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    NVIDIA Asks Card Makers to Reduce Manufacturing Costs of 8800 GT Cards

    As soon ATI begin to take some share of the market...Nvidia start to "lower" the prices...So if we "help" ATI , buiyng theyre stuff , means the final consumer benefits from that...Let´s contribute for restarting the "war" bettwin them and all will win...:toast:
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    black screen after playing games for a while (Radeon X1950Pro)

    Speedy a clean may be good too.Check for dust in the cooler,maybe is preventing the circulation of the air....remove it from board and clean it well.
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    Girl Friend Says its big

    LoL...Mine is dark black with 2 shinning black apendices full of data...
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    How to get ATI drivers installed on Ubuntu?

    Hi...So far , there´s problems with ATi Cards running Linux , cause they don´t care much about doing drivers for Linux.But since you have a new VGA , there willl be to put some work , searching , for a possible resolution...and that´s what Linux is about..."digg about it and you´ll find the...
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    Happy Birthday W1zzard

    Happy Birthday SAGITARIUM WIZ...and many Thanks for beeing you.:toast:
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    Watercooling set up?

    Hi...i builted my WC system , buying it on single parts and i believe you can do the same and save some money...look for that pieces in a good WC stuff selling house...easy to built and maybe not so expensive as that kit...you try it and check prices.
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    Nintendo, Microsoft and Philips Fail to Show Any Environmental Credentials

    Hi...Analysing the board all i wish to say is that Americans is the most important country that stays out of the KYOTO protocol , that is intending to reduce fossil dependance as primary action to help enviroment , but soon they´l realyse the mistake they,re doing because it´s economy will soon...
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    [F/S]Core 2 Duo E6700

    Hi...were is it standing for shipping matters.Fotos real bad for quality verification.
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    comments on the Super PI mod 1.5 thread.

    Hi all. I´ve run it , SPi 1.5 Xs , on my B3 Q6600 with TASK MANAGER (windows xp) open and only saw 2 cores working...meanwile got 1M factor at +/- 16.000. Believe that on Q6600 , SPi 1.5 Xs , dont take full advantage from all 4 cores.
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    Independent Artists Benefit From 'Piracy'

    Amoral , is the hudge amont of money and the lifeStyle of those who benefits from the legal sell of a product ... wile there´s so many poor people in the wordl...Long live those ROBIN WOOD...;)
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    Vista64 or XP64?

    W XP 64 bits Hi Dudes...Man i´ve trying to get a 90 days copy of XP64bits and till now , nothing , no copy no answer from M$.Is there another way to get it ? Evaluation copy or else...Just wanna teste it before buying.THX.
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    I can't get a decent overclock on my Q6600..Help!

    yeah,B3 sucks...we should be able to get refund from intel or get a G0...there´s a huge diference bettwen.Lets all make noise at Intel door..."we want G0...we want G0"...maybe theyll trade it. I can go till 3,10 but i think Mem´s are cutting me...i run it stable but can´t run PI 1.5Xs more than...
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    Would like help overclocking my Q6600

    Hi...Thanks for showing yours Bench...regard to them i´ve never tryed so higher CPU Volt.Really awsome the 1.7xx Volts you show.I´ll try it with larger power set ( so far 1.4 V). However i manage to run Orthos for 4. 30 hours ( the ORTHOS Beta Jonhy Lee version ) and it only worked with 2 cores...
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    Would like help overclocking my Q6600

    Hi...I too cant go over 3,06 Ghz and get stabillity , no way and tryed a lot diferent config´s.Working Watercoolled , but temperatures aren´t problem.I´m believing MeM´s are the problem , but ???.Manage to BOOT Bios and XP at 3,36 Ghz but it goes off past some minutes and i can´t run PI test as...
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    Worst game you've played lately

    Tiger woods 08...The game is nit,and accurate as u play...but it´s functionality is like the 2000 years game...long times loading bettwin levels,some times u choose clubs and they dont act as expected,online sukcs as if u dont have "money" you cant play and the way to get "money" is only when...
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    [WTB] X1800XT 512 Master Crossfire.

    Hi thx for replay...I´m aware of that but since theyre kind of "hold" but powerfull , i was hopping that someone with one , and upgrading , would sell it for a reasonably low price...let´s say about 80/90 € shipped.
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    [WTB] X1800XT 512 Master Crossfire.

    Hi...i´m searching for a X1800XT 512 Master Crossfire for coupling with a X1800Xt 512 Slave.I will be needing cables too.Thank you.
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    WTF ! What Happened to my Pump :(

    there´s a easy way to repair that is about , what? , $30 ?...buy a new proper one and keep going on the best coller way there´s on low price...Even proper pumps have a lifetime functionality...that´s quite the same like us...you work tíll some day , and sudenly your death.The sorriest part is...
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    Radeon X1800 Voltmods

    Ok...i will,but in few sec´s i´ve allready got a answer...Thanks.
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    Radeon X1800 Voltmods

    HI there...sorry for the off-tópic but i´d love to get a X1800XT 512 Master Crossfire card...does anyone know something about one ? Contact me please, aprecciated that.
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    Diamond xDNA Allows CrossFire on Any Chipset With Any Cards

    Everybody is missing the point i believe...they talk about doing it WITH DIAMOND CARDS...so it may be the "beginning" for the other´s cards but for now , one have to buy Diamond cards to do so...what´s the point , getting Diamond instead other´s ???.
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    Super Pi 1m scores

    Hi All...@pt...mate can i join you at some Portuguese fórun about OCing a P5W DH with Q6600 B3 ? Cause i don´t seems to achieve more than 3.06Ghz , WaterCoolled and GSkill 6400.
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    Would you switch to linux if...

    It´s a question of time. Hi...i´m not a IT worker. I´m just someone that enjoy the wordl of IT...And been "playing" a little with UBUNTU.Let me say that as soon the major products house´s start to pay a bit more attention to LINUX and it will get a boost...because there´s a lot of people...
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    when is ati gonna give us new drivers for x1950 agp?

    It´s good choice to uninstall vga drivers completly.To do that the best is to install DRIVER CLEANER PRO (DCleaner), then prompt with F8 key to go to secure mod and follow the procedure with DCleaner to completly remove Driver from SP2 cache and then from ATI folder.Only then the Drivers are...
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    Super Pi 1m scores

    Ok thats done and i,m up to 2,25 (gulp) and now seems to be ok...but i´ve lowered core to 3000Ghz and 834 Mhz on mem...runing smooth and steady but i missed the point of reaching higher core speed...seem´s that i toped core max at 3019 Ghz for now...later i´ll try again. Many thanks for your...