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  1. itsakjt

    Phone flash memory failing?

    Hi everyone, This is regarding my ASUS ZenFone 2 ZE551ML (1.8 GHz CPU, 4 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM). A few days ago, after 1 year and 11 months of excellent service, suddenly I saw that some of the apps (Play Music, ASUS MiniMovie) were corrupted. But a simple uninstall and reinstall fixed them. Later...
  2. itsakjt

    Occasional BSOD while shut down (Windows 10)

    Hi everyone, I am having a little but concerning problem. Occasionally while shutting down the system after some time of use, I get a BSOD. The error is REFERENCE_BY_POINTER. The BSOD happens after I press shut down from the start menu and it goes to the "Shutting down" screen with the...
  3. itsakjt

    Intermittent "single" USB port issue

    Hi everyone, I am having a minor issue in my PC. The specs are as listed on system specs here. The chassis (Corsair Carbide 100R) has 2 USB 3.0 ports on the front panel which is connected to an USB 3.0 header on the motherboard. I find that the 2nd port on the front panel (the one to the...
  4. itsakjt

    Which graphics card to get? [System specs on profile]

    Hello everyone, I am planning to buy a new graphics card in May or June. Right now, I am using the Sapphire R9 270X VaporX OC edition. I have recently upgraded my system (motherboard, RAMs and SSDs I got as prizes), bought the CPU and chassis. Rest everything was taken from my old build. I...
  5. itsakjt

    KabyLake settings for memory

    Hi all, I have the system as on system specs. The DDR4 memory kit is rated at XMP 2666 MHz CL 15. When I apply the XMP profile, I have seen that the motherboard automatically sets the system agent voltage to 1.232V. Is it safe to use it like that 24/7? Max CPU temp at present settings is 64...
  6. itsakjt

    Smartphone SoC cooling (ASUS ZenFone 2 - ZE551ML)

    So I recently took apart my ASUS ZenFone 2 (4 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM, 1.8 GHz Intel Atom Z3560) to take a look inside. The internal build quality is very good. But the cooling system is like: There is copper tape covering a thin aluminum plate which is placed on top of the SoC area for shielding. The...
  7. itsakjt

    Corsair GS 700 PSU failure

    A few days back, I switched on my computer (perfectly fine even 8 hrs back) and found that it is shutting off after 1.5 seconds. Just the fans spinning for 1.5 seconds and then shuts down. After that, it was not starting at all until I unplugged the PSU, wait for the Standby LED to turn off and...
  8. itsakjt

    Kingston SSD firmware update issues

    Hello everyone, I am posting after a very long time related to a issue I am having with my SSD. I have a Kingston HyperX 3K 240 GB SSD (SH103S3240G) with firmware version 580ABBF0. I have seen that my drive performs slower than other same model drives in reviews etc with different firmware...
  9. itsakjt

    Recovering photos: Help appreciated.

    Due to a camera malfunction, some photos from the memory card were deleted. My friend and me were able to recover them with help of recovery software but some photos are grayed out(50%). The memory card was left intact and no new data was written in our knowledge. It is in the FAT file format...
  10. itsakjt

    Having problems overclocking Sapphire R9 270X

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased a Sapphire R9 270X Vapor-X 2 GB DDR5 OC WITH BOOST graphics card. The default clocks for the card are 1100 MHz for the core and 1450 MHz for the memory. The core overclocks good and I could easily achieve a stable 1175 MHz which is pretty good considering this...
  11. itsakjt

    Speakers or sound card problem or both? - Help appreciated

    Hi everyone, this thread is for a friend of mine. So he called me and told me that he was compiling his own mission and testing it in ArmA III like he does always when suddenly the sound was distorted and after sometime, would not come at all. He added that moving the 3.5 mm jack on the back...
  12. itsakjt

    Getting new graphics card, suggestions welcome

    Hi everyone, so I am finally getting a new graphics card. Budget is around Rupees 15000(250 USD approx). I am shortlisting the Sapphire R9 270X. I might have to stick to Sapphire as I have my 6770 in the service center and might talk with them and ask them whether I can pay the remaining and get...
  13. itsakjt

    Sapphire HD 6770 dead, RMA help appreciated.

