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  1. damric

    Be careful. There are predators in the trade threads.

    It's not just here, I've seen a huge uptick in scammers in other forum websites as well. You post a WTB thread, and a later comes along a private message from someone who just joined the forum with zero messages, zero feedback score, showing you stock photos of an item but will not show you a...
  2. damric

    [WTB][US] Mobo for first gen Threadripper.

    Do you have one in usable condition collecting dust? I have a heatware :)
  3. damric

    [WTB][US] AM4 CPU or APU (found close)

    I require one of these for my new folding rig. Need at least 4 cores. (someone found me one thank you all) Thank you for your time.
  4. damric

    Newegg lists new Threadripper Pro's

    Newegg Link Looks awesome but at 280W so you better have a ProSiphon Elite. @btarunr
  5. damric

    Who owns a high TDP CPU who would like to test a new cooler?

    I'm just putting my feelers out here. I know some folks here have some high TDP HEDT hardware like Threadrippers, or 16 core Ryzens, i9s, ect. On another forum I'm running a group-review of The IceGiant ProSiphon Elite. They are sending me a sample this week, I test it, document my data and...
  6. damric

    [WTB][US] Ryzen CPU or APU + DDR4

    Edit: found everything. Thanks! Putting together a low budget AM4 rig. Looking for anything 1st, 2nd, or 3rd gen Ryzen. If no one has anything, then I'll just get a new R3 1200 for $60 on Amazon. Also looking for some 2x8GB Samsung B-die memory. Again, if I can't find any, I'll probably just...
  7. damric

    i5-6500T 2.5GHz Overclock?

    I picked up this 2.5GHz 35W CPU very cheap second hand. Multi-thread performance is descent, but single core is mediocre due to low clock speed. How far do you think I can push this thing? Juiced it for a whopping +78% overclock. Performance scaling seems pretty nice too. I turned it back...
  8. damric

    question about Rosewill Amazon add on main page

    What 700W PSU model are they including for free? I could not figure that part out. Add is genius and I hope it brings TPU revenue :D
  9. damric

    Request for an inside look

    I want to know more about the review process and equipent besides what we see in the "test setup". Specifically how framerate numbers are found, ect. Is there a special capture hardware, or is there some CPU overhead? How are gaming tests done to be so consistent, ect. I suppose if you wanted...
  10. damric

    Benchmark Request

    W1zzard, I get a lot of people asking me about Minecraft performance. Would it be possible to add that into your benchmark suite for graphics cards? Also for CPUs. I hate asking because I think the game is so stupid, but it gets brought up a lot on other forums and I always point people to...
  11. damric

    Comparisons of CPU-GPU-RAM Overclocks and Comparing Bottlenecks (FM2 CPU)

    Here I am testing various platform overclocks and how well they scale while using one of my favorite games, Far Cry 2. It has a nice suite of built-in benchmarks, and today I'll be using the busy "Action Scene" to see how well CPU, GPU, and RAM overclocks can affect performance. Platform...
  12. damric

    Don't try this at home

    On air (Hyper 212+) :rockout:
  13. damric

    AMD FirePro A300 Series APU Review Request

    Can TPU get one for a review? http://www.amd.com/us/products/workstation/graphics/ati-firepro-3d/APU/Pages/APU.aspx#4 :toast:
  14. damric

    Like, Share & WIN G.SKILL DDR3 Memory Kit!

    Contest Page I am not sure where to post this, and I don't even have a facebook, but I know there are a lot of suckers for free stuff around here so I thought you all might enjoy this.
  15. damric

    Update on my FX-4100, MORE tuning/performance

    Back from the Mardi Gras parades, time for an update on my FX-4100. A few weeks ago MSI sent me a new BIOS to try. Even with the new BIOS, I still couldn't boot with my memory on the 1866 divider. I tried a few things like putting my memory in the other two slots (it's still there), didn't...
  16. damric

    Should I keep 1.75V for 24/7 DDR3 OC?

    Since my board won't let me reach the 2133 CL9 that my 2x4GB Ripjaws are rated at, I've tightened the timings down at 1800 to CL7, but it took a bit of juice to do it.
  17. damric


    MSI techs sent me a new BIOS to try on my 890FXA-GD65, but I still cannot get my G.Skill RipjawXs running on the 1866 divider with my FX-4100. The RAM is rated 2133 CL9 (2x4GB). G.Skill techs blame the CPU. I have tried loosening timings, raising DRAM voltage, raising CPU-NB and voltage...
  18. damric

    My little FX-4100 Review (Preview)

    My little FX-4100 Review (rev2) Bulldozer, the new black sheep processor from AMD. We have heard it breaks overclocking records in CPU and Memory frequency. We have also seen the reviews that say it is a step backwards in performance, and that it is a mixed bag at best. Well, I like to try new...
  19. damric

    Anyone have BIOS for Quadro FX 3700?

    Anyone have BIOS for Quadro FX 3700? (8800GT mod) I just picked up a dirt cheap Nvidia Reference 8800GT that I am going to try and modify into a Quadro. Any tips?
  20. damric

    Flagships a waste of money?

  21. damric

    Afterburner Cap

    I volt modded my HD 5750 and used Afterburner unofficial overclocking to exceed the CCC core limit of 870. I took it up to the Afterburner cap of 925 core stable and I think it still has more headroom. Is there a way to edit Afterburner to extend the frequency even further or am I going to...
  22. damric

    I need a new printer.

    For general home use and school work. ~$150 budget. My OS is Windows 7. Any suggestions?