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    Diablo III Clubhouse

    still no pvp
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    Diablo III Clubhouse

    This exp should be free, only way I'd reinstall the game, the released version was such a letdown.
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    Mechanical keyboard came broken is it fixable?

    Would like to avoid the hassle of having to ship it back to newegg if its an easy fix, one of the keys came stuck down, when I removed the key found the housing was damaged, is this fixable, didn't want to fiddle around w/ it and void the warentee
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    ASUS Announces x86 11.6-inch VivoTab Windows 8 Tablet

    yay for x86 boo for no 1080p
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    More on the future irrelevance of the desktop PC industry...

    I wonder if there will be ocular implants or if tech will go straight to brain implants. Some kind of ocular implant to provide a hud along w/ an interface device, or implants in the hands would provide a rich interface w/o the need for direct brain implantation. Altho wouldn't be able to do...
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    Apple May Ditch Intel for CPUs in Macs, But It's Not Over to AMD

    yeah so apple is going to give up making machines people do real work on(I don't forsee arm being able to run video editing software at speeds comparable to x86 for a long time and thats one of the few feilds where mac still has a foothold) and focus soley on the people who want to play angry...
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    Microsoft Surface Now Available at Microsoft Retail Stores

    I wonder if the pro will be able to run starcraft II or skyrim, could use an e-sata port
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    Anime Nation

    i dunno the cgi boobs in the recent cgi starship troopers movie are pretty terrifying
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    Anime Nation

    yeah the cgi major was fugly, the rest of the movie looks good tho. Both the gits and akira blurays look amazing, you ever find someone trying to claim dvd is just as good as bluray for anime throw those or one of the eva blu's on.
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    Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 RT Priced, Starts at $499

    your right they took their ipod touch and made it bigger instead. I'll give apple alot more credit for the iphone then the ipad, The fact that they didn't add any functionality to the ios is dissapointing, it should have shipped w/ osx or a completly new os.
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    Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 RT Priced, Starts at $499

    I'll be interested when the pro debuts, altho w/ this pricing 1k for the pro seems likely and that might be more then I'll be willing to spend.
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    The $1 billion mission to reach the Earth's mantle

    seismic data along w/ studies of rocks at high pressures/temp gives us a clear enough view of the mantle especially the very top, the only real ineresting area is the core mantle boundry
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    Hardware they don't make but you'd want

    a monitor/m-itx case aka diy imac
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    Why I'm now an Apple fan...

    Besides final cut apple software has been pretty horrendous imo, their os' are almost as bad as the one one on my kindle fire(there desktop os' not just ios) Apple or should I say Steve Jobs was just very good at figuring out what for factors people like for their computers and capitalizing on it.
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    Diablo III Clubhouse

    yeah they gave core stats on 2handed weapons a huge buff, actually might see people using them now.
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    Diablo III Clubhouse

    Did my first act i run in forever, was better. was a bit dissapointed, was hoping my all the exp i had earned would count towards the paragon levels. already had a nice two hander and lvl 62 1 hander drop
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    Diablo III Clubhouse

    well blizz you've at least piqued my interest to give the game another shot once the new patch drops, don't F' it up. ANd get PvP out!
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    Xbox durango gets sold on ebay

    I wish they would slap a gtx 780 equivilant in there and ship a consul that isn't outdated on launch day
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    Half Life 3 anyone?

    I'm so ready for this consul port!
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    Gaming Monitor 1920X1200 vs 1920X1080

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    Diablo III Clubhouse

    will be interesting to see how the reg monsters are harder drop better loot works out
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    Acer CEO to Microsoft: ‘Think twice’ about Surface tablets

    I doubt Microsoft rushed into this without considering its impact on other oem manufacturers. Someone has to take a bite out of apple and I don't see acer stepping up to the plate, otherwise apple will continue to get contracts for all the best screen panels, batteries ect. leaving nothing but...
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    Diablo III Clubhouse

    Impossible, if someone farmed 24/7 since release its unlikely to have found a whole set.
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    Diablo III Clubhouse

    haven't played in about a week, when it gets updated if they increase the drop rate I'll try it again, it needs pvp bad tho and theres still no eta. I can stand the farming if theres some kind of not super grinding activity to use the gear on. I also think NV should only apply to the four...