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  1. X71200

    is this pc build good?

    The thing I don't like about my 750D is the fact that it doesn't have side fan openings, which doesn't matter to me since the entire case is stripped on my end, but anyway, that is my gripe with it. It does look a bit bland but it has a clean look to it. That said, it indeed is a good case but...
  2. X71200

    Can i pair a asus GeForce gtx 970 with a bit older power supply: "LC-Power LC600H-12 600Watt"

    That is a crap looking PSU. Look into buying a new PSU and don't run that card with that unit, I'd suggest a HX750i which would settle you down for years to come.
  3. X71200

    Using 770 Lightning as Physx... Any other benefit?

    The amount of the games that will use the 770 for PhysX is so low that it's not even worth considering to put it in use unless you're absolutely playing those games, because of the extra inefficiency the 770 will be adding. I stopped using GPU's as PhysX cards because of that a long time ago...
  4. X71200

    My x99 build

  5. X71200

    My x99 build

    You don't need 1300W for a pair of 290's in any way, shape or form. You can get an HX750i and it'd easily run it. I'd opt for an Asus board for the board. You can get an MX100 but keep in mind that 850 Pro is a better SSD.
  6. X71200

    A budget for a friend.

    You clearly don't know how to come off, so I think you should take your own advice. The older, lower end FX CPU's are barely better than the old Phenom's, in fact they're worse in some areas. Your Ford analogy is silly BTW. I'm just trying to point out AMD's slowness. The point here isn't...
  7. X71200

    A budget for a friend.

    I'm not talking about heavy gaming performance, right in Windows the Phenom gets way higher CPU usage and you can clearly feel it's slowness.
  8. X71200

    A budget for a friend.

    Stay away from AMD. I built a machine for my dad using a Phenom 2 940 and it's slow as fuck compared to my i7 2700K. Go with an Asus board and you can even get a Pentium and overclock, I'd just stay away from AMD.
  9. X71200

    Monitor Help.

    I've seen a PB278Q in motion playing a video in a store, and it looked better while doing it than my old U2713H, which is an H-IPS. So I do believe PLS pulls moving frames better than H-IPS does. However keep in mind that the Nixeus might have better color reproduction. You're welcome.
  10. X71200

    Beware of 4k misleading advertising and SLI "Resolved"

    Well then you don't know what you're talking about. Who said the TV was the issue? You don't get it, do you? His point is, you're making it sound like SLI does NOT work with 4K which it does, but ONLY using Displayport and NOT HDMI. And, it was said in the thread that the support WILL be...
  11. X71200

    Monitor Help.

    I might or might not have seen that before. That panel is an H-IPS like the Dell Ultrasharp panels, meaning having a wide color gamut. However it likely won't overclock well. If you're looking to OC, or if you're looking for something with a better name, I'd opt for the Asus which is a PLS, so...
  12. X71200

    Monitor Help.

    The Qnix is the best deal right now, as it's one of the cheapest 27' IPS and can overclock pretty well. But if you're scared about warranty, then you can always go with something else like this http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009C3M7H0/?tag=tec06d-20
  13. X71200

    Corsair RM Series 1000 W

    The rest are Taiwanese of alright quality caps. Just because not jap doesn't mean junk.
  14. X71200

    Beware of 4k misleading advertising and SLI "Resolved"

    Rather than "false advertising", this is more like a limitation/failure on nV's side on a specific situation. Trying to get 4K in SLI using HDMI is what is your problem, even though it is HDMI 2.0. If it was me, I would have bought the Panasonic 4K with the Displayport, which is a better TV...
  15. X71200

    2 290x, add a 2nd 780/780ti or wait for 880

    Yeah, because in this case, it's really smart to spend hundreds of $ on something that will be old in a very short time.
  16. X71200

    Phenom M, SLI 670 and suggested PSU

    Don't spend money on that card. Sure, it'll perform well when it scales well in a game like Just Cause 2 (which is what I remember from my 680's performing well), but when you put it through it's paces in something like 3DMark against a more modern card like a 290 or 780, you'll see it...
  17. X71200

    Huntkey X7 1000 Delivers Silent and Steady Power with Bronze Efficiency

    They have a Platinum unit.
  18. X71200

    A few questions about multi-gpu setups.

    Yes, it's called SLI AA. One card gets dedicated to running AA only while the other renders the scene. You need SLI in order to do it.
  19. X71200

    1st Time PC Build Rev 3

    Don't replace the Z-97A for a Gaming 5. It's an excellent board as is. You can read it's [H] review. I'd get a better case than the 922, as I have it and don't like it. Also, yes, get a K series CPU. You can get a Rosewill Fortress 650 for the PSU which is more efficient and better. As for...
  20. X71200

    AMD and Creative Assembly to Deliver the Ultimate Alien: Isolation Experience

    I doubt this game will be good since AVP sucked hard and seeing from the trailer that was released a while ago it seemed slow paced.
  21. X71200

    GTX 780 SLI vs GTX 880(Ti)?

    Your specs mention that you have a 680 and not a 780, even if you do, I still wouldn't suggest paying $345 for an almost past gen card. Wait for the 880.
  22. X71200

    2 290x, add a 2nd 780/780ti or wait for 880

    It's not all about the temps since you're true water cooling, it's about the block quality. Aquacomputer makes better blocks than Swiftech.
  23. X71200

    2 290x, add a 2nd 780/780ti or wait for 880

    Wait for the 880, single GPU, more efficient, faster and more modern per card. Also, forget about the Hydro Copper BS/EK blocks. Get a ref card and Aquacomputer block it yourself.
  24. X71200

    The ROG Swift is here in the USA!

    Yeah, because expensive certainly means great and Apple certainly makes excellent products.