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  1. damric

    Radeon RX570

    I'd send it back to ebay. They always take returns even if it says no returns. $350 is ridiculous for a mined RX 570.
  2. damric

    All Team Group Industrial Products Pass Military-Grade Certification

    It doesn't mean much. U.S. military still using "quality blind made products" from Skilcraft?
  3. damric

    XFX R7 370 2GB Bios Request

    Perhaps try an hd 7850 bios since 7850=265=370
  4. damric

    TechPowerUp is Hiring Motherboard and Memory Reviewers

    Are test platforms provided or is the reviewer on their own to supply such components? I know a couple people qualified for either position but they might be reluctant if they have to purchase a bunch of new hardware regularly.
  5. damric

    6900XT Liquid Devil Issues (Maybe?)

    Yeah I think you should buy something like this 90 degree flow sensor and put it where you have that bad bend. https://ebay.to/3k1JwIf
  6. damric

    6900XT Liquid Devil Issues (Maybe?)

    Yeah it sounds like an air bubble is trapped. Is the pump making a gurgle noise?
  7. damric

    Chiller sizing

    Instead of a chiller, you could do a 1080 radiator. That will give you about 1000w of cooling. I'm also in a hot and humid climate and even with the AC on full blast, condensation is an issue so chiller just isn't worth the hassle. On the plus side, higher humidity improves radiator performance...
  8. damric

    Does the gigabyte b550m aorus elite support ryzen 5 pro 4650g?

    It does with F2 BIOS. https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/B550M-AORUS-ELITE-rev-1x/support#support-cpu
  9. damric

    Be careful. There are predators in the trade threads.

    Don't let this discourage anyone from using the classifieds. There's plenty more than enough good traders here. I've had some great buys, sells, trades, and giveaways on this forum and others over the years. I much prefer to ebay, ect.
  10. damric

    Newb trying to get to 3200MHz

    Not to say you can't do it, but you have two factors working against you. Series circuit RAM slot layout (daisy chain) motherboards prefer 2 slots filled over 4, but even with 4 you can usually just overvolt them to make up for signal drop. The memory controller on the Ryzen 2700x is designed...
  11. damric

    Newb trying to get to 3200MHz

    If those are indeed 4x dual rank sticks and you're trying to cram 8 ranks on two channels, and overclock them on 2700x then good luck. It might be easier to find the top stable frequency, whether it is 2666, 2993, or whatever then try tightening timings. Corsair Vengeance hates Ryzen, but you...
  12. damric

    Be careful. There are predators in the trade threads.

    I hope you guys aren't falling for this shit.
  13. damric

    Be careful. There are predators in the trade threads.

    And another scammer who just joined today has found my inbox...
  14. damric

    3DMark Updated with New CPU Benchmarks for Gamers and Overclockers

    meh... The whole suite is on sale on steam for $5.
  15. damric

    Aio vs custom cooling

    - Pump's been running 24/7 for months, but I do have a backup because I bought 2 since I was skeptical. Honestly I'm more worried about my expensive dual D5s failing in my main rig, but eventually all things do fail. - Old mobo/RAM sinks FTW :) - I experimented much on additives after...
  16. damric

    Aio vs custom cooling

    I did several water builds earlier this year ranging from dirt cheap to expensive. First, let it be known that you can indeed build a good full custom loop for very little as long as you don't mind waiting a little bit for overseas parts from places like ebay, aliexpress, banggood, ect...
  17. damric

    The unofficial Cooler Master Hyper 212 series bashing (and defense) thread

    70C with only 2 cores is pretty bad for that voltage on piledriver.
  18. damric

    The unofficial Cooler Master Hyper 212 series bashing (and defense) thread

    Piledriver had way less leakage than Bulldozer, but I doubt you could run that frequency under stress anyway. This is what I was trying to cool. https://hwbot.org/submission/2319994_damric_cpu_frequency_fx_4100_5229.58_mhz
  19. damric

    The unofficial Cooler Master Hyper 212 series bashing (and defense) thread

    I remember spraying an upside-down can of compressed air into my 212+ to make 5GHz benchmarks on FX-4100. It couldn't cool my Phenom II 1090T at 4.1GHz, but for <$25 I guess I can't complain..
  20. damric

    Be careful. There are predators in the trade threads.

    There are safety stickies: https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/tpu-b-s-t-safety.281261/ https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/read-before-posting-the-rules-of-this-forum.11040/ https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/safe-buying-and-selling-guide.73435/ But I'm guessing because...
  21. damric

    Help me tame my 5800x, please

    It could be the way your cooler is oriented. You could have trapped air bubbles in the pump, ect. I have a 5800x on a 360 aluminum rad aio for my wife's rig and it runs pretty cool.
  22. damric

    Be careful. There are predators in the trade threads.

    It's not just here, I've seen a huge uptick in scammers in other forum websites as well. You post a WTB thread, and a later comes along a private message from someone who just joined the forum with zero messages, zero feedback score, showing you stock photos of an item but will not show you a...
  23. damric

    MSI Pledges to Solve Graphics Card Shortages Single-Handedly... Thanks to the GeForce GT 730?

    Last month I was fooling around with a GT 730 1G GDDR5 LP card that I purchased on this forum for cheap like $20 or something. I needed a backup LP card for display output, but being the tweaker I am, I had to see exactly what performance it was capable of and any overclocking headroom. At...
  24. damric

    Sapphire Vapor-X Tri-X OC R9 290 owners/gurus advice needed (please)

    I don't see why you want to mess with the BIOS. Clock/fan tweaking can be done in Sapphire Trixx or good old Afterburner and also quite a lot in the Radeon Driver. Good cards. Lucky find.