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  1. XiGMAKiD

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X

    The next impressive thing after the price is still the multithreaded energy efficiency, AMD needs to keep that up
  2. XiGMAKiD

    AMD Unveils its Most Powerful Semi-custom SoC for a Chinese OEM

    For it's main purpose which is gaming I agree it will run just as good if not better than XBOX and PS due to it's higher specs but it's the other selling point which is "a little productivity on the side" that got me curious since "It dualboots Windows 10 and a custom Windows 10 IoT 'gaming...
  3. XiGMAKiD

    AMD Unveils its Most Powerful Semi-custom SoC for a Chinese OEM

    GDDR have higher throughput/faster but also have higher latency than DDR and for daily PC that's used for something like web browsing and office use isn't latency more important than higher bandwidth since lower latency=more responsiveness
  4. XiGMAKiD

    AMD Unveils its Most Powerful Semi-custom SoC for a Chinese OEM

    Interesting little machine, I'm curious how good/bad the experience is using it as daily PC since it's using GDDR instead of DDR, maybe a little sluggish here and there?
  5. XiGMAKiD

    NVIDIA Releases GeForce 398.82 "Game Ready" Drivers

    The reason I updated the driver is because in this driver sometimes when browsing the driver is stopped working for some reason although the occurrences has been reduced significantly on recent Firefox release. Looks like I'll just keep using this driver on my Windows 7 PC forever :shadedshu:
  6. XiGMAKiD

    NVIDIA AIB Manli: GA104-400 Registered, GeForce GTX 2070 and 2080 Listed

    Not that I care that much about product name but GTX 2080 is sounds better and more significant compared to GTX 1180 What about GTX Ballsack Dragon?
  7. XiGMAKiD

    AMD 2nd Generation Ryzen Threadripper Retail Boxes Pictured

    If there's an award for best packaging, AMD would definitely win one :rockout:
  8. XiGMAKiD

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1180 Bare PCB Pictured

    With DRAM shortage and brand new GDDR6 combined, it's gonna be one expensive card. I have no doubt it will be priced higher than 1080 until AMD release something to counter it
  9. XiGMAKiD

    NVIDIA Releases GeForce 398.82 "Game Ready" Drivers

    This driver always fail to load on Windows 7 after restarting for the second time (the first restart being mandatory restart when installing), using DDU and reinstall won't solve the problem, in the end DDU it again then reinstall old driver (version 390.77) and voila running OK just like before
  10. XiGMAKiD

    Poor Bob :'(

    Poor Bob :'(
  11. XiGMAKiD

    If you're reading this go to Mike's Music Club and post some nice music there

    If you're reading this go to Mike's Music Club and post some nice music there
  12. XiGMAKiD

    MSI Drops First Hint of AMD Increasing AM4 CPU Core Counts

    Not surprising if AMD actually bring 12 core to AM4, their server division need the core increase to offer more options and by trickling it down they also increasing the consumer product range It's a win-win situation
  13. XiGMAKiD

    Intel to Kill off The "Extreme Edition" Brand Extension

    I don't think streamlining their branding is on their top to-do list if not at all
  14. XiGMAKiD

    Chinese Company Begins Making x86 Processors Based on AMD "Zen" Architecture

    Ooh playing with fire, exciting times ahead.
  15. XiGMAKiD

    On Ubisoft's Aim to End Finite Gaming Experiences

    Many player will still get bored of it no matter how good the content and story are, and while they play other finite experience games they would get behind in this infinite experience game then decided to just watch it on Youtube and voila your infinite experience game doesn't have that many...
  16. XiGMAKiD

    TechPowerUp Processor Survey Results: The Ryzen Effect is Real

    I was considering Ryzen but since I got my Skylake for relatively cheap so I decided to stay with it for as long as it can run 1080p60, maybe 4K60 when $250 GPU can run it smoothly
  17. XiGMAKiD

    Xbox Architect Rob Wyatt Joins the Atari VCS Team

    I don't mind another console on the market but they're gonna need some serious money to lure developer into building for their platform while at the same time making their own exclusive, otherwise they're gonna have a bad time just ask Sega for that
  18. XiGMAKiD

    Due to Reduced Demand, Graphics Cards Prices to Decline 20% in July - NVIDIA Postponing Next Gen Launch?

    If that 20% off is from MSRP and actually sold for that price then it might sell easier otherwise people will wait for next gen
  19. XiGMAKiD

    Uncharted Series' Amy Hennig Confirms Leaving EA Back in January, Starts Her Own Indie Studio

    I wish her good luck on the venture into VR, although I doubt she'll make VR any more interesting
  20. XiGMAKiD

    Free Games Thread

    Just discovered this nice thread :clap:
  21. XiGMAKiD

    CD Projekt Red Releases Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer with Hidden Message

    Now this is the game that might worth waiting for, unlike some games
  22. XiGMAKiD

    ASUS ROG Dominus Pictured, Core i9 XCC Confirmed to Feature 6-channel Memory

    What a great time for power user right now, from Intel you got 28C/56T monster with 6-channel memory and from AMD you got 32C/64T beast The 5GHz Cinebench from Intel is kinda spoiling the fun though
  23. XiGMAKiD

    AMD to Polevault Zen+, Head Straight to 7nm Zen2 for EPYC

    I don't think it's a bad idea because AMD is simply using all the time they got now to their advantage before Intel can launch their own leapfrog uArch
  24. XiGMAKiD

    NVIDIA Releases GeForce 398.11 WHQL Drivers

    That's sounds awful If you don't mind please tell if on current release GFE is mandatory or not
  25. XiGMAKiD

    An ARM to Rule Them All: ARM 76 To Challenge x86 Chips in the Laptop Space?

    Arm is getting closer to slacking Intel, nothing weird about that. Even AMD is finally catching up to slacking Intel.