    Hi everyone, A few days back, my 2.5 years old Sapphire HD 6770 died. I played BF4 for 1.5 hrs and sometime later got vertical lines on the screen while browsing the internet. Rebooted and no display. Rebooting again and again returned no display or blank display. After tons of reboots, I got to...
  14. itsakjt

    VRM cooling required or not on Asus M5A97 R2.0

    So I got a Cooler Master Seidon 120V today and successfully overclocked my Phenom II X4 980BE to 4.1 GHz apparently stable so far and the CPU temperatures are under control. I have an Asus M5A97 R2.0 motherboard. When I touch the VRM heatsink, it feels like 75 degree C while running prime 95 in...
  15. itsakjt

    RAMs need more voltage than before for stable overclock

    Hi everyone, I am having a problem with my system again. Since I purchased the RAMs on November 2013, I overclocked it to 1866 MHz 9-10-9-24 @ 1.6625V and it was stable. However, recently I have been having some instability issues which I was sure related to the memory. I cleaned the system...
  16. itsakjt

    Asus R9 270X Direct CUII TOP edition review

    1. Introduction: Hi everyone! This is a review of the Asus R9 270X DC2T 2GD5 graphics card. AMD has recently launched their Radeon R7 and R9 series of graphics cards. The R7 series is targeted for entry level to mainstream gamers whereas the R9 series focuses on the high end gamers. Here is a...
  17. itsakjt

    AMD HT link myth uncovered!

    So I have seen that many users having AMD systems ask whether increasing the HT Link frequency increases performance because they have not seen any and in fact most people haven't. All these days, we knew that HT link is related to the CPU-memory communication speed. But instead, it is the...
  18. itsakjt

    UPS issues with Corsair GS 700 2013 edition

    Hi everyone, I recently got a Corsair GS 700 2013 edition. I have an APC Back UPS ES 500 (500 VA UPS). I know its not sufficient but it should handle little loads without issues(precisely loads up to 300W as power factor = 60% here). But now whenever the power goes off, the system shuts down...
  19. itsakjt

    Occasionally unstable rig - Help appreciated

    Hi everyone, I have got the rig as on my system specs and am recently facing some freezing while playing games. 3 days back I was playing Thief. It was almost 1 hr when suddenly the speaker sounded like "ghach" and everything was frozen. Num lock stood still and I had to force a reset. Today I...
  20. itsakjt

    Vmem voltage Radeon HD 6770

    I want to volt mod my Sapphire Radeon HD 6770 graphics card. It has a copper base 2 heatpipe cooler. My current clocks are core at 970 MHz and memory at 1305 MHz. I want to increase the memory clock more. The picture of the back of the card is attached. Help is appreciated.
  21. itsakjt

    Suggestions for new GPU(upgrading)

    Hi everyone, I am planning to buy a new GPU as my present 6770 cannot play games like BF4 and ARMA III at decent frame rates. Average I get 30-35 FPS in BF4 but in resource hungry areas it drops to as low as 22-23 FPS. Settings at High to Ultra, no AA. Now to the point, I need a GPU to play all...
  22. itsakjt

    Caring about monitor screen

    Hi everyone, I recently got myself a Dell S2240M monitor. Refer this link: http://accessories.dell.com/sna/products/Gaming_Accessories/productdetail.aspx?c=ca&l=en&s=dhs&cs=cadhs1&sku=320-9803 My question is pretty apparent from the title. Since the screen is glossy, are there any techniques...
  23. itsakjt

    New RAM kit: Which one to get

    Hi everyone, I am getting a new 8 GB RAM kit(2*4 GB) to replace my current 2*2 GB value RAMs. The place where I live and in my budget, the Corsair Vengeance, G. Skill Ripjaws and Kingston Hyper X series are available all with 1600 MHz clock. So out of these, which one should I get? Please note I...
  24. itsakjt

    4 GB RAM - BF 4 stuttering a lot.

    Hi everyone, I have the configuration as stated on my specs. I am getting pretty decent FPS in BF 4 with my 6770 overclocked as in specs(35 FPS average on 1600*900 some high, some ultra but antialiasing off). But after playing for say 5-10 mins, the game stutters and lags like hell and I can see...
  25. itsakjt

    Anyone with Dell S2240L monitor and AMD Radeon GPU can help me.

    Anyone here with a Dell S2240L and a Radeon GPU with HDMI connection? Just need to ask a few things.