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  1. Blackwolf 41

    [Case Gallery] Ark

    Really Nice like all the others, was there a work log . Really nice Build
  2. Blackwolf 41

    [Case Gallery] Project 19 rev2

    Well its not to late , atleast you know how it turns out. How much of a Pain was it to do the Window in the side panel
  3. Blackwolf 41

    [Case Gallery] Project 19 rev2

    Nice Case and I see allot of Modding done on it , was there a Work Log on this case for me to Check out.
  4. Blackwolf 41

    [Case Gallery] Citrus

    Hey I just checked out youre work logs at Bit-tech and Over Clock dont know how I missed them the First Time. How were the Temps on the CPU and GPU if I can ask.I have been thinking about doing something like that in a Future Build . Really Nice Build, Nice concept Great Job...
  5. Blackwolf 41

    [Case Gallery] Antec 1200 Facelift

    Thanks for the reply snOOk , The Antec 1200 are Really Nice Cases other than the Window being Scratch and one bad Fan I have had no Problems with it. Thanks for the Reply snOOk
  6. Blackwolf 41

    [Case Gallery] Antec 1200 Facelift

    I just want to pop in and say Thank You to everyone here, for Taking the time to post there replys and visiting my Work log. http://www.iba-gaming.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=2043#2043 3000 views and still still going Thank You Thank You Thank You
  7. Blackwolf 41

    [Case Gallery] Excelsis 88

    Thats a Really Nice Build 10/10 from me.
  8. Blackwolf 41

    [Case Gallery] Antec 1200 Facelift

    Thank You Excelsis 88
  9. Blackwolf 41

    [Case Gallery] Project Crimson

    Thats What I was Afraid of, Now I Have to Change my Vote to a 20/10 for just having the Best of the Best. I was Really Hopeing that you might of found a Good Quality Sleeving here in the States, because thats hard to come by. A Few more Questions and I well Leave you alone. Was It worth it...
  10. Blackwolf 41

    [Case Gallery] Project Crimson

    Spidernose who did you Purchase the Sleeving From
  11. Blackwolf 41

    [Case Gallery] Project Crimson

    Really Nice Job Spidernose,The Cable Sleeving Looks Great . Who did you get the Sleeving From if you dont mind me asking. Good Sleeving is hard to find if you know what I mean. 10/10 from me
  12. Blackwolf 41

    [Case Gallery] Xigmatek white knight

    Nice and Clean, I give it a 9/10 just for the time you spent on the Cable Management . It's not always about whats Running the System, but how you present it. This is a Nice Build and you should be Very Proud of it alone with the other two Builds. Very Nice
  13. Blackwolf 41

    [Case Gallery] Antec 1200 Facelift

    Hello Everybody Here are Work logs of Three of my Builds http://www.iba-gaming.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=259 and theres also this one http://www.iba-gaming.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=234 and this one...
  14. Blackwolf 41

    [Case Gallery] Antec 1200 Facelift

    Thanks for the replys, and youre case is Really Nice pentastar111
  15. Blackwolf 41

    [Case Gallery] White Cosmos RC-1000

    Very nice case
  16. Blackwolf 41

    [Case Gallery] BLACK MAMBA REVISED!!

    Thats a Nice Case. I had the chance to Build a Nzxt case a while back for My Son in Law and Love it. I like the Window Mod you did, How hard was it to do that?. Heres a link to My Nzxt Build if you want to check it out http://www.iba-gaming.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=234
  17. Blackwolf 41

    [Case Gallery] Antec 1200 Facelift

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Antec 1200 case Antec 850 Power Supply ZEROtherm Nirvana CPU Cooler Asus Crosshair III AMD Phenom 955 Black Corsair XMS3 4gigs 1600 5 Enermax APOLLISH Fans 1 5770 ATI Radeon Graphics Card Mods: The side panel was Modded, added a Coat of...