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  1. overclocking101

    random popups on every website

    so in the past week or so on both my computers (which are connected via sharing) suddenly get crazy pop ups no matter which website I go to. it even happens here so I know it must be a virus or malware. I'm thinking my kids must have clicked something somewhere. but defender doesn't pick...
  2. overclocking101

    new amd motherboard suggestions

    so my wife wants to try overclocking. I build her a setup with parts I have laying around with an amd phenom 2 X4 910 and a mainboard that I had but it doesn't support overclocking at all. So I am thinking seeing as she just wants to try it out ill get her a board that works with that cpu and...
  3. overclocking101

    pc speaker all sudden starts going off

    I feel like a noob here but here is what is going on. All the sudden last night the post speaker just started a straight beep last night I restarted sound was gone. today it just randomly happened and this time restart did nothing as soon as the power came back on the noise started. so I checked...
  4. overclocking101

    My New Doghouse

    So I decided to do a full rebuild this year much to the chagrin of my wife. she finally agreed if it would keep me happy for the next year or so it's worth it. so here is the system: I5-6600k 1151 cpu Gigabyte z170x G1 gaming 6 1151 8GB Gskill ripjaw DDR4 2400MHZ Sappire R9 380x 4GB Evga 1000w...
  5. overclocking101

    how to properly reset the cmos z170x gaming 6

    hey i was overclocking and if i use the % performance increase it is fine but the minute i try to manually oc (turn off turbo etc) it hangs. and the first 2 times it would cycle a few times then post will now it just hangs with b7 debug code which is nvram reconfigure meaning reset the cmos. so...
  6. overclocking101

    help me decide please

    Hi, so I'm finally after reading reviews etc going to pull the trigger on a new gpu. i recently went from 875k 1156 setup to i56600k and am absolutely impressed. this setup performs much better all around. all that's left is a new graphics card. now a bit of history I switched to nvidia years...
  7. overclocking101

    is there a skylake oc thread somewhere

    I have been looking for a couple hours on here and cant find one just wannaget some tips and pointers and it is different from my 875k if not ill edit and repost but i figured someone that hasnt been absent for almost a year may know where it is. thanks
  8. overclocking101

    cant install windows 8 on my cruciall ssd drive

    just got an 1151 setup hooked everything up but when i tried toinstall windows 8 onto my ssd that has windows7 installed it said incorrect file type eufi cant install onto selected disk wtf? im new to this my last setup was 1156 Edit: windows7 is still working but limited wont install updates or...
  9. overclocking101

    1151 cooling question

    i have an 1156 setup and am getting the new 1151 will my xspc raystorm fit? are the mounting holes for the cooler different?
  10. overclocking101

    upgrade to 1150

    been waiting a while to jump off my i7875k. been thinking the devils canyon i5 and a gigabyte z97 would it be worth it? or will i downgrade going i7 to i5 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128714 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819117372 or is the...
  11. overclocking101

    laptop spacebar making 64 need help

    my step son has a toshiba laptop. its not all that old. his keyboard started messing up. the spacebar when pressed in notpad/search etc it make the number 64. backspace gives a date stamp. the number 4 sometimes does 4 and sometimes does 64. im thinking he somehow pressed the wrong key and it...
  12. overclocking101

    is my crucial m500 not running right

    just got a crucial m500 120gb ssd. i have it in the sata6g port on my gigabyte ga-p55-ud4p and to me it seems quite slow no fater then my mechanical drive was getting. at least feel wise and boot times etc. heres a ss of hdtune. let me know if you need anymore info. everything is at stock...
  13. overclocking101

    psu connector question

    so I was switching my setup to my new case and while plugging in the 24 pin connector I noticed the +3.3v wire was broken from the connector. everything seems to run the same with it broken as before. uploaded a pic to show which wire it is. what is it used for and can I simply cap the wire and...
  14. overclocking101

    team vulcan 2133mhz woes

    so I got these from newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820313417 great looking and the specs are not bad. BUT I cant get them to post at rated speeds. I tried xpm no post, then tried manually puting the timings in and voltage but it wont post. in fact anything over...
  15. overclocking101

    haswell i5 better then lynnfield i7?

    I have a i7-875k would it be worth it performance wise to get a haswell i5? haswell i7 is out of my price range to far. I dont want to bother now if it will hinder my performance
  16. overclocking101

    advice on cheap but good fans

    need some 120mm fans. since my last tune up 2 fans have burnt out bearings. I used to use either yate loon high cfm's or scythe slipstream 110cfm's. I have a black ice extreme 2X120mm rad and I need fans in push and pull to get optimal cooling out of my setup. suggestions appreciated have been...
  17. overclocking101

    win 7 32bit hangs when I add a 2nd hdd

    makes no sense never had this happen. got 3 different spare drives and for some reason no matter which one I add or all 3 of them it loads windows then I restart after windows installs the drivers. then when I restart it hangs on load every time and i cant load windows unless I unhook all other...
  18. overclocking101

    Worth it to upgrade to win 8??

    so as the tittle says, I have Win 7 ultimate X64 is it worth it to upgrade to windows 8 X64? I can get it cheap like $20 bucks cheap but is it worth the hassle of re doing most things? does the "keep files and folders" thing actually work without bloating the o/s to crap?
  19. overclocking101

    which board would you pick??

    im getting a Z68 board and its down to 1: asus maximus iv extreme 2: asus P7z68 deluxe gen 3 with pcie 3.0?? 3: GIGABYTE GA-Z68XP-UD4 4: MSI Z68A-GD80 (B3) 4: other and why??
  20. overclocking101

    need some suggestions

  21. overclocking101

    unrecoverable error @0x466309 in gpu-z???

    why am I getting this error???? on a radeon 4350 phenom 2 910 stock. 4gb mushkin ram, generic board
  22. overclocking101

    Question about phenom 2 X4 910

    ok so I havent ran amd since athlon days and got this for free. im a little confused though on coretemp is say it's tjmax is 70c?? and on stock cooler it only runs 19c?? this cant b right can it?? it is at stock cuz the board I was given doesnt oc.
  23. overclocking101

    INTEL going to release more cpu's for the 1155 socket??

    theres rumor that intel will release another 1155 cpu lineup. does anybody know if there is any truth to this?? I'm planning an upgrade for next month (I love tax time!) and I really dont want to nab an 1155 setup just to have to upgrade next year like I did with 1156. I would like a setup where...
  24. overclocking101

    [FS/FT] venomous-x with 775/1156/1366 kit

    so yeah I have a venomous-x comes with 4 fan clips (the wire style), the socket retention/backplate the tool and the cooler. I may have the box MAYBE. if an amd user is interested i can search around and might be able to find the amd unit for it but at this point im unsure. $50 shipped the...
  25. overclocking101

    [FS] HD5770,2X2GB Patriot DDR3 1866, asus 1156 motherboard

    ok so first thing is first Payment: paypal all prices are shipped unless stated otherwise Heatware: overclocking-101 item 1: Patriot Viper Extreme enhanced latency kit, 2X2GB DDR3 1866MHZ 9-11-9-27 $50 shipped item 2: Asus P7H55M-Pro 1156 socket. good performing board and had no problems...