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    Build for sister (gift)

    Hi! My parents and I decided to join forces ($$) to build a new PC for my sister and replace her aging C2D 7xxx (not sure anymore what's inside) Building based on most important things to the least ones. 1) She does plenty of writing, reading and translating on her pc (spends hours every...
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    New build for for everyday use + file storage,sharing and streaming

    Hello! I'm about build a new pc. As stated in title it will serve mostly as storage, file sharing, backup (loads of family pics, over 600gigs) and streaming machine (mostly mp4 and avi movies up to 720p). Would also like my to use it for some basic stuff as web surfing, music and office as i...
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    i5 3450?!

    Hi Gang! I'm about to purchase i5 3450 (entry ivy cpu) for family rig but also quite frustrated as i can't find any info nor reviews about the cpu except the one on ark.intel.com (also missing some stuff on info sheet). Before i place my order i'd like to know if anyone purchased cpu yet...
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    mATX mbo suggestion for i5-2500k OC

    /waves Basicly as stated in title, i'm looking for some suggestions/advices buying proper matx mobo (if there/s any within my budget range) for my new 2500k, something that is capable of OCing. budget: 150$ max!! TA :nutkick:
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    Cpu+Mbo help/dilemma (finishing build)

    Hello! First of all i've been a long time notebook user (collegue :() so i decided to build/finish off my multimed pc for everyday use. Pc will be mostly used for watching movies, some light photoshop, web dev, surfing, music and some light gaming, titles like LoL, WoW, Diablo3, GW2 and...