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    IBM Research Announces New Advances in Device Performance for Quantum Computing

    lol nope; nothing can play 6000 metro 2033
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    Apple On Track for Trillion Dollar Valuation

    hmmm we sell Mobile Phones in Aussie and NZ, and we sell 60 to 1 in favout of the Galaxy S2 over the Iphone 4s, but we get 1:1 returns so the iphones 4S is shittier and returning more for stupid little things
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    Apple Faces Fines in China, Possible iPad Ban for Trademark Infringement

    that wont happen though because they are in for some serious money, but would be funny though, get the IPAD banned everywhere!
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    Micron CEO Steve Appleton Dies In Plane Crash

    The aircraft is safe when flown carefully and properly, when someone pushes the lancair outside its flight envelope, I know the wing produces a Stall codition of the wind and huigh speed NOT like a high speed stall, the term experimental means it was kit built, NOT all kit but aircraft are...
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    Micron CEO Steve Appleton Dies In Plane Crash

    hmmm I flew a Glasair 3 at an airshow in NZ last weekend, the lancair (which I dont own but have flown) and the glasair I own are tricky on takeoff and landing and an in experienced pilot could easily loose control, I know this sounds bad but I bet this is pilots error, a second of lapse on...
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    NVIDIA Engaged in PsyOps Against HD 7970: Chinese Forum

    what! Your joking right, EVERYONE knows this not just old members!
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    Lamptron Alerts Community Against Counterfeits

    the issue is, do they perform better than lamptron?
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    AMD A8-3870K Overclocked to 5.87 GHz CPU, 1.32 GHz GPU in Suicide-Run

    if AMD can get trinity worked out right then we might get a new performance king
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    HDD Vendors Want Long-Term Contracts with PC Makers

    and another follod would mean that they cant jack prices up again also haha
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    AMD Bulldozer Threading Hotfix Pulled

    m,y phenom II X4 kicks a 17-2600K rig in BF3 and thats all i play sop CPU means dick shit in games!
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    Firm Thinks More Factors Than HDD Shortage Behind Intel's Reduced Q4 Revenue Forecast

    In think btarunr has lost the plot, check GF production records for BD and they produced ALOT and i mean ALOT of BD chips, the Investment brokers dont know why Intel made a loss, but great to see AMD can make a crappy (speedwise) processor and make a profit, and intel cant haha
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    Apple Unable To Beat Competitors By Applying Lawsuits, Forced To Actually Compete

    you would be surpised at how many people think your comment is a joke, only its true foxconn had to put up suicide nets to stop peop,e killing them selves, so every apple product you buy you kill a chinaman, unlike 99% of peop,e here I have NEVER owned and apple product EVER, not an Apple 2e or...
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    Apple Suffers Setback in iPad Brand Name Dispute with Proview in Chinese Court

    ANYONE in the IT industry has heqrd of proview, its well known also that they owned the name IPAD also, they released papers proving it, Apple will loose this legal battle as Proview can prove they own IPAD since 2000. I hear apple fan boys about to cry :banghead:
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    AMD Bulldozer A Surprisingly Sell-Out Sales Success. Victims: Phenom II & Athlon II

    These BD kill Xeons in data mining!
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    Bulldozer Beats Politicians As The Biggest Fail

    A last someone with intelligence, BD will and does KILL Sb in data mining, for Centres that do data mining Sb is an expensive waste of slow money, BD kills everything in Data mining I know I run a Data mine at a majour bank and BD has hit its mark and this is where AMD will make a killing on BD...
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    Sandy Bridge-E Benchmarks Leaked: Disappointing Gaming Performance?

    lol amd vs Intel its funny everyones posiutive praise when intel releases early benchies and when AMD does it EVERYONE is critical, typical human population though, unintelligent
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    Is there a bottleneck?

    A spoinning HDD is always gonna be a bottleneck other than that nope
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    AMD OC Record Broken, Still Powered by AMD FX-8150

    HKMG wont inprove bulldozer performance, what they need to do is offer each core 12 MB or level 3 cache, also get the "modules" to split 64 but insdtructions and add a Clock cycle into the FPU, this would consume more power but SMOKE the Core i7 to hell and back
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    AMD OC Record Broken, Still Powered by AMD FX-8150

    hmmmm This is the reason why a core i7 will NEVER beat a FX8150 in an overclocking race
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    Bulldozer Aims For 50% Improvement By 2014: Is This Really Enough To Counter Intel?

    That doesn't make sense, Bulldozer is NOT a bad CPU its anew tech which is very hard to release, I think people had too much high hopes for it, if you didn't (like me) then its a good CPU, the price will drop and then they will sell but AMD will make a killing on these because thier channel...
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    Bulldozer Aims For 50% Improvement By 2014: Is This Really Enough To Counter Intel?

    2 things, why don't AMD add a massive amount like 20MB of level 3 cache and up the curre4nt Level 1 and 2 cache on their processors, sure decrease some overclock head room and increase a little TDP but it would add a SNOT load of performance, i think AMD is too stuck in the low power usage...
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    AMD Catalyst™ 11.10 Version 2 Preview Driver: BF3 Beta and Rage Improvements

    hmmmm its still stuffed wont go past the "loading ... operation metro" screen to freedom eclipse those driver CRASh my entire PC, atleast the beta drivers crash and I can use my PC afterwards so the earlier drivers are even more useless for me
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    AMD FX 8120 Listed on Ukrainian Store

    I work for a PC wholer in NZ, we have them in stock but cannot sell (or test them) before the release date
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    Those Pesky Battlefield 3 Bugs Are Getting Quashed

    hmmm I thinj rish mode is the gayest mode ever, remind anyone of useless CS?
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    Now, S3 Graphics Slaps Apple with Two Patent Infringement Charges

    The S3 patent has a 90$ likely hood of being successful :banghead: