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  1. Goodman

    Cpu multiplier stuck at 5.47 5950x

    Have to latest CPU-Z install and leave it open then run a program like Prime95 or anything else (a games reduce windows?) that would make your CPU work & see if CPU-z showing your CPU clocking higher? Might only be throttle down feature for you CPU but... I can't see why it would go this low or...
  2. Goodman

    What would you install on it?

    Thanks! but I wouldn't needed as I got Win7 Ultimate on my PC right now but when I'll be building older computers I'll be using one for Windows XP , one for Win98se & possibly my Pentium 1 with only pure MS-DOS 3.30 or 6.22 still got DOS games on 5.25" & 3.1/2" floppy disks As for me I would...
  3. Goodman

    New build, No POST, No Power

    Exactly what I was about to suggest
  4. Goodman

    What would you install on it?

    Di not know that thanks for the info Thanks! I'll post pics when I'll be ready... Maybe I'm wrong but I would thing more of a PSU or Graphic card problem if all you get is black screen after post... Another thing it could be is a loose wire connector so open your case & see if all the wires...
  5. Goodman

    What would you install on it?

    I forget that Athlon xp was 32bit only so if you want to install Linux make sure it's a 32bit version & Xubuntu would be to "heavy" for your system , you should really try Lubuntu or Puppy Linux 32 bit , also for windows 7 updates you need to have at least SP1 install first unless you already...
  6. Goodman

    I NEED TO CUT PRICES.... How should I?

    You may try looking up Varagesale if available in your region/city it's free & lots of good deals you can even sale your stuff you don't use anymore I bought lots of good stuff on Varagesale you'll find anything cars , home , electronics , clothing , toys , etc... some people just give stuff...
  7. Goodman

    What would you install on it?

    Yes! let us know as it goes , if you run into any problems we'll try to help you out & I could also try to build an old Athlon like yours & see if I run into the same problems or not? Mikey Edit: I've been collecting PC parts & games for years what ever I could fine for cheap , I always wanted...
  8. Goodman

    What would you install on it?

    You know that you can still update windows 7 , if your last windows 7 updates was a few years ago you can still have all the updates that were made until the 14 January 2020 included Directx (webdirectx) , so you can have windows 7 with all the update till that point I got Windows 7 all up to...
  9. Goodman

    The Linux screenshots thread

    Been using Linux on and off for the last 14 years or so... Now I'm using Linux full time for the past 5-6 years Pretty much tried every distro's out there but the ones I stick the longest is Mint , Zorin and now Feren OS Feren OS is the one I like the most specially the new plasma KDE and now...
  10. Goodman

    Intel i5-10210U nVidia mx 250 FPS drop issue

    I see your problem... you're running Windows 10 :p Joking aside my son used to have lower fps on his laptop (Asus Ryzen 5) but not anymore ever since he keeps his laptop plugged in while gaming Otherwise the laptop want to save the battery and throttle everything down so always plugged in your...
  11. Goodman

    No Windows 7 Drivers for AMD Ryzen

    Been hearing lots of people saying how better it was over Win8 because they brought back the start menu in Win10 well it still look ugly as f**'in Win8 & what start menu? very , very confusing... Tried it for 3 weeks & I don't like it at all even removing a few things like cortana & some apps ...
  12. Goodman

    AMD and Oculus Shatter VR Barriers With $499 CyberPowerPC VR Ready System

    Generally speaking fps is overrated IMO most people would find their games working pretty well if they would not knew how many fps they got , but as soon as they see the fps is going under 60fps they'll said that their games are not smooth enough but was fine just a few minutes before they see...
  13. Goodman

    TechPowerUp Gives Away an ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 STRIX Graphics Card

    A GTX 1080 STRIX card autographed by W1zzard , that's like....
  14. Goodman

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti to be Based on GP102 Silicon

    Yeah! coming from guy with only 1 post/message it must be true.... troll
  15. Goodman

    AMD Support

    I've been using CoreTemp for many years but I don't know if it would support FM2+ & APU's?
  16. Goodman

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti to be Based on GP102 Silicon

    USA ALWAYS get their things cheaper much cheaper then the rest of the world even used cars... lol! Here in nearby computers stores in Montréal regions the GTX 1080 start at $945 to $1005 +15% taxes (not in stoke yet) But I don't really care as I don't really game anymore & if I were to buy a...
  17. Goodman

    More AMD Socket AM4 Technical Details Emerge

    Me think , they should even go back to a further idea... like Intel Slot1 (Pentium2) But only on a small printed board with only the CPU weld on it then you just slide in the slot just like a video card , no more bending pins on the CPU or Motherboard It would probably be better for CPU heat...
  18. Goodman

    Windows 10 Upgrade Begins Rolling Out in Waves

    I got the logo on my windows 7 for the past 3-4 weeks to upgrade to win10 which I'm not going to do right now... Nothing in life is free or totally free so there is a catch somewhere that they are not telling I'm sure that Micro$oft after a few months or a year will ask you to pay (~$100/200)...
  19. Goodman

    AMD "Zen" CPU Core Block Diagram Surfaces

    I didn't know that about Jim Keller , after ready your post I was like what!! since when? Although I don't follow much about computer tech anymore or games I should have known this... Anyhow your post make me search about Jim Keller & found a great video interview (May 2014) with him and AMD...
  20. Goodman

    Editorial Windows 8.1, and Why You Should Let Go of Windows 7

    Guys! , guys.... It's an old thread resurrected buy a new guy with only 1 post (Post #279) that smell Troll all over IMO
  21. Goodman

    AMD A10-7850K and A10-7700K APU Specifications Detailed

    Lots of "old" threads getting "resurrected" lately... by people with only 1 post... Trolls are getting better much better these days... just an observation... Anyhow as for me I think APU's are great possibly the best thing for people that doesn't games at all or very little or for HTPC APU's...
  22. Goodman

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Launch Date and Pricing Revealed

    Not saying anything but... AMD is ready this time around they got an R9 295x ready to go if need be... :D :rolleyes:
  23. Goodman

    No New GPUs from AMD for the Bulk of 2013

    That doesn't surprise me as AMD are pretty low on cash (for a company that size) best thing for them to do is use what they already have make it better & still sale it at better profit The other thing is i don't see the point of new GC's either from AMD or Nvidia not until we see...
  24. Goodman

    KFA2 All-White GeForce GTX 680 LTD OC V4 Pictured

    Would look nice in the dark with a black light in the case :)
  25. Goodman

    AMD Plans to Sell and Lease-Back its Austin Campus

    :slap: It was a joke , did you miss my sarcastic smilies at the end? Don't you people have any sense of humor anymore?