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  1. HossHuge

    Apple Admits to Purposely Slowing Older iPhones

    So they are going to offer a cheaper replacement for the next year until people forget what they do/did. Apple offers cheaper iPhone battery replacement after slowdown controversy http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/apple-iphone-battery-cheaper-1.4467245
  2. HossHuge

    So NCIX Is Bankrupt.

    Worst website ever.
  3. HossHuge

    Edifier Launches Their Elegant S2000 Pro Speakers

    I've been rocking Edifier r2700's for the past 7ish years. I have other Edifier speakers as well. Still sound great.
  4. HossHuge

    300-page study: Piracy doesn't harm sales.

    They wasted 299 pages cause I would have believed that in one page.
  5. HossHuge

    Microsoft signals end of Paint program

  6. HossHuge

    Local Co-op PC games?

    Rocket League. /end thread
  7. HossHuge

    The Tech Documentary Club

    I'm surprised they never mentioned Wernher von Braun?
  8. HossHuge

    Microsoft Premieres Xbox One X

    They throw out the word "Exclusive" like it's a good thing.
  9. HossHuge

    $69 Gaming PC

    HP EliteDesk 800 (C2D E8400, 4GB DDR3 ram and 250GB hard drives) with R7 240 = $110CDN
  10. HossHuge

    Family multiplayer game?

    Not a board game but the Rayman series is super fun.
  11. HossHuge

    Wifi names

  12. HossHuge

    Computer has power but nothing happens.

    So now for some ungodly reason, my audio is crackling and cutting in and out with all my sources (realtek, corsair headphones and my receiver). Plus one of my 4pin fan headers isn't working.
  13. HossHuge

    Computer has power but nothing happens.

    Turns out it was the CPU!! So I picked up a FX-6300. I have three days left on my warranty for the old one. I'm gonna ship it off tomorrow and sell it when I get it. I shut down my computer after each use. That review is why I bought it.
  14. HossHuge

    Computer has power but nothing happens.

    I'm taking the mobo and psu in tomorrow to get checked. I'm kinda hoping it's the psu!
  15. HossHuge

    Computer has power but nothing happens.

    I've got everything pulled apart. Gonna put it back together and hopefully it works. All of it is less than two years old.
  16. HossHuge

    Computer has power but nothing happens.

    Thanks in-advance. Yesterday my mouse stopped working so I changed the batteries but it still didn't work. While I changed the batteries again I noticed that my computer shutdown. After that it wouldn't start again. It has power but nothing comes on the screen. Not even the bios screen. I...
  17. HossHuge

    [FF] Older Game Keys Giveaway

    Dead Space 3, please :)
  18. HossHuge

    Your PC ATM

    My son told me that his computer died tonight. He said it just went blank. I tried changing the psu. That wasn't it. Changed the cpu. That wasn't it. I thought he might have fried the motherboard. That was of course until I saw that he had kicked the plug and unplugged the dam thing at...
  19. HossHuge

    How AMD spark hype and snowballing out of control into hypetrain

    The right picture should be used with the writing in this meme.
  20. HossHuge

    Gamer dies after 22 hour online marathon

    Doing some rough math makes it so that comedian got about 7.5 years more time being awake over the course of 30 years.
  21. HossHuge

    Gamer dies after 22 hour online marathon

    There must be a pre-existing health issue. I once dropped acid at 4 am in the morning after being up all the previous day and didn't crash until 8pm that same day.
  22. HossHuge

    Current Sales, Bundles, Giveaways

    . https://www.humblebundle.com/star-wars-3-bundle
  23. HossHuge

    AMD Ryzen XFR Frequencies Revealed

    And now we're going to be the only three that knew what transpired here.