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  1. Vincent11

    Games Locking up on Vista

    i know why it locks up on vista, because windows sucks balls & microsoft can kiss my arse and burn in hell, bunch of cunts they are, lol! just telling you like it is.
  2. Vincent11

    QX9650 on the way :)

    when does ya cpu arrive
  3. Vincent11

    Phenom multi./memory speed question.

    watsup, are you thinking of getting an Phenom processor!
  4. Vincent11

    QX9650 on the way :)

    oh yeah, you cant beat my beast of a computer, lol jokes mate! good on ya, have fun!
  5. Vincent11

    AMD & Intel

    Franklin, go with AMD, they perform well cost pretty cheap, go for the 6000+ or the 6400+, those dual cores even beat the AMD quad core which sux, but thats just the way it is, i would put my money on them, and wait for the new HD3870 x2 series from ATI, that should be a solid performer, so...
  6. Vincent11

    Unreal Tournament 3 (PS3)

    how ya goin mates, PS3 rulez, haven't got it for PS3 but got it for PC though, its fun a fun mucka-round game, similar to CS's, anyways don't know much about the PS3 version but should still be awesome, later lads.
  7. Vincent11

    AMD 6400+ black edition 159.00

    All you need to know is that AMD/ATI RULEZ
  8. Vincent11

    Crysis CrossFire/SLi patch: Any news yet?

    EA are so shit at everything when it comes to games, wankers lol
  9. Vincent11

    New 2900XT (new drivers) vs 8800 GTS Review

    ATI RULEZ, thats all I know, haha
  10. Vincent11

    Videocard Dilema: DX10 Edition

    Im gonna wait for the R680 card, and when I do gonna get 2 and put it in crossfire, crossfire perfroms better than SLI, its just all game developers are all nvidia fanboys thats why you see those bullshit benchmarks, gonna get new MB too, the 790 series, spider here we come, F... yeah!
  11. Vincent11

    8800GTS (G92) 512Mb - Installed

    Nice cpu overclock man, if ya got any heavy games like Crysis or COD4, can ya let me know how frames you get, cheers.
  12. Vincent11

    Limited Budget Upgrade Thoughts Please !!

    go AMD/ATI spider platform man
  13. Vincent11

    What ram should I get?

    Corsair is the way too go, get the XMS2 low latency stuff
  14. Vincent11

    Nintendo Wii or Sony PlayStation 3?

    PS3 all the way man, that console rulez big time, awesome games on it and soon to be released games too in couple months and couple of years, next generation really mean PS3, it has the power to do alot of things not like the xbox360 even though its got power under its hood but to me xbox360 is...
  15. Vincent11

    Too popular...?

    how do you post threads, cheers
  16. Vincent11

    POINT OF VIEW Launches Two 512MB 8800 GTS Cards

    help Hey everyone, I know this has nothing to do with what your chatting about but just wanted to know how to post my own threads, cheers