well you get my "optimistic" point of view
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    Samsung Plans Series 7 Gamer Notebook Refresh

    if u have a gaming laptop in that price range and u choose it in orange... why the f__k u need a pussy? :D
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    Eurocom Launches The Scorpius With 8 GB Of Video Memory

    3,5kg for those sepcs are very good. Asus G75 (or 73) weights about 4,3kg
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    Lenovo ThinkPad T430u Ultrabook Arrives Later This Month

    eh - why they put in these 620M - I bet nvidia is selling their old GF108 (40nm and that is preprevious gen. 420m-435m) for like 1$/1kg or something - but why they bother tu put them inside? I mean HD4000 is almost as capabale as that old peace of heat and noise. but unfortunatley - this is like...
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    MSI G Series Gaming Laptops with NVIDIA GTX 680M Now Available in the US

    yea, but if i travel a lot (work or whatever reason)... then it would be nice to game like in desktop with gtx670 (anything maxed out on 1080p) and still carry around that device no mater that this laptop will weight like 2 normal laptops. to bad that 15.6 models wont have no spacce for...
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    NVIDIA Readies GK104-based GeForce GTX 680M for Computex

    7970M will eat this alive and in breakfast, because 7970m in reviews show performance like 675m SLI (again 1x7970M = 2x675M)! and if Nvidia do not even dear compare 680m vs 675m (old 580m) then there wont be any +10% performance increase. check out...
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    GIGABYTE Launches GeForce GTX 670 WindForce 3X Graphics Card

    and I thought you want good GPU's..., but any way - I wont get how 30$ discount from 800$ could be "good deal", maybe "a little better deal" :) Take care.