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  1. bogami

    Bitspower Unveils Premium Mobius VGA Water Block for AMD Radeon Big Navi Reference

    Attractive! But I'm bothered by the useless thickness and color , because it really reminds me of a brick with RGB ! :) a gold frame would look better . And given the thickness and price I would expect cooling on both sides. :)
  2. bogami

    Genesis Announces Thor 380, 400, and 401 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

    Nice, good and cheap! Good competition to the existing offerings! :)
  3. bogami

    EK Launches Active Backplate For Zotac Trinity RTX 3080/3090

    A very good solution for lower operating temperatures and longer DIE life. The difference can increase the maintenance duration of the operating frequencies and add something to the OC profiles .
  4. bogami

    NVIDIA Doubles GeForce NOW Pricing With New Priority Membership Plan

    This is called rocketing in the normal world, and if he had enough legal knowledge, he would sue for this kind of blackmail ! :mad:
  5. bogami


    I really like them. And for the pier I find lowering the maximum RPM fan at the expense of profit, and then hiding it in the excuse that it is quieter. The price is enormous and we have speed controllers, and until they raise the max revs to at least 2400 RPM on the 120mm model and 2000 RPM on...
  6. bogami

    PowerColor Formally Launches Radeon RX 6900 XT and RX 6800 XT Liquid Devil

    It was 45 mm 120 x120 mm if i remember well ! not 25 mm thick radiator ! The temperature regime increased in comparison on 6900xt . The bigger the radiator the better OC mode will be , more stable and higher CL. than with air cooled GPUs!
  7. bogami

    PowerColor Formally Launches Radeon RX 6900 XT and RX 6800 XT Liquid Devil

    Two for me please :) ! To cool the GPU you need to buy: Radiator (at least x120x240x25),reservoir , pump, connecting pipes, connectors, at least distilled water, fans. But if you add, CPU cooling as well you need a CPU block and a larger radiator. Optional control circuit for fans and pump RGP...
  8. bogami

    Bitspower Announces the Premium Mobius VGA Water Block for GeForce RTX 3080 FE

    Yes, it looks like a USB flash drive. A thick element that does not take advantage of the purpose of the prey. Ek, it has cooled the back of the card and is therefore thicker, but here this option of the same solution has been bypassed. Yes nVisia has Only one design! FAT PRICES!
  9. bogami

    Following ASUS' Lead, EVGA and ZOTAC Increase NVIDIA RTX 30-series Pricing

    With the release of the RTX 3080 and RTX3090, there were competitions as to who of the bidders could make a card with cheaper parts. Solidly made models can be counted on the fingers of one hand. That a lot of sand in the eyes that someone will be able to get a new weapon. Don't piss me off as...
  10. bogami

    New in our Product Range - The HEATKILLER V-VGA Water Cooler, the Latest Revolution from WATERCOOL

    An attractive, beautiful piece of copper will provide good cooling and the flowability is perfectly executed. Spacers are unusual, I’d rather see steel. Quick CNC error correction. cooling the lower Ram bed .I hope it won't be like that on all the blocks, Maybe the first group. It will not...
  11. bogami

    Lian Li Announces UNI FAN SL140 and STRIMER PLUS TRIPLE 8 Pin for GPU

    Don’t expect too much! As far as can be seen, the emphasis is on RGB lighting and 140 mm is the same here as 120 mm at low 1500 max revs. 70.5CFG is very dubious ! Only in the posh poll configuration would I dare use it on radiators.
  12. bogami

    ASRock Announces the Radeon RX 6900 XT Phantom Gaming D 16G OC Graphics Card

    Plenty of empty space on the base plate. They could gain in cooleng. Inflating the product for the price .
  13. bogami

    EK-AIO Elite 360 D-RGB

    Very capable AIO. The improved pump is large and has a perfectly executed impeller. The whole package is very good and little things like thermal paste will be important for full efficiency. :clap: :)
  14. bogami

    Cooler Master Introduces MasterLiquid ML360 Sub-Zero TEC AIO

    Nice.:clap: One TAC such unit nay would have a 60 A maximum . The main problem will not only be the power supply, but the condensation! Good protection against moisture is essential with prolonged use .:)
  15. bogami

    INNO3D Announces iChill GeForce RTX 30-series Frostbite Liquid Cooled Graphics Cards

    Nice ! But limited flow channels. Good that the GPU can be cooled through with a lower flow, but this affects the whole ,circuit- loop. It would be more true that a man is an extremist nature in everything he does . :laugh: you are right TRANSLATOR :shadedshu:!
  16. bogami

    Intel Alder Lake-S CPU Has Been Pictured

    Given the sea of bugs that CRYSIS REMASTERED has, Intel has plenty of time to start with a good 10 nm processor sproduction . Since the game went they haven't fixed the SLI bug, a double transparent image like I'd like to play with 3d glasses, rectangular light reflections. the imprint of the...
  17. bogami

    TechN presents high-end CPU water coolers for AMD AM4, Intel LGA 1200 and 2066

    Again, I’m not talking about thermal efficiency! Just about flow , no more! This gogle translator is my cross!
  18. bogami

    TechN presents high-end CPU water coolers for AMD AM4, Intel LGA 1200 and 2066

    So much perfect physics, but I'm interested, regardless of the traction purpose, will it turn 80 or 100 l per hour in normal operation? Tests will show ..
  19. bogami

    TechN presents high-end CPU water coolers for AMD AM4, Intel LGA 1200 and 2066

    Again, nobody doesn’t question how this will affect the flow ! That the liquid drags with itself and maintains the flow, but for this acceleration it has lost an unnecessary amount of energy ! Do we have here 6 mm inlet diameter from 12 mm ....
  20. bogami

    TechN presents high-end CPU water coolers for AMD AM4, Intel LGA 1200 and 2066

    ! m sory if maj simple lengvige is not in you kejpebility. gogle translator is miserable. Despite the fact that less liquid is needed for cooling, the entry is too small. The moment, the kinetic energy of the fluid flow, was lost. and unnecessary torture of the entire cooling circuit for the...
  21. bogami

    TechN presents high-end CPU water coolers for AMD AM4, Intel LGA 1200 and 2066

    Acts as a cheap copy of the EK , with a serious fluid inlet capacity failure !. The liquid is not stretchable! !! Entering the spreader should be like a funnel and then move into the desired shape! So liquid will lose all the moment through the limited entrance part of the channel ! And I...
  22. bogami

    Alphacool Announces Waterblocks For MSI & ASUS RTX3080/RTX3090

    The visually attractive coolant duct game is a very thick plexi element which in turn increases the chances of leaks and will make it harder to moudeng in smaller layouts. No matter, nice.
  23. bogami

    EK Releases Water Blocks for Reference Design NVIDIA RTX 30 Series Graphics Cards

    Nice , such a massive block will perform very well cooling. The EK once again maintains its tradition of the highest quality of style and function.