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    Cloned HDD wont boot

    wew...whats software are u using? im using acronis disk director
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    SSD random freezing

    my old ssd team 32gb sata random freezing, and have long instalation and extracing time for all installer.... drive ssd still 30% from 32gb
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    Cloned HDD wont boot

    just set active partition on with any partition program or windwos disk management your new drive with os ,its work
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    [FS][EU] 2x gigabyte GTX580 Super overclock, boxxed etc

    660 sp near twice as 580 shader procesor, when max overclocked 660 better than 580
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    HeatPipe + watercool??

    seem its look more cool than standart pipe
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    HD 7770 or 6850?

    vote for 6850 with 1120sp than 7770 640sp
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    Pentium D 115ºC WTF?

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    Pentium D 115ºC WTF?

    @thread starter are u system hang up at 110degreeee? i have D805 overclocked to 4ghz just 57degree full load@gigabyte Gpower may be your sensor is get wrong