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  1. LiNKiN

    [WTB][US] 19" or larger working CRT Monitor

    Can you get some model numbers for me and we can go from there?
  2. LiNKiN

    [WTB][US] 19" or larger working CRT Monitor

    Yes, this sounds crazy but I am seriously looking for a working "flat" CRT monitor for a retro project I am working on. All I can seem to find locally is old nasty rounded panels. It's a long shot, I know, and the shipping will probably be horrendous but for this project its worth a shot. My...
  3. LiNKiN

    [FF] Resident Evil 2 Steam Code

    75 years later
  4. LiNKiN

    Suddenly cant boot into windows 10 anymore.

    You have tried everything I would have so far. The reason I am posting is that I just have to thank the OP for being so elaborate with the details and investigative work before posting the question. Even the follow-up posts are amazing. It is very refreshing to see posts like these once in...
  5. LiNKiN

    [FF] Resident Evil 2 Steam Code

    Did someone say free game? Interested!
  6. LiNKiN

    all my games are choppy when they were perfectly fine yesterday

    I'm not asking this to be an ass, however I noticed that no one else has asked this: Have you tried turning it off and on again (restart)? Also, what games are we talking about? Knowing your GPU and the rest of your system specs/configuration would be very helpful. Perhaps windows was updating...
  7. LiNKiN

    AMD Computex 2019 Lisa Su CEO Keynote: Live Blog

    AMD be like:
  8. LiNKiN

    Grim Dawn ( Titan Quest \ Diablo fans )

    Just purchased this game yesterday as a Diablo fan. Add me on steam L|NK|N
  9. LiNKiN

    [WTB][US] 1156 Motherboard

    I need a solid from anyone who may be able to help. I am looking for a working s1156 motherboard compatible with an i7 870 processor. Must work completely and include I/O shield. Let me know what you have and your price shipped to 73852. My heatware is under Linkin.
  10. LiNKiN

    Metro Exodus Ditches Steam for Epic Games Store as Timed Exclusive

    People bitching when there weren't enough games on the PC, people bitching when Valve introduced Steam, people bitching when there are too many games on Steam, people bitching about not enough competition to Steam, people bitching when there is too much competition to Steam. Will it ever end...
  11. LiNKiN

    We made a gaming team. We wan't to get a good name

    "The Leftovers"
  12. LiNKiN

    [WTB][US] Intel s775 Motherboard

    So tempting even though the budget for this project is limited! What is your price including shipping? Nice board! Do you have the I/O shield and what accessories do you have? What is your price including shipping?
  13. LiNKiN

    [WTB][US] Intel s775 Motherboard

    Just looking for the motherboard. :)
  14. LiNKiN

    [WTB][US] Intel s775 Motherboard

    Looking for a fully functional motherboard with the following requirements: 4 DDR2 ram slots, PCIe slot, and support for a Q9400 processor. I/O Shield the only required accessory. Budget for this project is 50 USD. Let me know what you have. :) Heatware is under Linkin.
  15. LiNKiN

    Ryzen Owners Zen Garden

    Anyone have suggestions for an air cooler with out of the box AM4/RYZEN compatibility?
  16. LiNKiN

    Xeon Owners Club

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/DFI-DK-X58-T3eH6-LGA1366-Socket-Intel-LP-DK-X58-T3eH6-Motherboard-/162529210364?hash=item25d77eeffc:g:Nk0AAOSwYlRZJ4XE Good board/deal or nah? Edit: Auction ended. :p Double Edit: Anyone have a motherboard/cpu combo for sell?
  17. LiNKiN

    Xeon Owners Club

    alright guys, seeing all these tweak pics and talk makes me want to get back into tinkering again. there are so many s1366 Xeon chips for cheap, where do I begin? or would s2011 be better? I am looking best bang/buck/fun factor.
  18. LiNKiN

    Upcoming XBOX "Project Scorpio" to Support Freesync 2, HDMI 2.1 VRR

    Finally I can have a ultra high-end pc-like 4k experience and for a lot less money! Hail the 2nd coming of the console era of domination! /sarcasm
  19. LiNKiN

    AMD Ryzen 7 1800X 3.6 GHz

    This is the best and most informative Ryzen review on the web. Thank you for the intense amount of thought and effort that you put into this article W1zzard.
  20. LiNKiN

    Xeon Owners Club

    May as well add me to the list. This is my daily driver nowadays. :p Just a good ol' HP Z420 Workstation. Anyone recommend or have an idea of a won't-break-the-bank motherboard that I could replace and maybe tinker some?
  21. LiNKiN

    Old Nerds Club (all welcome) with poll

    Hitting the big 37 this year like whoa! You know you're old when your birth date ends in B.C. Not as old as you guys but I started programming in Basic on the Tandy CoCo 3 and gaming on the Intellivison. Clowns and Balloons and Astromash were my favorite games on those systems.
  22. LiNKiN

    [FS][US] ALL SOLD!

    I will take the 9400 bro. :D
  23. LiNKiN


  24. LiNKiN

    ASRock X99 OC FORMULA/3.1 (Intel LGA 2011-3)

    When I first saw the review image on the front page for this review, I thought I had traveled back in time about ten-twleve years. I thought it was an old AMD DFI Lanparty motherboard. Man the good ol' days were fun. First class review as always, Dave.