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  1. craigo

    Looking to buy

  2. craigo

    Razer Upgrades the BlackWidow Ultimate with Water and Dust Resistant Features

    I really like my black Widow keyboard... I think its the original Ultimate..the one with the shiny finish and cherry blues, Built like a tank. I know, I stripped it down, cleaned it, lubricated the cherry blues with silicon grease and put grommets on the keycaps. great servicable product. After...
  3. craigo

    GE to provide engines for "son of Concorde"

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tupolev_Tu-144 I love supersonic commercial aircraft!
  4. craigo

    No upgrades till Volta & 8th gen HEDT build...

    um.. Internet high five! I can`t recall if it was Be Cool or get shorty but Chili Palmer (Travolta) has this awesome dialog on the nuances of film ratings and the use of four letter words in films
  5. craigo

    CPU for my PC

    I cannot see a storage device on your list.. don't forget to grab an SSD drive 120gb 2.5 sata of minimal cost will be perfect, The CPU Barbaric suggested is perfect though i would hold off buying an aftermarket cooler, Do you have a case?
  6. craigo

    Razer Phone - Would you buy one?

    Game Phone?
  7. craigo

    Sound card amplification settings

    Sorry if I have offended you, I looked at the picture of the speakers you linked to (Bose companion) and thought the breakout/line-in, round thing? may have been a volume controller That is the case on my klipsch 2.1 running off onboard ALC898. I would like to see your solution to the issue if...
  8. craigo

    Sound card amplification settings

    Hi Phantom, Just a thought, Is the hub with the 3.5 jacks on the 2.1s also a volume control? If so when you initially plug the speakers in would this not need to be set to full volume so that the soundcard was not compensating for line attenuation? sorry if this solution is outlined in the link...
  9. craigo

    Ye olde upgrade inquiry - Phenom II or FX CPU

    Office rig huh? no urgent need for an FX/AM3+ upgrade stick with the $20 unlocker and use the exceptionally well crafted feature rich motherboard to under volt/clock the Phenom as a 6 core.. spend the FX money on other things.
  10. craigo

    So I infected the AM4 platform. Bristol Ridge on MSI A320 mb

    Neat implementation OP, Here we have a company with such finite pricing that CPUs are sold as little as $15 apart not only that but whatever the price, no matter the market segment, be it the most basic of AM4 builds to the most extravagant TR4 build you get the full instruction set. and more...
  11. craigo

    1080 Ti Fe - smell?

  12. craigo

    1080 Ti Fe - smell?

    Or just regular smokers. Every system that I worked on from a smoker had a distinct smell. Even individual components once you take them out... ..The Taint
  13. craigo

    Just when you think you've seen it all

    This opens the market for feline friendly IPEE68 water and dust resistant power supplies. If it is the main board consider SFF options so the machine can be placed on the desk or maybe vesa mounted...NUC
  14. craigo

    Can you flash a cpu?

    Eons ago... Phenoms... Options built into firmwares... BIOS flash... Noobs. Maybe you could edit the microcode so the bios only had reference settings for the high end chip? Please enjoy the image of this Barton that has been pencil modded then overclocked using jumpers on the mainboard before...
  15. craigo

    Is there a way...Linux Mint question

    Dependant on the manufacturer of your particular emachine the boot menu key is esc, F9 or F12 these keys will allow you to select the boot device, Only the options listed are recognized as bootable. If the device you intend to boot from is not listed you may be able to modify the priorities in...
  16. craigo


    That milestone took a long time.
  17. craigo

    Cooler Master Showcases the Cosmos C700P on Cosmos Line's 10th Anniversary

    I am supposing the aim of this case is to utilize industry icon design cues for instant brand recognition whilst adding all the major design features of today's cases (and more). I think Coolermaster have done a great job of representing a style that made the company great. Coolermaster is one...
  18. craigo

    Looking for the biggest case. ( no thermaltake )

    Silverstone TJ11 http://www.silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=292 anything Caselabs http://www.caselabs-store.com/
  19. craigo

    Bad flash on MSI RX 570 armor 4g

    I have seen a high volume of these threads lately as well. I think maybe the people who initiate the thread anticipates that every model card has a different procedure for a bois flash and that the posts are made in the initial stages of "Holy crap I bricked the most expensive part!!" which is...
  20. craigo

    Does a Intel Core i3-7100 bottleneck a Zotac Geforce GTX 1060 mini 3GB videocard?

    i3`s are golden. I was watching a comparison video between the gtx1060 and the RX570 and there was not a difference of $80 between the two. Careful what you pay for a gtx1060 before you consider the AMD card
  21. craigo

    Craig0`s Thead where people post cool Box art.

    I had two of those HIS cards, HD3850`s they looked cool. The cards and the boxes (The box art was uninspiring) are gone but I retained one of the HIS screwdrivers which came with the card as I thought that was cool. I was hoping people who retained their boxes would post some original content...