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  1. xrobwx71

    Share your CPUZ Benchmarks!

  2. xrobwx71

    "First death from Bitcoin mining"

  3. xrobwx71

    Linux (Debian sucks)

    Manjaro is an absolutely beautiful distro.
  4. xrobwx71

    "First death from Bitcoin mining"

    Death is sad but at such a young age is truly a tragedy, regardless of what he was doing. You might be right.
  5. xrobwx71

    PSU trouble

    I have had one of these for over 10 years. It's loud but it works well. And to others that do not own one, it's NOT a vacuum.
  6. xrobwx71

    High pitched noise coming out of the speakers when moving the mouse

    To add to the factory defects, mice, cats, and dogs love to chew on wires.
  7. xrobwx71

    Viability of RAID, long term

    This is what I use as my offsite for work it has worked without issue for 8 years so far (since I moved from Lacie to Synology | 2 Lacies died on me). Sometimes I miss the tape days as far as reliability goes or maybe I was simply lucky back then.
  8. xrobwx71

    Legality of TPU Hosting DLSS DLLs

    So, can I extract a DLL from the SDK and sell it to AMD? /s ;):D
  9. xrobwx71

    AT&T fiber speed over WiFi6 is pretty nice

    Wow, that's your wireless speed, not the wired speed? Sonofa.
  10. xrobwx71

    WetBench BC1

    I voted 10/10 because: Your vote is very different to this case's average rating (6.5). To avoid malicious votes you are required to comment why you decided on such a rating for this case. Your user name, vote and comment will be visible in the comments section of the case. The...
  11. xrobwx71

    Cannot Install or Load Windows 10 in EUFI Mode (Legacy Boot Disabled)

    Another method to perform the above suggestion. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/deployment/mbr-to-gpt
  12. xrobwx71


    Did you perform the scan and repair?
  13. xrobwx71

    The Dell Proprietary Police Versus New Build Freedom

    What stock alert would this be?
  14. xrobwx71

    What's your happiest/saddest computer/IT related memories?

    Happiest: My first true build. If I remember correctly it featured an Intel Pentium II 350Mghz. A Voodoo vid card, A Deskstar HDD. Win 98 Saddest: Finding out Battlefield 2024 doesn't have a single-player campaign. :laugh:
  15. xrobwx71

    EA Hacked

    No Battlefield 2024? Damn. /j
  16. xrobwx71

    Dremel/Rotary Tool recommendations

    I've been using Dremel products for 20+ years. They have never let me down. The one you posted, should do what you need. At $14.99, I would be skeptical.
  17. xrobwx71

    How can I find Mesh Filter?

    This looks like the ticket. Thanks for sharing this link! I found this: https://www.asus-accessories.com/result.php?typeProduit=72615&grandeSerie=&serie=73976&modele=88939&qf=Asus+Tuf+gt301 It's a parts request form.
  18. xrobwx71

    Desktop software

    I still use RocketDock on most of my computers, even at work.
  19. xrobwx71

    password protection software

    Give an example of what your goal is or trying to accomplish. Are you wanting to encrypt files or are you talking about a password manager like Lastpass or Keypass?
  20. xrobwx71

    Usb post not working properly on laptop

    If it's not under warranty, try a Bluetooth USB mouse that doesn't require the dongle. That would free up the port used by the mouse. (If its Bluetooth capable)
  21. xrobwx71

    My retirement gift to myself

    Congrats my friend! Enjoy!
  22. xrobwx71

    The shortage drives me to Console

    At least you'll have something to do when the Eastcoast/Southern USA fuel runs out. If it goes as the scaremongers' tout, you better buy a gun and learn to hunt, fish, and build a fire. ;)
  23. xrobwx71

    Chernobyl “waking up again”

    Says, the Gnome killer. :laugh: :toast: