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  1. WhiteLotus

    Bad drive in need of replacing. Immediately or do I have a few months?

    So, as I was trying to copy some files over to a removable drive to take to the parents for Christmas (hope you all had a good one by the way) my computer went into mega laggy mode. Did a bit of investigating now that I am home and Defraggler has come up with this. Now I would like a few new...
  2. WhiteLotus

    Connecting to the Wi-Fi via a dongle or a network card?

    As the title suggests, my dongle has finally given up the ghost and died (rebuilding my computer!) and it's time to replace the sucker. A dongle USB adapter is generally cheaper, but I feel that a PCI with antennas may be better? Any one have any thoughts on this? I have about £20 to spend on...
  3. WhiteLotus

    Your monitor resolution

    So I am looking at getting a new monitor, but the thing is I don't know what the most common/most sought after resolution is... So to aid me in this, if you could tick the resolution that you have your monitor at, and in the comments also put your screen size. If you have a really bad...
  4. WhiteLotus

    Chromebook users, wanting feedback please!

    Has anyone here used a Chromebook before? Or actually own one? If yes then I would like to hear about any positive and negative opinions you have on them, and what model it was. I'm looking at getting one, solely for Facebook and note taking in the library, no gaming. I understand a tablet could...
  5. WhiteLotus

    [WTB] [UK] CPU and motherboard bundle, plus GPU

    Hey so my computer (in specs) is sat at home gathering dust and damn it its time I gave it some TLC. I figure it needs a new board and CPU, something in the 2500k range would be brilliant, I don't need or want high end because I don't need it! Also a GPU would be good, something around the 280x...
  6. WhiteLotus

    is my card dead/dying

    Card in specs. Had a few issues with it past week during gaming but been busy so just ignored it and got on with what i was supposed to be doing. Finally free today turn on the computer, and this is what greets me at the windows sign on screen
  7. WhiteLotus

    Photoshop to become a monthly subscription

    Source I know how many people here use photoshop. Is it me or is this really just crazy?
  8. WhiteLotus

    Any one here makes music?

    Just a simple yes would suffice, just so I know who you are and what your computer is like. I have a friend who is thinking of building a computer that would help him make music, so just doing a bit of research. If you don't make music but still have any input, all would be welcome...
  9. WhiteLotus

    Storage solution needed

    So I am building up a fair amount of data now, and I am needing a solution as to how to store it all. At the moment, I have: SSD (M4 124GB)= OS and Programs WD Black 640GB = Games (Indie games and all of whatever I have installed from Steam) and Music WD Green 1TB = Videos And then I...
  10. WhiteLotus

    Ubuntu Phones. They're coming.

    I read this yesterday, certainly looks interesting. Anyone think it'll have the power to pull it off? I can't imagine what it would be like to have a phone running Ubuntu, but seeing as it's free I can see a lot of people from Android who have rooted their phones to trying it out.
  11. WhiteLotus

    Sins Of A Solar Empire: Rebellion

    Anyone else looking forward to this game? If you don't know about it then it's pretty much a giant strategy conquer game. There is a Beta out now that are introducing the factions with each iteration. One thing I will say though that when it gets to the end game it can cripple your computer...
  12. WhiteLotus

    Where to put Steam

    So I got myself a 128GB M4 the other week, and I'm very happy with it. What I am not happy is the amount of space I have on it (obviously... it's only 128GB). I was thinking of installing Steam on the WD Black I have to make up the space requirements, but then I only really play one or two games...
  13. WhiteLotus

    Speed-of-light experiments give baffling result at Cern

  14. WhiteLotus

    What should I learn in order to make...

    Hey all, I have a collection of media that I would love to have a program made that enables me to sort through it all and then play what I want. The thing is I would want to be able to select a couple of choices, and then it would filter the media down to what I want, I select one of the...
  15. WhiteLotus

    [US] Acer Iconia Tab + Free $100 promotional gift card

    On my hunt for a decent tablet I stumbled upon this. If you're looking for a tablet and you want it now, then this is the deal for you. At Newegg you can purchase the Acer Iconia Tab for $400, and get a free $100 gift card. Pretty good deal if you ask me. More here
  16. WhiteLotus

    [FS] [UK] Old games for the price of shipping!

    As an indication a single game is going for around £1 after the addition of the 10%. (Though I wont get upset if you accidentally add 50p or so! ;)) Here we have for sale some good old games: Assassins creed Ghost Recon 2: Advanced Warfighter Rise of Legends Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. (No...
  17. WhiteLotus

    How important is a sound card these days?

    Well I'm looking at getting a new motherboard, and of course they all come with some sort of sound 7.1 setup or whatever. How do most modern (read with in the last year) fair when it comes to onboard sound? Would I notice a difference against my Xonar D2/PM?
  18. WhiteLotus

    New "all-rounder" build

    INTEL BUILD Part|Old|New|Cost|Notes CPU|Intel i3 530 (Stock)|i5 2500|£156|Wanting a fairly decent quad core Motherboard|Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H|Intel DH67BL B3|£75|I don't over clock so those extra options are pointless, it's the layout that bothers me. Graphics|PowerColor 4850 PCS+ Edition...
  19. WhiteLotus

    [US] Get $100 off on any tablet at Staples

    Just been looking around for tablets, and came across this beauty of a coupon from staples. Go to this link to see more.
  20. WhiteLotus

    Moving a card from x16 to x8

    How screwed would I be when I move my 4850 (yes I know it's old, it's getting on a bit but it's getting me by for now) from the x16 PCI-e slot to the x8 PCI-e slot on my board?? I ask because now at the moment my sound card is in the PCI slot that sits right underneath it, and all the hot air...
  21. WhiteLotus

    [FS] [UK] Zune HD 16GB

    Selling this Zune HD 16Gb after I want to reduce the number of devices that I have. Looking for £70 posted to UK only (not willing to go International but if I do buyer pays extra for shipping). Will also come with a protective silicon case. Pics Heatware 3-0-0 (Still getting going) Thanks...
  22. WhiteLotus

    Does such a game exist...

    Gran Turismo (essentially) for the PC? I want a good car sim with lots of cars, lots of tracks, lots of races, and the ability to make your car better like in Gran Turismo. No I don't want Need for speed. Anybody?
  23. WhiteLotus

    Game BETAs

    So anyone got any good BETAs for games out there. In one at the moment, got an NDA on it so not sure what the hell i'm allowed to say etc etc etc. All I can say is... it's shite.
  24. WhiteLotus

    Getting Outlook 2010 to open on the Calender

    So yea, is there a way of getting Outlook 2010 to open on the calender page and not the General page?
  25. WhiteLotus

    To buy or not to buy?

    Ok well amazon are having this black Friday week and some stuff is going for cheap every hour. because it's so competitive you mad click on an item and it goes in your basket where you get to hold it for a while to see if you want it. I won me a small net browser for £70. Delivery is free. So...