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  1. LiNKiN

    [WTB][US] 19" or larger working CRT Monitor

    Yes, this sounds crazy but I am seriously looking for a working "flat" CRT monitor for a retro project I am working on. All I can seem to find locally is old nasty rounded panels. It's a long shot, I know, and the shipping will probably be horrendous but for this project its worth a shot. My...
  2. LiNKiN

    [WTB][US] 1156 Motherboard

    I need a solid from anyone who may be able to help. I am looking for a working s1156 motherboard compatible with an i7 870 processor. Must work completely and include I/O shield. Let me know what you have and your price shipped to 73852. My heatware is under Linkin.
  3. LiNKiN

    [WTB][US] Intel s775 Motherboard

    Looking for a fully functional motherboard with the following requirements: 4 DDR2 ram slots, PCIe slot, and support for a Q9400 processor. I/O Shield the only required accessory. Budget for this project is 50 USD. Let me know what you have. :) Heatware is under Linkin.
  4. LiNKiN

    [WTB][US] Cooler for GTX 470

    I am in the hunt for an aftermarket cooler for my GTX 470. Must be able to ship fast! My heatware is under Linkin. (127-0-0) I use Paypal as my method of payment. :toast: I would also be willing to trade something for one from my FS/FT Thread. Edit: Something along the lines of a GELID ICY...
  5. LiNKiN

    [FT][US] [WTT][US] Need AMD 1090T, 1100T, or Bulldozer FX!!

    PM me price shipped to 73801. Have loot ready via paypal. Heatware under Linkin. GOGOOGO
  6. LiNKiN

    Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection PC

    Most people wont care but I was a teen when the Mortal Kombat series was introduced to the world in all its graphic glory. It has been delayed and delayed again, but appears to finally be available. Has anyone purchased this yet? If it hits Steam I most certainly will...
  7. LiNKiN

    [WTB][US] AM3 CPU, DDR3 Memory, AM3 Motherboard

    I am looking for the above listed items. The price ranges/features I am interested in are: CPU Memory Motherboard Please let me know what you have and a price shipped quickly to 73801 with a delivery of no later than November 2nd of next week. Payment will be immediate via paypal...
  8. LiNKiN

    Tribes: Ascend Beta

    http://www.gamefront.com/pre-order-tribes-ascend-get-in-the-closed-beta-nov-4/ Any Tribes fans here?
  9. LiNKiN

    Free Software for Burning with Multiple Drives Needed

    I am looking for a hopefully free software that supports multiple drives for burning multiple CD/DVD copies simultaneously. I realize that Nero and some other expensive software accomplishes this, however I love free. Or really Cheap. Help me out Gurus! :toast:
  10. LiNKiN

    [WTB][US] 19" or larger Multi-touch LCD Monitor

    As the title says, I am in the hunt for a multi-touch LCD monitor 19" or larger. Must be Must be in great complete working condition and cosmetically in great condition. Please PM me your quotes. Shipping is 73801. My heatware is under Linkin. Can do Paypal or money order if your Heat is epic.
  11. LiNKiN

    [WTB][US] PC100 or PC133

    Need 2 sets of 512mb (256mb x 2) PC100 or PC133 kits. Each set must be a matched pair. A 512mb stick will not work as this old PC takes 2 x 256mb max. Shipping Zip is 73801. Will pay via Paypal to have it here by Wednesday 6/15. Heatware is under Linkin. :toast:
  12. LiNKiN

    [WTB] Intel® Pentium® M Processor 765

    Need this to replace a burnt chip for a laptop. Anyone has? Heat is under Linkin. Paypal is ready and waiting. PM me with your price shipped to 73801.
  13. LiNKiN

    [FS][US] LiNK-Mart

    Close Please.
  14. LiNKiN

    Video Enhancement

    What software do you experts say would work best for zooming in and sharpening surveillance video and things of that nature?
  15. LiNKiN

    Vantec Nexstar Hard Drive Dock

    There is no question that harddrive docks are becoming increasingly more popular in the digital age. They offer faster installation time as well as competitive performance to the more common standard enclosure. Today will we see just how well Vantec's offering stacks up to the competition with a...
  16. LiNKiN

    X-Blades Demo

    For those who want to give this game a try, a demo has been released. :toast: Synopsis: Scantily clad female action/adventure game with Sword/Gunplay action a la DMC. Source: Gamershell
  17. LiNKiN

    [WTB][US] Fan for HD4850 Single Slot Stock Cooler

    Title says it all. If you have a single slot stock cooler such as this one I would love to buy it from you. I just need the fan, but will take the whole cooler if necessary. My heatware is under Linkin and please give me a shipped price to 73801. :toast:
  18. LiNKiN

    Last Remnant PC Demo & Benchmark

    I feel some thanks coming my way. :toast:
  19. LiNKiN

    [WTB][US] s478 mobo + ddr ram

    Title says it all I am in need of a socket 478 motherboard and perhaps a gig of ddr ram to go with it. Looking for the cheap but working flawlessly here. Paypal will be the method of payment and my heatware is under Linkin. :toast:
  20. LiNKiN

    [WTB][US] Parts for Ultra Budget Build

    The Specifics: All items must be in perfect working order. Paypal will be my method of payment. My heatware is Linkin. (52-0-0) Be prepared to supply additional references if you are a newer member and/or do not have heatware. Alright I am looking for the following for the most ultra...
  21. LiNKiN

    [FT][US] LiNKiN's Your Junk For My Junk

    FS/FT Everything must go! The Specifics: Shipping within the U.S. All items come from a smoke-free environment, and are in immaculate condition, unless otherwise noted. What you see in the pics are what you get (unless otherwise noted)! Paypal is the preferred method of payment however PM and...
  22. LiNKiN

    [WTB][US] AGP Card HD3xxx Series or Better

    Title says it all. LMK what you have please. My heatware is Linkin.
  23. LiNKiN

    [WTB][US] Build for a Friend

    Okay people I am ready to buy your unwanted/not needed hardware that is just collecting dust. Couple of things first. Payment to you will be via paypal. You must be prepared to hook me up with a picture, due to recent scams on TPU. (Unless I know you are reliable) My heatware is Linkin...
  24. LiNKiN

    Thermaltake 900 "Dark Knight"

    This is a mod approximately 2.5 years in the making.....coming very soon...
  25. LiNKiN

    Coolink Chipchilla Chipset Cooler

    The Chipchilla from Coolink manages to decrease chipset temperatures while maintaining a low noise level. It is extremely light-weight being constructed of copper and aluminum all for an decent price. Limited availability and some installation issues are all that hold this cooler back. Show...