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    Caribbean Island Bans Electronics On Beach

    YEA DUDE!! That's a funny FN thing to do to a girl if she's being a B at the dinner table. Besides alcohol kills germs anyway. She just flipped because every guy she's ever known, would succumb to her cuntiness for sex. Get an asian GF as they don't cause unnecessary shite.
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    Sony to Release White PS2 for Christmas

    I PS2 w/dualshock is better than the wii, and it doesn't have motion sensing.
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    Announcing Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Beta

    Bf2141 doesn't recognize X-Fi in Vista. BF2142 is the buggiest game I've ever played (but really fun). Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, on the other hand, does recognize 5.1. As for all the dimwitted libs on the fuck MS bandwagon in here, you're all complaining because your heard from some guy who...
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    California to Ban Cell Phones/Laptops/Mobile Devices on Road

    Mexico exports more illegal immigrants per year than america does.
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    California to Ban Cell Phones/Laptops/Mobile Devices on Road

    If they ban laptops in cars, they're going to have to go back to old fashioned Radio Call-ins for police squad cars.
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    HP Virtus Revealed

    Looks cool, but cheap plastic doors on the front of computers don't tickle my fancy.
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    Sony to Release White PS2 for Christmas

    It seems like sony can't do anything original these days. They saw the success of guitar hero, and hoped to make a fortune of their own by releasing sing-star... the game that nobody wants. I should sell my slim white JP PS2 that I bought 2 years ago on eBay just before this Singstar...
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    Creative Unveils its Newest ZEN Player

    LoL, a Zune Ripoff. Enough with the 320x240 screens.... and enough with the non-widescreen screens..... For fucks sake, this is the future! According to the Movie, Back to the Future, we're supposed to have flying cars by 2015!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Warhawk Launches Exclusively for PS3

    Bought this game... It's kinda fun. It's a wannabe Battlefield2 with Sandbox-control schemed space ships. If you're a good pilot in bf2142, you'll hate this game. I didn't know a Metal Gear has been released for the PS3 yet. If you're referring to Metal Gear 3 on the PS2, how dare you...
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    One in Six US Laptops Sold by Apple

    Dippy, your spyware and adware defense is getting a bit outdated. I don't know anybody who has spyware/adware problems. not even my grandparents. That's just old-school mac commercial PC slander. Besides, I'd never buy a laptop with only 1 mouse button ;) You can go ahead and have fun...
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    New Jersey Teenager Trades Unlocked iPhone for Nissan Sports Car

    That's funny, a Nissan 350Z is worth like $400.
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    Halo 3 Gone Gold

    World Wide Release!!! Cool! Square Enix should take a hint... :( When they release Final Fantasy XI (an MMO) they let the japanese lvl up their characters for 1 year, then they released it to America, sticking us in the same servers as the Japanese. Really irritating - especiall when you have...
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    Announcing Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Beta

    No, it won't be the new XP until all of the liberals in here buy new PCs and actually TRY the OS, rather than just slamming it based on what they see in mac commercials.
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    Gabe Newell: Vista-Exclusive DirectX 10 is 'A Terrible Mistake'

    Chillax dude, it's not like he was callin you fat. Besides, I'm getting pretty pissed at Valve right now because I remember when they said that with episodic content, they'd be able to release episoded every 1 to 2 months...... assholes. It takes 1-year intervals for them to release 3 hour...
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    Sony Offers Up a Rival for the iMac

    lol - nice try, sony.
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    Kinc and Shamino Break the 3D Mark 2006 World Record - Score 27,039 Points

    These cards are DX10 cards. They have only been benched thus far on DX9.
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    Alienware Equips Desktops with 4X Blu-Ray Burners

    I bet that the reason Dell uses Blu-Ray exclusively is that Sony gave them a good deal on batteries for doing so...
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    2K Games Responds to BioShock SecuROM/PC Activation Controversy

    LoL. They tried to copy Steam but make it more profitable by making it a pain in the ass to use forcing people to buy multiple copies. You should just buy the game directly from steam. I was going to buy this game - until I read that the widescreen version is crops the field of view rather...
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    Dell Laptop Explodes 'Like Fireworks'

    LoL @ Sony's batteries.
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    Manhunt 2 Revised for Release in US

    There's the Xbox360. I really doubt this game will sell at all now. There are 100 world-class games coming out in the next six months. The only thing that made this game stand out was the fact it was AO. So many 360 owners would have supported this game if they didn't sell their souls to...
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    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Video Previews

    When comparing PS3 to PC versions being 'Identical' do they mean the PS3 will be able to get this game @ 1080p 60FPS? I higly doubt it will be over 30 - - - or over 720P for that matter.
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    Manhunt 2 Revised for Release in US

    Fuck this, I'll not buy it now. I was going to buy it strictly for the reason that someone had the balls enough to release an AO rated game.
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    PS3 Dual Shock 3 First Look

    I don't think this news is worth praising Sony over. They should have included rumble from the beginning. I wish someone would take these controllers to the next level and add force feedback analogue sticks. That would be cool. Prob need a hefty battery tho.
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    Unreal Tournament 3 + AGEIA PhysX Sneak Peek

    Will Ageia just stop with their lame physX card already? We don't need it or want it. Edit: I just saw the video.... It's nothing that Half-Life2 Ep:2 or Crysis can't do without the card anyway.
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    Microsoft Recalls Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel

    I wonder how good this wheel is. I hope the force feedback is good. I bought a Microsoft Joystick for my PC a long time ago - the thing was bad ass!