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    Outlook 2010 , exchange server issue

    Hi guys, Maybe someone here can help me. I have a thinkpad t410 laptop with Win 7 Professional on it. I had outlook 2010 installed without issue and was using it with exchange (2007?) with no issues. I just set up a spare tower with core 2 duo with 4 gb ram with server 2003 then utilized...
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    Weird issue with my internet...

    ok nvm then
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    Weird issue with my internet...

    do you have the blackberry desktop manager installed??? when i had it installed i couldnt get any networking stuff for 2-3 min. when i checked the event vwr one of the components stopped responding which slowed down my comp. i had to install it without media manager.
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    network slowing computer boot-up?

    yup, computer is as fast as it was when i first installed vista.
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    network slowing computer boot-up?

    i figured it out....wasnt the nic nor the cat5e cable. i had blackberry desktop manager installed with media manager and when i checked the system log, a portion of the roxio media manager was unresponsive at boot. uninstalled and reinstalled minus the media manager...didnt need that anyway.
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    network slowing computer boot-up?

    I dont have any programs running on start-up except eset nod32, and rivatuner. but My computer boots up fine, except it takes approx 3-5 min for the network to come up. I can run programs fine that dont require internet at all. but if i click internet explorer it comes to a blank page and after...
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    acer extensa 4630Z

    that was the thing i was afraid of. acer doesnt include any recovery discs just a recovery partition and i have a second partition i just planned to dual boot xp and vista.
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    acer extensa 4630Z

    I want to install windows xp on this laptop but everytime i start the cd i get a blue screen just as it finishes loading the drivers. 0x0000007b. i have tried slipstreaming some drivers onto the disc but to no gain. what am i missing? [SPECS] Intel Pentium Dual-Core T3200 2.0Ghz 2 Gb Ram...
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    Dell Laptop

    Okay, I just bought a "new" to me inspiron 8200 off of ebay. its working great so far and i love it. I want to upgrade the processor though, but i think that the mobo chipset is gunna restrict me. Here are the following specs: P4-M 1.8Ghz processor, socket 478 --400Mhz FSB with 512k cache*...
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    [Case Gallery] y2kServer NSC.

    how is it possible that a website is illegal?
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    Microsoft Windows XP Downgrade Program Extended by Another Six Months

    I think this is why Vista is not so popular. Microsoft kept promoting exp for what 3-4 yrs which gave everybody a chance to upgrade from 2000 to xp including all the government, schools, and other enterprises and have good amount of bugs gone. Now they screwed themselves with that and now they...
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    Ping issues

    it was connected straight to the router
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    Ping issues

    ohh im sorry, im playing battlefield 2 on my current pc in the specs, but the tower is ethernet connected to the p3 600 laptop which has a wireless card. and then ICS is on
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    Ping issues

    At my home I was switching rooms with my sister, so in the mean time with painting and everything going on i setup my current pc in my living room. I couldn't run a ethernet cable straight thru so i just hooked a cross-over cable into my laptop. (windows 2000 pentium 3 600mhz and 300mb of ram)...
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    SentrySafe Intros Fire and Water-safe QA0005 External HDD.

    400 bucks, jesus thats nuts! If you really need water-safe and fire protection then you really need to just back it up online or sumtin else.
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    game movies to come

    i could see gears of war as a popular game to movie
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    Xbox 360 HD DVD Player Now Officially 49.99$

    now is MS going to make a blue-ray add-on?
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    i was mad when i beat it on xbox 360 i just wanted more playtime and not many people play it on live
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    Dell Bets on Intel Penryn for its High-Eng Laptops

    ya spelled high-end wrong
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    AMD Overclockers Club

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    the extreme oc clubhouse.

    athlon x2 3800+ oced to 3.0Ghz\
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    AMD Overclockers Club

    add me i got an thlon x2 3800+ (2.0Ghz) overclocked to 3.0Ghz 15,051 in 3Dmark 05! http://service.futuremark.com/orb/resultanalyzer.jsp?projectType=12&XLID=0&UID=13756342
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    AMD Indexed Overclock Speeds

    Clock: 3.0GHZ Core: X2 3800 toledo (939) stock is 2.0Ghz HTT: 300 Memory 2GB A-Data DDR400 @ 300Mhz CL3-3-3-8 Volts- 1.544 HT Speed 3x
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    Athlon x2 3800+ oced 3.0GHZ

    i cnat run orthos it stops in 3 seconds, but i got it to boot at 1.539V im gunna post a temp log from playing the crysis demo, that should put it at its highest temp
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    Athlon x2 3800+ oced 3.0GHZ

    i am using the artic freezer, and i have fresh mx-2 on it and core temps reports both cores idle around 35, and load when doing superpi is around 45ish.