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    What components of a GPU are important for video decoding?

    I bought a HD6450 over a decade ago and it was a garbage card then.
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    Build Your Masterpiece - CORSAIR Launches New Full-Tower 7000 Series Cases

    I agree, 100%! I don't understand this mentality that gamers don't need or use hard drives.
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    Microsoft Launches Windows 11 Operating System

    That's a stupid and paranoid theory, unless you can cite some actual proof of the allegations that you're making here, in your absurd attempt at Apple bashing.
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    Microsoft Account and Internet Connection Mandatory for Windows 11 Home Setup

    Nothing you've said here is true and your comment makes it's pretty clear to us that you know little about how macOS works.
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    Bricked 970 trying to find a copy of NVflash for DOS

    What year is it, where you live? That you are amazed that a 970 still works?
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    Aio vs custom cooling

    In my book It's like asking what's better, a stock car or one that has been customized? Car manufacturers use parts that are price conscious and work just fine. Aftermarket parts are often better quality with improved performance, but are more expensive. Of course some people spend fortunes on...
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    Microsoft Acknowledges Windows 10 Taskbar Text Clarity Issue

    It's amazing how upset people get about their local weather in the taskbar, that they can easily remove.
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    What speeds would this SSD have on ps4?

    Those speeds listed from the marketing departments are often theoretical maximums in a laboratory. Add in different chipsets, cables, overheads, environments, etc and there you are.
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    Microsoft Announces New Event to Showcase "What's Next for Windows"

    They had to schedule it after the WWDC for a good reason.
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    QNAP Launches Single Bay Budget TS-130 Home NAS

    How does that work without an attached computer on, that's also burning energy?
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    GIGABYTE Gives Public Apology for "Made in China" Mocking After Company Shares Plummet by $550 Million

    Your post, here, is rather off topic, don't contribute to the discussion, and it's likely that nobody here cares about your personal situation. You can always follow up with them or continue to wait patiently for their response, like people normally do when it comes to RMAs. Also, don't forget...
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    DRAM Revenue for 1Q21 Undergoes 8.7% Increase QoQ Thanks to Increased Shipment as Well as Higher Prices, Says TrendForce

    Since there is more than one supplier, by definition it's not a "monopoly". The burden of providing the proof is on you or anyone else that thinks that might be the case, as far as your accusations go.
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    Turtle Beach Announces Recon 500 Headset Featuring 60mm Eclipse Dual Drivers

    "metal-reinforced headband" I guess these won't end up like my last Turtle Beach headset, with a broken plastic headband and useless.
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    Are these rams compatible?

    People get way too worked up about RAM these days. There's very little real world difference, at least not enough to worry about or pay a lot more for, in most cases.
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    How can I free up space on a 30GB laptop?

    Compression usually reduces performance and on a machine that already has performance issues? It's probably not a good idea.
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    Apple Updates M1 Mac Mini with 10 GbE Upgrade Option

    Like someone in another comments section, that I was reading, mentioned, Apple was one of the first to use Gigabit Ethernet as a standard in their machines, which dramatically brought down the price and shortly thereafter every cheap Windows PC had it. We might see something similar here or at...
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    Model: UN50EH5300FXZC no longer shows HDMI plugged devices

    Maybe the board that handles the inputs has failed? It happens.
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    Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset Now Available in Arctic Camo

    I will never again buy a headset with that cheap plastic headband. The one on my last Turtle Beach headset broke where the headband connects to the speaker. You can tell where it will snap on these just by looking at that picture. You can't be careful enough with it, like it's designed to break.
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    Next-Generation Nintendo Switch SoC to be Powered by NVIDIA's Ada Lovelace GPU Architecture

    Your comment comes across as a lot more misogynistic than it does humorous. Read up: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ada_Lovelace
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    Microsoft in Talks to Acquire Discord for $10 Billion

    If you can't innovate, just buy the innovators. That's the modern Microsoft.
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    TrendForce: Consumer DRAM Pricing to Increase 20% in 2Q2021 Due to Increased Demand

    In what geographic place do you think this is "criminal" and where did you get your law degree? and advocating for violence against TrendForce isn't a good look on your part.
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    Graphics card prices

    You also forgot Covid, which has been another major factor. People have been stuck at home and bored.
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    FAKE GeForce GTX 1050ti - bios mod

    Nvidia and AMD aren't law enforcement and it's not their responsibility.
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    Out of the game for a while, need advice on a PC build

    It's a terrible time to build a PC. I would wait for prices and availability of parts to improve.