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  1. mlupple

    Does Vista Business have DX10?

    Does Vista buxiness have DX10 and is it 64-bit?
  2. mlupple

    Does a 4850 outperform a 2900XT?

    I bought my XT for like 400 when it first came out. It runs everything I play at 1920x1200 at around 40-50 fps with max graphics. I want to turn that into 60 on future games like Diablo3 and Starkraft2.
  3. mlupple

    Can put DDR2 800 in a MOBO with DDR2 1200 standard?

    Do I have to change anything or do anything special to use DDR2 800 in a mobo designed with DDR2 1200 as a standard? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131295
  4. mlupple

    The "Mojave Experiment"

    http://www.mojaveexperiment.com/ You guys should check this out, especially if you hate Vista but never really used it. I know there are tons of people who judge Vista without even trying it. The OS is WAAY more stable than XP. The only issues I had with Vista were when it first came out...
  5. mlupple

    Firefox, how disable New Window?

    Is there a way to disable new windows altogether? So when I press Ctl+N it opens a new tab?
  6. mlupple

    Firefox, mouse gestures available?

    Is there a way to get mouse gestures for firefox? I'm using avant now and I'm addicted to them. I can't switch unless something has Mouse gestures.
  7. mlupple

    Who thinks Fallout 3 will be a letdown?

    I'm a HUGE fan of the Fallout series. After seeing the quirky controls, the terrible character animation, the ice-skating instead of walking, from oblivion, I really don't have high hopes for this game. I honestly think that they are ruining this game by making it a first person. The graphics...
  8. mlupple

    Final Fantasy 13 - on Xbox 360?

    http://www.engadget.com/2008/07/14/engadget-and-joystiq-live-from-microsofts-e3-2008-keynote/ omfg!!! Goodbye Sony! I guess the only game I will have ever played on my PS3 is motorstorm. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: