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    Intel Decides to Unlock the Memory Multiplier of its Core i7-920 and Core i7-940 CPUs

    i dont know this seams a bit concerning to unlock the processor this late into development im thinking they have ran into a bug along the way since this is the first to have a IMC and newer technology in it (for intel) wonder if they are going to have a disaster like AMD with the TLB jest...
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    GeForce GTX 260 with 216 Stream Processors Pictured, Benchmarked

    -too hot not much gain -too hot barely any performance increase -still too hot thing costs as much as some small computers -WAY too hot face it nvidia has lost this generation :nutkick: -DAM thing will probably fail and fry like the others because its, too hot this is also coming from a...
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    Microsoft to Close Ensemble Studios Following the Completion of Halo Wars

    WTH the Age of empires series isnt complete yet...BS
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    Larrabee Launch Title Concept Art Released

    to tell you the truth the game doesn't look to good for a next gen game but then again its still in the works.
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    Phenom FX in the Works, AMD to take Another shot at...Kentsfield

    O my bold clams i predicted this would happen based on rumors and they are all coming true and i jest looked if they use socket G34 which they originally saved for servers this new processor will FLY. rumors heard: DDR4 (highly skeptical DDR3 support though) Larger pin-size (G34 plosible)...
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    NVIDIA Quashes Larrabee and Fusion Hype

    Nvidida needs to watch what they are saying mostly to intel what if they say o well we don't want that old multi gpu thing on our board it jest takes up space
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    Intel Bloomfield Operates at -120C on ASUS P6T Deluxe

    seriously who doesn't take and NO2 there CPU and doesn't overclock it hmm im smelling problems with the new on die package. but come on if you took the time to hook up a cooling system like this then why don't you overclock and brag about it to increase the hype. im sorry but im throwing the um...
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    HyperTransport 3.1 Specifications Emerge, 45 nm AMD CPUs Support it

    hmm maybe some of the rumors iv heard are not so far fetched after all hmm.
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    Danger Den Ready with Radeon HD 4870 X2 Water-blocks

    i agree they need to work on there machining on the back i think ill run mine through a sander and smooth it out for better cooling. But its much better than the CoolIt water block...
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    Jen-Hsun Huang (NVIDIA): ''We Underestimated RV770''

    ROFL :roll: ok come on guys Nvida was riding its butt on the 8000 series hell the 9000 series is a slightly modified 8000 core. Also honestly who didn't see this coming when DAAMIT released the 3000 series or even the 2000 series for that matter. A hint to the guys that say GDDR5 is not as good...
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    Nehalem's Successors Caught on Slides at IDF

    well from rumors iv been hearing is that AMD has hit gold on there next core but that only came from a few people iv talked to probably fan boy's but iv heard all sorts of rumors ranging from HT4, a 16 native processor, even to the extent that they have invested money into 16nm tech and are...
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    CoolIT Systems Unveils Liquid Cooling Solution for ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2

    I personally wouldn't buy from CoolIT I came to them and asked about there Boris Case for use in my product line and the guy i talked to was highly rude and when i mentioned i was looking at procuring a large amount of their cases he was instantly nice and went to the extent of calling me on my...
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    NVIDIA OpenGL 3.0 and GLSL 1.30 Supporting Driver Released

    um duh they are panicking at Nvidia it's like the fall of Rome they are doing everything they can to hold it together they based all there crap on the largely successful 8800 and haven't made that many advances since then and they are paying for it now.
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    AMD Aims Higher, 50% Market-share in Discrete-graphics in Sight

    well if they even come close to actually surpassing the 4870 all DAAMIT has to do is use the extra/expand the die size to the same as Nvidia's; or they could jest increase the bit rate on the GDDR5 or actually clock it up to GDDR5's standards....with the R800 they increased the transistor count...
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    Evaluation of the 45nm AMD Deneb Reveals an Efficient Processor in the Making

    not bad AMD may pull back. I jest cant wait to see what kinda numbers i can get out of it
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    R700 Initial Listings Reveal Low Price

    Nvidia isn't screwed jest yet but they will be if they keep going on the path they keep going that should change soon though its like a sleeping dog jest needs some poking to wake it up. note this is also coming from an ATI user so dont give me that fan boy crap
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    960 SP-laden RV870 in the Works, and more

    ok but we have to ask our selves is this already the specs for the 2 cores put together or is this beast going to have 1920 stream processors form what im aiming at now is ATI is going to stay budget conscious and keep it small. As for nvidia its again a monolithic if the specs are true the...
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    R700 Supports 4-way Crossfire X?

    it is possible a few collage students did it with the 9800GX2 in the FASTRA Supercomputer. http://fastra.ua.ac.be/en/index.html its possible to get it to work so i wouldn't be going around yelling it cant be done. Note they also did it with an AMD processor for the FSB. (going to be flamed by...
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    hay buddy you can crossfire a 3870 and a 4870

    hay buddy you can crossfire a 3870 and a 4870
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    R700 to Come in 2048MB Flavour?

    i can see like DAMMIT has a monolithic GPU trump card that takes the 55nm but the same die size as the 280 fill it with transistors and increase the bit rate on the gddr5 could you even comprehend the power it would radiate from your computer o ok wait lets be real could you even comprehend the...