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  1. Katanai

    Cherry Targets Office Users with Their New Ergonomic MW 4500 Wireless Mouse

    Yeah, uhm, no, just no...
  2. Katanai

    HP Laptops Shipped with Hidden Keylogger

    I just don't understand how people can take this shit nowadays. If half the stuff that happens today happened in the 90's there would be freaking riots over this. Today it's just like: yeah let's bend over and take it...
  3. Katanai

    The Soul Still Burns - SOULCALIBUR VI Hits PC and Consoles in 2018

    Yes! Tekken 7, now this! Now we have Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tekken, Soul Calibur on PC! I love fighting games so this is great news for me...
  4. Katanai

    Corsair Glaive RGB

    I have yet to see a Corsair mouse that doesn't look horrible. This one could have been decent but omg what's up with those side buttons? It's like they designed a pit there for all the crud in the world to gather. It's a really bad design, they recessed the buttons in that pit so that you have...
  5. Katanai

    TechPowerUp and ADATA XPG Announce the EMIX Giveaway

    There is only one true God of RNG! I really need a good pair of Headphones right now as my Microsoft LX-3000 are falling apart. Please RNGesus, make this a really good Christmas for me!
  6. Katanai

    Atari Team Teases Us with Photos of Upcoming Ataribox Controller

    omg they did it! :D Last time there was news on this, there were no controllers pictured, only the console and I joked that they were just gonna change the Atari classic controller to USB. Well, by the looks of things they went beyond that and made it wireless. I don't know why it's getting all...
  7. Katanai

    Razer Lifts the Curtain on New Wolverine Tournament Edition Gaming Controller

    DS4? You mean PS4? I don't need a touchpad on my controller, I also don't like that it's bigger and heavier. I'm used to the classic PS1/2/3 controllers, I have played thousands of hours of Tekken on them...
  8. Katanai

    Razer Lifts the Curtain on New Wolverine Tournament Edition Gaming Controller

    I dunno, I need it mainly for Tekken 7. I'm used to playing Tekken on a PS Dpad, not anything else. I thought about getting this because I could also use it as my main controller but it's way too expensive. I think I'll just get a PS3 controller for Tekken instead...
  9. Katanai

    Razer Lifts the Curtain on New Wolverine Tournament Edition Gaming Controller

    After giving away the last Razer mouse I've spent like 6 hours repairing I swore to never buy a Razer product again. But damn, they are on fire lately. An Xbox controller with a Playstation Dpad? Gimme! I'm only worried about those "mechanical" buttons, I know I'm gonna have to repair those. If...
  10. Katanai

    MINIX Creator Andrew Tanenbaum Sends Open Letter to Intel Over MINIX Drama

    Well, no one answered my question so I had to do some more research and this seems to be the answer to that: "ME is present on all Intel desktop, mobile (laptop), and server systems since mid 2006."
  11. Katanai

    MINIX Creator Andrew Tanenbaum Sends Open Letter to Intel Over MINIX Drama

    Serious question: Does anyone know what specific models have this "feature"? I'm not asking only about processors that are out now but since when has this started? It seems that even some of the Core2Duo processors had some form of Intel vPro features. Was this processor present in these CPU's...
  12. Katanai

    Audio-Technica Introduces the Limited-Edition ATH-M50xRD Headphone

    You don't know what you are talking about here. These headphones are an industry standard. They have been produced exactly like this for more than ten years. The only way to release a limited edition is to change the color. With that being said, they look kinda awful in red...
  13. Katanai

    BenQ Announces the ZOWIE XL2536 Monitor with DyAc

    OSD crosshair lol that's cheating. You need an A4tech burst mouse to go with this one. :D
  14. Katanai

    Cherry Announces the Gentix Silent Mouse

    I find it funny that the makers of some of the loudest keyboard switches known to man are now working to implement silent switches in other devices. :D Still, this could be a good thing, I hope they start making some high quality switches to compete with Omron in the future. I don't want to...
  15. Katanai

    Ataribox Hits Stores Next Spring for Under $300 with AMD Radeon Graphics & Linux

    Where are the controllers? If they make ones like these on USB, I will laugh so hard...
  16. Katanai

    Web Mining, Part Two: Adblock Plus Now Blocks Web Mining Efforts a la TPB

    You are both wrong. :D If you do what you say right there you actually block that coin-hive.com URL and nothing else. If you want to make it work do as it says in the article but use this URL instead: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hoshsadiq/adblock-nocoin-list/master/nocoin.txt Or better...
  17. Katanai

    SoftBank Strikes Again: Purchases Robot Company Extraordinaire Boston Dynamics

    Skynet? This looks more and more like Stepfather Bank to me. :D "The year is 2110, and the Bank owns everything. It's called simply The Bank because its full name is six hundred and sixty-six words long. It began as a secret merger of Alphabet, Disney, China National Petroleum, Deutsche Bank...
  18. Katanai

    Microsoft Officially Announces the Windows 10 "China Government" Edition

    Buehehe! I thought you were going somewhere else with this...
  19. Katanai

    New Details On Intel's Upcoming 10-core Skylake-X i9 7900X Surface

    Now the big guns come out!
  20. Katanai

    Microsoft Posts Guide to Windows 10 Creators Update Gaming Features

    Hahaha! That doesn't do what you think it does. That's putting the antivirus in game mode, not your system. Always leave it on, it just means it won't show you any stupid pop up messages when you are full screen and the anti virus will not be running any scans when you are gaming. That's all...