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  1. brutlern

    Gigabyte 1070 Xtreme Gaming thermal throttling

    I bought a 1070 Xtreme gaming (this one) and while it runs just fine I have noticed an odd issue and I dont know if it's common to Pascal cards (Boost 3.0 is just stupid?) or an issue with the card. With factory overclock the boost clock goes up to 2076mhz, as soon as the temps hit 60-61c , it...
  2. brutlern

    GPU-Z Render test artefacts with 970

    Just got my new MSI GTX970 Gaming, everything is working fine so far, i played some World of Tanks, ran a Heaven, Valley and Sniper Elite V2 benchmark, no issues. However, when I ran GPU-Z and tried the little pci express render test, i got artifacts. First I thought the 0.7.9 was not fully...
  3. brutlern

    Yet another budget headphone question

    Just broke my Gamecom 777 (the plastic headband snapped) so i'm looking for a replacement. BUDGET replacement. So anything that's considerably more expensive than the 777 is, should not even be mentioned. I was looking along the lines of Sennheiser PC 320 or Creative Tactic3D Sigma (and even...
  4. brutlern

    6850 CCC limits

    What are the CCC limits for the 6850s? In most reviews I saw that it's 850Mhz but in the HIS 6850 IceQ X Turbo review I saw that it was 900. Is that a typo or does the 6850 IceQ X come with a modified BIOS to allow slightly higher clocks? Also I would like to know what software were used to...