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  1. JAB Creations

    Gigabyte AORUS FV43U 43" 3.8K screen OSD position, 144Hz AT 3.8K & FreeSync on both HDMI and DisplayPort?

    I have three questions about the Gigabyte AORUS FV43U if someone would be so kind... Does the OSD cover the clock at the bottom-right for Windows 10 and if it does the screen at least allow you to move the position of the OSD? Does the screen run at 144Hz at 3840x2160? (RefreshLock...
  2. JAB Creations

    Mouse with Fan and either no LED or Physical Switch to turn LED Off

    I just encountered the worst mouse in existence and I'm looking for help finding a competent mouse for fine movement and moderate gaming. A built in fan would be amazing, that garbage mouse did keep my palm cool and dry. Five buttons or more though nothing like a number pad on the side, that is...
  3. JAB Creations

    NVMe cables?

    Are there NVMe cables? SATA limitations are obvious though it's not like you can plug six or seven NVMe drives in to a motherboard directly (without using a PCI-Express addon cad).
  4. JAB Creations

    Nvidia 3000 Series Availability

  5. JAB Creations

    Disgraceful article about RDNA2

    The article AMD Big Navi Performance Claims Compared to TPU's Own Benchmark Numbers of Comparable GPUs by btarunr is absolutely disgraceful. AMD was kind enough to give a preview of their ability to bring competition back to the market (in which they compete with not one but two anti-capitalist...
  6. JAB Creations

    Good FreeSync + HDMI 2.1 KVM Switches and 40+inch 4K 120Hz+ LCDs for both production and gaming?

    I'm interested in getting a new KVM switch in the following weeks. I've only owned one and it died after eight months though it was very convenient to switch to my Mac Mini to test Safari out on occasion. However I have come across The Witcher because it was free on GOG and it tore frames like...
  7. JAB Creations

    Huge SSD NVEm + SAS Setup Plans

    My future is looking bright financially and I'll be upgrading a lot of my system in the coming months. Before I get in to specifics this is what I use my rig for (my rig's specs are under my profile on the left): Web Development primarily, about ~60% of the time at least. Reading, research...
  8. JAB Creations

    Why no one has the right to be angry at AMD with regards to AM4

    Recently there was an uproar over AMD not being able to support all socket AM4 processors on all AM4 motherboards, namely the upcoming 4000 series. I have learned that perspective is critical to advancing in life and I feel that a lot of people completely lack that perspective. Before I continue...
  9. JAB Creations

    AMD RAID prevents sleep?

    I've been stranded in Floriduh for nearly two decades and I should be able to escape in about a year. That being said it's hot every day and every night it is so humid my car sweats! If I'm not using my computer I want it to generate as little heat as possible (though I still need/use a powerful...
  10. JAB Creations

    AMD Radeon 290X won't clear GPU Memory, HOW to clear Radeon Memory?

    I've been playing Borderlands 3 of late since it came with my 3800X. Unfortunately I've come to realize that when the GPU RAM is no longer in use it's not emptied! So when I load the game without restarting my desktop I'll get a lot of crashes, some of which reference RAM. At first I thought it...
  11. JAB Creations

    Tracking specific Explorer shell folder / instance via "//" /title

    I'm a web developer and use a few different independent tools and I've been working on a batch program that opens up windows in a particular order. A new "feature" I figured out was how to determine if a window was already open or not, fantastic! As a web developer / design my goal is to always...
  12. JAB Creations

    RX 5700 RT Recommendations

    I've been playing lightweight games like Civilization V and Diablo III on occasion at 2560x1440 (I rarely use 4K as I spend most of my time working), definitely not demanding games when it comes to GPUs. Then I got a free copy of Borderlands 3 and suddenly my 290X only gets smooth performance at...
  13. JAB Creations

    NVMe 5.25 External Hot Swap Adapter?

    I clone drives under normal circumstances which reduces my downtime from 3 days if I have to set things up manually (without my tweaks and AppData files available) to as little as an hour plus some Windows updates. I finally managed to update from AM3+ to AM4 and I think I'll wait for Samsung to...
  14. JAB Creations

    Screenshot of your Favorite Mods

    Using the term mod loosely here though post a screenshot of your favorite mods. I only have some really old WOW screenshots to start, I know I have some goodies elsewhere. The reason I enjoy mods is that as a software developer myself time is the greatest limiting factor. Plus you can only...
  15. JAB Creations

    Classless RPG Recomendations

    Last year I played Path of Exile and it was okay though while I was not wild about the extreme-libertarian trade-only economy (I only soloed) what I really liked was the classless style. I also recently purchased Grim Dawn which is okay though I think they went noticeably out of their way to...
  16. JAB Creations

    Laptops - what does the industry need to fix?

    Just a quick poll to see what people think the industry needs to do in regards to laptops; please share your thoughts!
  17. JAB Creations

    What does your rig mean to you?

    I'm an entrepreneur building an all-in-one web platform for building websites for maximum performance and quality. To me my rig is built of quality components that I depend on to last for years (even if my intention is to upgrade once every two years or so) that must be used for coding...
  18. JAB Creations

    X570 Three M.2 with one in AHCI and two in RAID 1?

    I got screwed by ASRock who thought it'd be cute to knowingly send out a motherboard that would not post for a full minute; $330 new and this is the kind of treatment the industry (Asus, socket 939 SLI 16, also $300+, also new) thinks it's acceptable to treat us. I currently run three RAID 1s...
  19. JAB Creations

    Power User / System Core + Storage + distance

    I'm a web developer who codes, works with some moderate amount of multimedia and games on the side. I rarely voltage overclock until I can afford to replace something (next year should allow me to be a bit bolder) and I have a lot of stuff figured out. My budget is fairly reasonable, ~$2,000 for...
  20. JAB Creations

    Recommemdations for X570, 8 SATA and no WIFI or Intel anything

    In about three weeks I'll be replacing my old 8350 rig that is eight years old and served me well. I'm going to be getting a 3800X which according to CPUz will double my single and multicore performance (roughly) and I'm very much looking forward to that! TLDR: Eight SATA ports would be very...
  21. JAB Creations

    Looking for Quality + Power User Case Recommendations (lots of drives & liquid cooling)

    I'm a power user. I do everything with my PC and I don't want external dongles or other junk hanging off the side. My current case is a higher-end Fractal Design which I consider easily a top of the line brand. Unfortunately they only have one external 5.25 bay (I require two). I'm not familiar...
  22. JAB Creations

    Luck with SSD RAID across Brands

    I am curious how people's luck with SSD RAID setups have been across various brands. I currently have three RAID 1s that I'll be consolidating later this year. Currently all my SSDs are 1TB Samsung though I had tried setting up a RAID 1 with Crucial SSDs years ago and it flat-out refused. I...
  23. JAB Creations

    Samsung SSD goes offline once every few days - forced to rebuild RAID 1

    I have a couple of Samsung SSD 850 EVO 1TB drives in RAID 1. Every few days (and occasionally few hours) one of them "goes offline". I have to keep shutting down and rebuilding the array in AMD's RaidXpert. I'm sure there is a specific cause to this problem. I can not easily replace this drive...