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  1. WhiteLotus

    Bad drive in need of replacing. Immediately or do I have a few months?

    Na I'm not bothered with the remaining files. Nothing overly important! I now have a 3TB Seagate drive, but again, the files aren't really important, ill just have to download steam games again instead of using my back ups. What I did want to know is what is up with the WD red drives? I don't...
  2. WhiteLotus

    Bad drive in need of replacing. Immediately or do I have a few months?

    Thank you for taking the time to reply, a replacement drive is now in and I managed to get most of the files off before it refused to copy any more. I'm happy I caught it when I did!
  3. WhiteLotus

    Bad drive in need of replacing. Immediately or do I have a few months?

    Yea I read that 2000 is considered high. And i was all like "but but but mine has 21,000... can't be that bad... right?" So off to the eStores I go!
  4. WhiteLotus

    Bad drive in need of replacing. Immediately or do I have a few months?

    So, as I was trying to copy some files over to a removable drive to take to the parents for Christmas (hope you all had a good one by the way) my computer went into mega laggy mode. Did a bit of investigating now that I am home and Defraggler has come up with this. Now I would like a few new...
  5. WhiteLotus

    Favorite Strategy games?

    Supreme Commander.
  6. WhiteLotus

    Next Mass Effect marketing write-up leaked

    wait wait wait wait... guys hold on... where's the zombie mode?
  7. WhiteLotus

    Return to Descent

    They aren't the narrow tunnels that I remember. To hell with that game, looks far too cartoony too.
  8. WhiteLotus

    What are you playing?

    Playing the Witcher Series in preparation for the 3rd installment.
  9. WhiteLotus

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    admittedly it did take me a while!
  10. WhiteLotus

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    Woot system specs are updated!
  11. WhiteLotus

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    RCoon - Epica (female), insomnium (male), amon amarth (heavy), mastodon (progressive), katatonia (male) Dinky - got your CPU and board finally up and running. will be posting pictures and updating specs tomorrow.
  12. WhiteLotus

    TotalBiscuit's epic rant about new XB1 PC streaming for Windows 10

    Is this Microsoft bringing "PC gaming back"?
  13. WhiteLotus

    Windows 10 to be Free Upgrade for Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 Users

    I like this news. Now when's it due to be released?
  14. WhiteLotus

    Super-insulated clothing could eliminate need for indoor heating

    Made of silver.... yea that isn't healthy for anyone.
  15. WhiteLotus

    New Texas Hold'Em poker game algorithm is literally unbeatable

    Of course this would happen. Poker is a game of chance, one where you must play in such a way that you minimise your losses and maximise your gains. This algorithm is a risk calculator, nothing more. The computer just bets low on high risk hands and high on low risk hands, a human could do the...
  16. WhiteLotus

    Connecting to the Wi-Fi via a dongle or a network card?

    As the title suggests, my dongle has finally given up the ghost and died (rebuilding my computer!) and it's time to replace the sucker. A dongle USB adapter is generally cheaper, but I feel that a PCI with antennas may be better? Any one have any thoughts on this? I have about £20 to spend on...
  17. WhiteLotus

    New GPU for a Core i7 4790K build. Preferable GTX 970.

    I am also interested in this thread. Any one had any experience with MSI offerings?
  18. WhiteLotus

    Windows 8 Clubhouse

    All this windows ten needs now is a decent home grown player and i'll be happy!
  19. WhiteLotus

    Your monitor resolution

    Thank you that does help, I'll be sure to edit the first post when I get home.
  20. WhiteLotus

    Your monitor resolution

    So I am looking at getting a new monitor, but the thing is I don't know what the most common/most sought after resolution is... So to aid me in this, if you could tick the resolution that you have your monitor at, and in the comments also put your screen size. If you have a really bad...
  21. WhiteLotus

    Should we drop 5760x1080 in VGA reviews?

    Looks like I need a new monitor. Last I checked I gamed on 1650x1050. Time to bump it up! Though to be fair, could you not make a list of resolutions, make it a poll and then you'd find the top 4 common resolutions. Then just bench at those.
  22. WhiteLotus

    Would you like to see game reviews on TPU?

    I don't see why people just do this anyway. As long as [personal review] gets put into the title. Hell even do them in the [insert game name] thread and just have a post linking all the user reviews. As long as pictures get put in spoiler tags as to not kill peoples internet, and there isn't...
  23. WhiteLotus

    MSI GeForce GTX 980 Gaming 4 GB

    You say the card is 14.5cm tall... do you mean wide? I get the card is long, and I get that the card is a multi slot card. But I don't understand how it can be 14.5 cm tall (implying height)... you must mean wide... right?
  24. WhiteLotus

    My New machine Dell 17R 7737 has scratches, please see

    I personally would have just taken a discount. Those scratches are tiny and not even noticeable.
  25. WhiteLotus

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    I too am interested, one mans dark cloud is anothers silver lining.